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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 244 – Seven Kills Building’s Credibility (2)

Chapter 244 Seven Kills Building’s Credibility (2)

Only then did Old Master Fei get off the carriage while protected by his men.

“This is Commander Fei’s father,” the silver-haired elder shouted.

Old Master Fei took out a golden token with the word ‘Fei’ on it! The patterns on the token were complicated.

Commander Chang looked up and immediately knew that this was the personal order of the Blood Rain Guard’s highest leader in the eastern region-Lord Fei!


Seeing this token was no different from seeing Commander Fei himself!

“Old Master Fei.” Commander Chang immediately kneeled on one knee and became even more humble. This was Sir Fei’s father! If anything happened, he would be finished.

The subordinates behind Commander Chang fell to their knees.

“Good.” Old Master Fei’s expression was cold. “I passed by Fengye City, but who would’ve thought that a bully named Fang Chong would dare to attack one of mine and threaten to wipe out my entire family? How bold of him!”

“Fang Chong?” Commander Chang immediately understood.

domineering. He wanted to attack Old Master Fei’s convoy? He had really bitten off more than he could chew!

“I’ll temporarily stay in the Blood Rain Guard encampment,” Old Master Fei ordered. “Commander Chang, you’re in charge of leading the Blood Rain Guard. Can you storm the Fangs and capture Fang Sanyou?”

“I guarantee you on my life that I will definitely capture Fang Sanyou!” Commander Chang’s eyes turned red as he replied directly.

“Good.” Old Master Fei nodded. “Guard Lu, take Guard Chou and Guard Jing with you and accompany Commander Chang. You have to capture Fang Sanyou, dead or alive!”

“Yes, sir!” The silver-haired elder, the gray-shirted man, and Xu Jingming immediately responded. The three of them

“Sorry to trouble the three of you,” Commander Chang said politely before giving the order. “Pass down the order that nobody is to be allowed out of the city through the four city gates. Capture any suspicious ones!”

“Yes, sir!” Four teams immediately took the order and quickly rode off.

“Principales Yu, take these subordinates and serve Old Master Fei carefully. Guard the encampment well. Everyone else, set off with me.” Commander Chang immediately gave his orders.

There weren’t many Blood Rain Guards in a city-only about 3,000 strong—but they were well-equipped! For example, powerful bows and crossbows were banned among the common folk, but the Blood Rain Guards were naturally equipped with them.


The Blood Rain Guard mobilized a large number of troops.

Instantly, quakes ran through Fengye Cityeven the Nine Song Gang was alarmed! Although the Nine Song Gang was known to have more than 100,000 members, most of them were ordinary people. The number of elites they had was only one in ten, and their weapons and equipment were far inferior.

The gang didn’t have a high chance of winning in a head-on battle, much less when the Blood Rain Guard represented the empire. To officially fall out with the empire? The gang didn’t have that confidence. They were better at despicable methods and not fighting the empire’s army head-on.

Fang Sanyou is finished. What kind of powerful figure did he offend? Dong Ke sat on a flower boat and drank.

“Boss, are we just going to watch everything happen and ignore Lord Fang?” the white-shirted man beside him asked carefully.

Dong Ke shook his head. “To be able to make Old Crook Chang act like a mad dog, this foreigner definitely has a huge background! He’s not worth interfering with. Moreover, we’ve never been friends with Fang Sanyou! If it weren’t for that person from Nest Mountain Lake, I would’ve killed him.”

The white-shirted man nodded slightly.

The most terrifying faction in the surrounding 500 kilometers wasn’t the empire but the master of Nest Mountain Lake.

Fang Sanyou represented Nest Mountain Lake in Fengye City! He ran many businesses, which were also Nest Mountain Lake’s businesses in Fengye City. Therefore, be it the officials or the gangs, they all gave the Fang family some leeway.

I feel like this foreigner is an important figure among the officials, Dong Ke thought.


In the middle of the night, the Fang family was surrounded by the Blood Rain Guard.

Commander Chang ordered coldly, “Storm in! Capture all the Fang family members. Kill anyone who stands in our way.”

The Blood Rain Guards immediately kicked down the courtyard walls from all directions, and like a flood, they instantly swept through the entire Fang residence! This Fang family mansion was one of the top ten mansions in the city, but it was facing a calamity.

Xu Jingming and the others were actually supervising from the side in case Commander Chang didn’t do his best.

“Sirs.” Commander Chang immediately smiled obsequiously. “The Fang family won’t be able to stir up any trouble. Shall we go in and have a rest?”

the silver-haired elder replied coldly. He was the personal guard of the Fei family’s eldest scion! His official position was higher than Commander Chang’s, not to mention that Old Master Fei had received his son’s personal token! He had greater authority.

“We have to capture Fang Sanyou first.” Commander Chang appeared to agree.

“Commander, Fang Sanyou has fled through a tunnel!” a centurion reported.

“Fled?” Commander Chang scoffed. “How long can a tunnel be? The surroundings are already heavily guarded! I’ve even sealed off all four city gates of Fengye City. He won’t be able to escape.”

“Principales Liu, quickly send someone to meet Dong Ke from the Nine Song Gang. Tell him… that we have to capture Fang Sanyou before dawn,” Commander Chang immediately ordered.

“Yes.” Principales Liu immediately left with more than 100 men.

“Don’t worry. We’ll definitely catch Fang Sanyou before dawn.” Commander Chang smiled and walked in. “This Fang residence usually relies on the authority of the one at Nest Mountain Lake to act willfully. They must’ve stockpiled plenty of good things. Shall we take a look?”

The silver-haired elder nodded slightly when he heard that. “Alright, but we have to catch him.”

They followed the commander-in-chief of the Blood Rain Guard in the empire’s east. They were no strangers to bribery and were used to reaping benefits for themselves.

“Definitely, definitely.” Commander Chang warmly led the three in.

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