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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 245 – Seven Kills Building

Chapter 245: Seven Kills Building’s Credibility (3)

Xu Jingming naturally followed him in. He had come to Blood Rain World mainly to amass 10,000 gold. He would only find Commander Chang’s sugar-coating insufficient.

In the night.

Fang Sanyou quickly fled into an alley with his five subordinates.

This Old Crook Chang is crazy. He doesn’t care about my brother’s reputation and directly sent an army to attack. Fang Sanyou knew that he was in a dire situation. With the empire’s Blood Rain Guard out to capture him, his chances of escaping were slim.


“There’s no need for you to follow me. I’m the Blood Rain Guard’s main target now.” Fang Sanyou looked at his five subordinates behind him. “Death is a certainty if you follow me. If we separate… you still have a chance of survival.”

“Lord Fang.” The five subordinates looked at each other and immediately kneeled on one knee.

“I followed Brother back then, and I’ve gone through all kinds of adversity. I haven’t fought with my life in the years of comfort in Fengye City,” Fang Sanyou said calmly. “Don’t worry. It won’t be easy for them to catch me. The five of you, flee separately… If you see my brother, tell him that it was my life’s honor to follow him. I hope that he can take care of my son on account of my hard work.”

With that said, Fang Sanyou turned and left.

The five people looked at each other, cupped their fists, and left.

Moments later.

Fang Sanyou entered an ordinary-looking inn wearing a bamboo hat and was naturally brought to a secret underground hall.

“I want a bounty on one person’s life,” Fang Sanyou said.

“Who is it?” an elder from Seven Kills Building asked with a pen.

“A woman killed Fang Chong at Hundred Hollows Bridge tonight. I want a bounty on this woman’s life.” Fang Sanyou took out three gold bars—the gold bars were beautifully carved and looked luxurious. “300 gold! I want her life!”

“Alright.” The elder nodded calmly.

Someone beside him took the three gold bars and quickly cut them into pieces. Then, he nodded at his companion. “Genuine gold.”

“According to the rules of Seven Kills Building, the mission will continue as long as the bounty isn’t redeemed, right?” Fang Sanyou asked.

“Don’t worry.” The elder nodded and said proudly, “The bounty on her will remain until the mission is completed! Of course, if your bounty is too low and you can’t hire strong assassins, there’s nothing we can do about it. As long as the bounty is enough, there will definitely be powerful assassins constantly carrying out the assassinations. Please believe in the credibility of our Seven Kills Building.”

Fang Sanyou nodded.

300 gold was 3,000 taels of silver! It was enough to attract many powerful assassins.

As a top three assassin organization in the massive empire, Seven Kills Building placed the greatest importance on its credibility.


Fang Sanyou left a bounty and turned to leave.

The next day, Fang Sanyou’s corpse was brought to the Blood Rain Guard’s encampment before dawn.

When the city’s officials and the largest gang wanted a person, there was no way for him to escape.

“Fang Sanyou committed suicide by ingesting poison when we captured him,” Commander Chang explained carefully.

Old Master Fei looked at Fang Sanyou’s corpse and nodded slightly. “Are you sure it’s Fang Sanyou?”

“We also captured many of the Fang family’s servants, who identified him personally. It’s Fang Sanyou,” the silver-haired elder explained. “Many people in the Blood Rain Guard also know Fang Sanyou. There’s no mistake.”

Xu Jingming and the gray-shirted man nodded in agreement. Although they had benefited from the storming of the residence, they were still meticulous! They had indeed confirmed many times that this was Fang Sanyou’s corpse.

Old Master Fei nodded.

He believed… Commander Chang didn’t dare lie about this matter either!

“Nest Mountain Lake is backing Fang Sanyou.” Old Master Fei nodded. “It won’t be long before Nest Mountain Lake learns of what happened in Fengye City.”

“How would a bunch of bandits from Nest Mountain Lake dare to offend Lord Fei?” Commander Chang immediately said.

“These bandits are capable of anything. It’s best to be careful; we have to seize the time gap.” Old Master Fei nodded. “It’s almost dawn. Let’s get ready to set off.”

The Fei family convoy ate a simple breakfast and quickly left the city at dawn.

Not far from the city.

“Take a detour to Suchang City. We have to bypass the range of Nest Mountain Lake.” Old Master Fei lifted the carriage curtain and ordered Butler Zhang.

Fengye City, Seven Kills Building branch.

“I’ve done a background check. Old Master Fei went to the Blood Rain Guard encampment yesterday! I heard that he’s the father of Commander-in-chief Fei of the empire’s east! The girl who killed Fang Chong should be Commander-in-chief Fei’s only sister, Fei Xinlan.” Seven Kills Building’s intelligence network was also impressive. It learned everything in one night.

“Commander-in-chief Fei’s sister?” The person in charge of the Seven Kills Building branch looked at the bounty mission. “All kinds of people in the empire’s eastern region have to respect Commander-in-chief Fei. To dare issue a bounty on his sister… We won’t be able to do business in the entire empire’s eastern region.”

“Then, what about this bounty mission?” the man beside him asked.

“Remove it. We’ll also report this matter to the headquarters,” the elder said with a shake of his head. “Although Seven Kills Building’s credibility is important, survival is more important. We’d be crazy to put a bounty on Lord Fei’s sister for 300 gold.”

The man nodded.

Seven Kills Building rarely accepted missions without issuing them—it was a loss of credibility. However, credibility also had a price! In the face of survival, credibility was nothing.

Therefore, after confirming that the mission target was Fei Xinlan, Seven Kills Building quietly removed the 300 gold bounty mission.

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