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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 250 – Eve of Imperial City (Part 2) (2)

Chapter 250: Eve of Imperial City (Part 2) (2)

A group of guards in the Fei family convoy immediately threw out thick wooden stakes—these were wooden stakes found beside the stables, and they were probably used as firewood. The Blood Rain Guards were very familiar with the Black Lotus Sect’s common strategies, so they naturally brought some wooden stakes along.

Wooden stakes that weighed nearly 50 kilograms were thrown out, striking the fishing nets and causing them to fall back onto the Black Lotus Sect disciples.

The Black Lotus Sect disciples quickly dodged before they sprayed poisonous water.

Chi! Chi! Chi!

Beside Xu Jingming, a guard immediately raised his shield to block the poisonous water that came close. The corrosive water made the shield sizzle.


Xu Jingming was secretly dumbfounded.

This Black Lotus Sect isn’t an ordinary gang faction. It’s more like an elite army. Xu Jingming sighed with emotion. Thankfully, the Blood Rain Guard has plenty of experience fighting the Black Lotus Sect.

Fishing nets, poisonous water, concealed weapons, throwing weapons, traps… Shortly after the Black Lotus Sect surrounded the area, they had set up simple traps. Although the Fei family convoy was composed of elites, they were ultimately outnumbered and began to suffer losses.

“Charge!” the silver-haired elder beside Old Master Fei shouted.

Although the Black Lotus Sect disciples were also trying their best to maintain a distance, they were clearly inferior to the Fei family convoy in terms of elites.

The Fei family convoy finally arrived within the Black Lotus Sect’s crowd.

In order to protect his two family members, Lord Fei must’ve arranged for many experts. Black Lotus Sect’s Dharmaraja observed silently and allowed his disciples to fight the Fei family convoy. Let the disciples figure out their strength first.

The Dharmaraja was cautious.

His life was much more precious than the disciples’ lives. Without knowing the background of the Fei family’s convoy, it was very easy for him to be ambushed by unknown experts if he charged in blindly! Therefore, the Dharmaraja observed patiently and gathered the information he wanted.

“Die.” Xu Jingming held a huge spear and led the charge. He also felt immense pressure!

Working in concert with two first-rate experts—one held a shield and saber, while the other held an eight-foot-long saber—they shared the pressure on both sides as a group of guards helped defend with their shields.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

The spear in Xu Jingming’s hand was as fast as lightning, and the tip of the spear left behind bloody bursts of blood.

The Black Lotus Sect disciples collapsed from the stabbing, but other disciples also attacked. An onslaught of weapons, along with concealed weapons, rained down.

In such a large-scale battle, a spear had the advantage. But in Blood Rain World, there were very few experts who used spears. Sabers and swords were the mainstream because it was more convenient to carry them around on a daily basis! For example, Xu Jingming usually kept the two spear segments in his spear holster. He had to take them out and combine them together, so it was really inconvenient in ordinary battles.

In addition, in terms of providing defense, a spear was inferior to a shield.

Therefore, be it the Blood Rain Guard or the gang bandits… Shields, sabers, and swords were more common. Only a few experts insisted on spearmanship! In a large-scale battle, spears had their advantages.


A spinning sharp blade disc streaked across the sky and sliced over.

Xu Jingming shook his spear and sent the six sharp blade discs flying.

“Kill him.” An expert from the Black Lotus Sect wanted to stop Xu Jingming’s team.

However, Xu Jingming had long understood the phenomena of all living things. He had gained basic mastery of Spacetime out of his five spearmanship volumes, and with Flowing Water—which allowed him to be dynamic—Xu Jingming was very good at grasping the situation on the battlefield. He made the corresponding changes according to the changes in the enemy’s situation.

He always searched for the weaknesses in the enemy’s formation. He was like a sharpened knife, ready to target the enemy’s weakness!

He attacked the weak!

The other two first-rate experts followed Xu Jingming. Their strength was comparable to Xu Jingming’s, but they were good at different things. One was good at close-range defense, and the other was good at killing! The two of them worked together with Xu Jingming to cause massive damage to the Black Lotus Sect disciples.

“Guard Jing is a natural formation genius.” The silver-haired elder saw this from afar and praised, “He has sharp acumen and can find the weakness of the enemy’s formation in a chaotic battle, seizing the opportunity to quickly defeat the enemy.”

A gray-shirted man beside him nodded. “He’s only at the first-rate level in one-on-one combat, but his spearmanship and his ability to lead the team are indeed suitable for the military.”

The two of them surrounded the carriage and dealt with any attacks carefully.

The Dharmaraja watched this scene from afar.

The three people in the Fei family’s vanguard are all first-rate experts! There should be several first-rate experts around the Fei family’s father and daughter. That Lord Fei really cares about his family and arranged for so many experts. The Dharmaraja had a rough idea of the Fei family’s convoy. The possibility of super experts in this team is very low!

He made up his mind.

The Dharmaraja moved.


The Dharmaraja instantly charged into the crowd of Black Lotus Sect disciples and headed straight for Xu Jingming and the others. The Black Lotus Sect disciples naturally dodged instinctively.

Huh? Xu Jingming was in control of the battle at all times. He felt a large number of Black Lotus Sect disciples part like water, allowing a black-haired man to lunge over at an extremely fast speed.

“Be careful.” Xu Jingming immediately changed directions, and his spear was like a snake.

Bam! Bam! Bam! 

He sent three shield-holding Black Lotus Sect disciples flying right in the direction of the black-haired man.

The black-haired man’s figure changed like a ghost and approached.

The two companions beside Xu Jingming also noticed this and raised their guard.


A terrifying psyche blast surged in all directions.

Xu Jingming felt his head go blank as he felt the psyche blast impact his consciousness. He felt like he was about to collapse, and his brain hurt.

The expressions of the two companions beside him also changed drastically. One of them—who was holding a shield and saber—couldn’t help but cover his head in pain.

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