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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 249 – Eve of Imperial City (Part 2) (1)

Chapter 249: Eve of Imperial City (Part 2) (1)

After Xu Jingming descended into Blood Rain World, memories from the autoplay appeared in his mind. The inn has been attacked? 

He could see that many places in the inn had burning arrows embedded in them and that the place was in flames.

“Protect Master and Miss.” Many guards gathered around the Fei family’s father and daughter.

Xu Jingming carried two shields and held a spear as he arrived beside Fei Xinlan’s guest room.



The door to the guest room opened, and Qiu Tong and the other two female guards were protecting Fei Xinlan.

Fei Xinlan didn’t panic when she saw the flames burning everywhere in the inn. Instead, she found it novel. “Another bandit attack? They’re already attacking?”

Fei Xinlan had met too many bandits along the way, so she was already used to it.

“It’s different this time.” Old Master Fei walked over with his guards with a serious expression. “This is already in the vicinity of the capital. How can bandits be so lawless?”

Most of the surrounding guards were Blood Rain Guards. The silver-haired elder—who was the leader—instructed solemnly, “Qu Cheng, immediately lead people out of the inn to investigate the enemy’s background.”

“Yes.” Qu Cheng accepted the order and jumped down from the second-floor corridor with five other guards. They then spread out, their movement techniques ghostly as they quietly went to different parts of the inn.

They carefully stuck their heads out and observed their surroundings in the dark.

The flames burning in the inn illuminated the outside world. One could see the Black Lotus Sect disciples surrounding the inn at a glance.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

When these guards stuck their heads out and carefully looked around, arrows immediately shot at them. The six guards returned while holding shields, and some of them had arrows embedded in them.

“Principales,” Qu Cheng reported respectfully to the silver-haired elder, “it’s the Black Lotus Sect! I can recognize the clothes they’re wearing at a glance. They’re all disciples of the Black Lotus Sect.”

“At least two hundred.”

“They also brought fishing nets and wooden buckets.” The guards reported.

The silver-haired elder’s expression changed slightly when he heard that. “It’s actually those lunatics from the Black Lotus Sect!”

“Master.” The silver-haired elder bowed slightly and reported, “Since the Black Lotus Sect has attacked, they must be well-prepared. With my experience fighting the Black Lotus Sect, the Black Lotus Sect must’ve prepared things like kerosene and poison. Once the inn starts to collapse, the kerosene will be thrown in! We might suffer heavy casualties even before the fight begins. We have to break out immediately!”

“Guard Lu, you’ll be in charge,” Old Master Fei said.

“Alright.” The silver-haired elder nodded and immediately ordered, “Everyone, head to the stables! Use the horses as the vanguard and charge out of the inn. Choose a direction and charge. Kill anyone in the way!”

Immediately, everyone protected Old Master Fei and his daughter as they jumped down the building and rushed to the stables.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Fireworks soared into the sky as an extremely eye-catching spectacle in the night sky.

“It’s the Blood Rain Guard’s Cloud Piercing Arrow. There aren’t any large cities within 50 kilometers. Who will save them?” The Black Lotus Sect’s Dharmaraja watched as the Fei family team sent out a request for help. It was within their expectations, and they didn’t care at all.

Even if someone saw the Cloud Piercing Arrow and came to their rescue, they would’ve long succeeded by the time reinforcements arrived.

“Spare me, spare me.” Suddenly, someone carefully walked out of the burning inn with his hands raised.

“I have money. Please spare me.”

These people placed their hopes on their luck and walked out of the inn, but what greeted them were arrows!

The arrows were extremely fast, tearing through the sky and piercing through their mortal coils. In the blink of an eye, the few people who walked out of the inn were killed.

The Black Lotus Sect disciples watched this scene coldly. To them—who had been rebelling all-year round—killing ordinary people was too easy.

But the others in the inn were in despair. They were implicated through no fault of their own.

“We’ll be burned to death in the inn, and we’ll be killed if we go out. What should we do? What should we do?” These guests, the inn’s manager, and the chefs were in fear and despair.


“The fire is getting bigger. We’ll definitely die if we stay in the inn, but we still have a chance of survival if we charge out.”

These people no longer placed their hopes on luck. They used all kinds of means to escape in all directions; every successful escape counted.

However, the people besieging the inn were from the Black Lotus Sect, so none of these people were destined to escape. Soon, these people collapsed and died under the arrows. Even a second-rate expert was killed by the concealed weapons before he could reach the vicinity of the Black Lotus Sect.

“These aren’t worth mentioning. The guards in the Fei family’s team are all elites of the Blood Rain Guard; they are much stronger,” the Black Lotus Sect’s Dharmaraja said softly.

Just as he finished speaking—


As the horses neighed, many horses rushed out of the inn and stormed out crazily!

As for the others in the Fei family convoy, they ran as they protected the carriage in the middle. The one pulling the carriage wasn’t a horse but an armored guard. These qualified experts could unleash tens of thousands of kilograms of force in a short period of time, so it was naturally easy for them to pull the carriage. However, this burst of strength couldn’t last long.

Bam! Bam! Bam! 

Dozens of horses galloped, and their charge was rather intimidating. The Black Lotus Sect disciples had no choice but to dodge.

Xu Jingming led the charge among the Fei family convoy.

As one of the seven first-rate experts in the convoy and a spearman, he was naturally responsible for breaking out of the siege! With him as the leader, his team of three first-rate experts and ten shield experts charged bravely as the vanguard.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Xu Jingming glanced over and saw huge fishing nets being thrown over from afar in a bid to ensnare the Fei family convoy.

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