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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 252 – Eve of Imperial City (Part 2) (4)

Chapter 252: Eve of Imperial City (Part 2) (4)

Mountain Immobilization! Keep calm! Be immobile like… a mountain! Xu Jingming’s emotions surged as he understood the essence of Mountain Immobilization.

The five volumes of spearmanship were created by Xuan, a cosmic legend. Xuan’s achievements in these five volumes were different.

He was most well-versed in Flowing Water and Mountain Immobilization. These two volumes had the most content. Before reaching Lv. 9… Xuan had extremely high achievements in these two directions.

Only when one’s mind is set will one’s spearmanship be set. Only by being still can I not give the enemy any chance to take advantage of me. Xu Jingming’s emotions surged, but his mind was very calm. He sensed the phenomena of all living things, found the enemy’s flaws, killed the enemy, and helped his companions.

He did whatever he could to the limits!


Sometimes, in a life-and-death battle, it depended on who made fewer mistakes and who grasped the opportunities better.

An opportunity would determine survival.

Xu Jingming was immersed in his mental state of being calm and immovable like a mountain. He perfectly displayed his spearmanship and constantly killed enemies on the battlefield.

Two first-rate experts from the Black Lotus Sect even charged over with the intention of pulling out the nail that was Xu Jingming. However, Xu Jingming was too steady, unblinded by greed. He didn’t give the Black Lotus Sect a chance as he cooperated with the entire Fei family convoy’s formation and maintained it.

In three minutes, the number of dead guards will reach a critical point, and the entire formation will collapse. Xu Jingming came to this realization, but he still relied on his spearmanship to influence the team and persevere.

It hasn’t been breached? 

Night Dharmaraja was also held back by the two experts from the Blood Rain Guard. These two experts were considered top-notch among first-rate experts, and their cooperation was comparable to that of a super expert. They were also the trusted aides of the Fei family’s eldest son, and they were specifically sent here to protect his father and sister.


The sound of hooves suddenly came from afar. As they were running too quickly and densely, the ground trembled.

Huh? Be it the remaining Fei family convoy or the Black Lotus Sect disciples who had suffered heavy casualties, they all noticed it.

This team was rushing over at full speed. There were many horses but not many people.

Three horses per person! They had traveled light.

“Black Lotus Sect?” A shout sounded. “Kill! Kill these Black Lotus Sect bandits!”

Figures leaped off their horses and charged over in afterimages.

In terms of long-distance running, experts were naturally inferior to these thoroughbreds! But for short-term bursts, the qualified experts were so fast that their figures turned into a blur. These dozens of top experts charged straight for the Black Lotus Sect and the Fei family convoy.

“Wang Jiuyan?” Night Dharmaraja saw the leading figure from afar.

It was a stocky man holding an iron spear, and his figure was like lightning. Before he arrived, a terrifying psyche blast had already affected the entire battlefield, mainly attacking the Black Lotus Sect.

“Blood Demon Spear, Wang Jiuyan?” Night Dharmaraja’s expression changed, and he immediately ordered loudly, “Retreat!”

The order was given.

Night Dharmaraja immediately retreated into the darkness, and the other Black Lotus Sect disciples instantly scattered and fled. They had rebelled all year round, so they were very experienced in retreating and fleeing.

The Black Lotus Sect disciples quickly disappeared into the night, and the battle ended!

The moment the Black Lotus Sect disciples retreated, the remaining Fei family convoy immediately relaxed, and many guards collapsed to the ground.

Even Xu Jingming seemed to lose some weight. Clearly, high-intensity combat consumed energy.

“Greetings, Lord Wang.” The silver-haired elder and the gray-robed man stepped forward and bowed.

“Are Brother Fei’s father and sister alright?” the stocky man asked as he walked up to the convoy.

“We fought with our lives and managed to stall for time. We managed to protect Master and Miss after all. If it weren’t for your timely arrival, I’m afraid not many would’ve been able to escape today,” the silver-haired elder replied.

At this moment, the stocky man also saw Old Master Fei and Fei Xinlan walking out of the carriage.

“I’m Wang Jiuyan, a good friend of Brother Fei Qing. Greetings, Uncle, Sister Xinlan.” The stocky man smiled and said, “I was instructed by Brother Fei Qing to rush over at full speed, and I guess I arrived at the critical moment. If I were a step slower, I wouldn’t be able to face Brother Fei Qing.”

“Thank you, Lord Wang, for saving our lives.” Old Master Fei was also very grateful. He could tell that Wang Jiuyan’s status was very high because he simply addressed the empire’s Blood Rain Guard eastern commander as Brother Fei Qing.

“Quickly provide treatment to the guards,” the stocky man ordered.

The experts he brought with him were all fresh blood, and they immediately helped treat the injured. Only one-third of the guards were still standing, and the others were either dead or injured.

“Brother Luo.” Fei Xinlan’s eyes were filled with tears as she arrived beside Luo Baichuan. She was even more worried when she saw the bloodied Luo Baichuan.

At this moment, Luo Baichuan’s face was pale, and his lips were bloodless. When he saw Fei Xinlan coming over, his lips moved as if he wanted to say something, but he couldn’t.

“If he’s not dead yet, he won’t die,” the expert beside him said casually as he helped treat the wound. “He’s lucky to survive such an injury.”

Qualified experts could control every cell in their bodies, and their vitality was very tenacious. They could control the bleeding in their bodies, control the healing of their wounds, and control the flow of blood in their bodies. Therefore, as long as they could last until now, they could generally survive.

“Our luck isn’t bad.” Xu Jingming and Qiu Tong—who had walked over—were happy for Luo Baichuan. They were lucky to be alive.

Qiu Tong was Fei Xinlan’s eldest senior sister and had lost an arm. Therefore, she was in the innermost part of the formation and suffered relatively less pressure, allowing her to survive.

Xu Jingming had been on the front lines the entire time.

The two of them walked to the side so as not to affect others from saving Luo Baichuan.

“You’re even better,” Qiu Tong said. “You’re covered in blood, but it belongs to others.”

Xu Jingming sat down and looked around. Many guards were dead.

“Life is unpredictable.” Xu Jingming shook his head.

“Have some wine.” Qiu Tong threw a wine flask over and sat beside him. She said casually, “How can there be no deaths in this world? The lives of people outside the city are worthless, and gangs often fight in the city. To be able to join the Blood Rain Guard is already considered above average. But as a Blood Rain Guard, you still have to fight hard at critical moments. You can’t take a step back.”

“It’s not easy regardless of the job. Everyone has their own difficulties.” Xu Jingming nodded slightly.

The two of them drank.

Food was quickly distributed, and the survivors ate and drank as they chatted. Everyone had been prepared to risk their lives escorting the Fei family’s father and daughter to the capital. Even with companions dead, everyone remained very calm because this was expected.

After another two hours, a large number of people arrived.

What a huge formation. Xu Jingming, Qiu Tong, and the others looked up and saw a large group of people arrive. Many people surrounded a leader—a black-robed youth.

The black-robed youth dismounted and arrived in front of the convoy.

“Sir.” The silver-haired elder, the gray-robed man, and some other Blood Rain Guard experts immediately stepped forward and greeted him respectfully.

“Dad, Sister.” When the black-robed youth saw his father and sister, his eyes couldn’t help but turn red with excitement.

“Brother.” Fei Xinlan rushed over excitedly and threw herself into her brother’s arms.

The black-robed youth hugged his sister and smiled happily.

“Brother Jiuyan, thank you.” The black-robed youth let go of his sister and thanked Wang Jiuyan.

“It’s nothing,” Wang Jiuyan said with a smile. “Moreover, it’s mainly thanks to the guards. They lasted for a long time under the siege of the Black Lotus Sect, and they suffered heavy casualties. When I arrived, all I did was shout, and the Black Lotus Sect retreated. We didn’t do much.”

“Why would they retreat without you?” The black-robed youth then looked at the exhausted guards. Many of the guards were seriously injured, but they stood up to welcome Commander-in-chief Fei.

“Every one of you contributed to my father and sister’s survival.” The black-robed youth looked at everyone and said, “I, Fei Qing, won’t forget everyone’s contributions.”

“Thank you, Lord Fei.” The guards were a little excited. Xu Jingming, Qiu Tong, and the others who weren’t Blood Rain Guards also thanked Lord Fei.

This journey was very difficult, but as long as they successfully sent their wards to the capital, they would be rewarded! Every one of them would become rich.

Now that they heard Fei Qing’s promise again, they were relieved.

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