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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 239 – Leaving Lanyue City (2)

Chapter 239 Leaving Lanyue City (2)

“Hello, Brother Luo, Brother Jing!” The girl walked in and smiled brightly when she saw Xu Jingming and Luo Baichuan. “Let me introduce everyone. This is Senior Sister Qiu Tong, the eldest senior sister of our Flying Sword Gallery. I’ll be troubling the three of you for my trip to the capital!”

“We’ll naturally do our best,” Luo Baichuan immediately said. Xu Jingming and Qiu Tong also cupped their hands and replied.

“The journey to the capital is long, arduous, and dangerous. Therefore, our Fei family is very cautious when choosing guards. I specially invited the three of you, and my father chose the other guards.” The girl sat down and spoke without hiding anything.

Xu Jingming and the others chatted with the young lady. Soon, Butler Zhang arrived. “Hi there,” Uncle Zhang said. “On this trip to the capital, there will be checks of your identity tokens! In particular, the capital has stringent checks on identity. Are the three of you… registered? If not, I’ll bring you to the officials to register your identity and receive your identity tokens.”


“I’ve registered,” Qiu Tong replied softly.

“I registered half a year ago,” Luo Baichuan said with a smile. “Without an identity token, I couldn’t deposit money in the bank; I had to register.”

Xu Jingming got up. “I didn’t register.”

“Guard Jing, please come with me quickly,” Uncle Zhang said. “I’ll take you there. You can finish registering by late morning.”

Xu Jingming nodded.

An identity token was equivalent to an identity card on Earth! During the most stable period of the empire’s rule, every commoner had to register and receive an identity token. Without an identity token, one couldn’t go out of town.

Of course, the management of various places was lax now, and the authorities’ control over many places was very weak. Few of the commoners outside the city registered, and even most of the commoners in the city didn’t register.

On the street.

Butler Zhang, Xu Jingming, and the two servants walked together.

“Guard Jing, I heard that you blocked many of Elder Feng’s moves during the battle with the Flower Moon Gang?” Uncle Zhang asked with a smile.

“I was at a disadvantage,” Xu Jingming replied.

“It looks like you’re close to being a first-rate expert,” Uncle Zhang commented with a smile. “Master knows about you and specially instructed me to raise your hiring fee to 100 taels a month.”

Xu Jingming was quite grateful. “I’ll have to thank Master Fei. Thank you, Butler Zhang.”

Although he had reached first-rate standards now, he was indeed inferior to Elder Feng of the Flower Moon Gang! For the Fei family to raise their hiring price to this much based on his achievements back then… he was indeed a good boss.

Xu Jingming couldn’t say it himself—I’ve already reached first-rate.

This was because being a first-rate expert was very vague in Blood Rain World! After all, the natives didn’t have interfaces and couldn’t see their actual combat bonus! They could only determine their approximate level based on actual combat.

Xu Jingming needed actual combat to prove that he was a first-rate expert!


Due to the Fei family’s butler, Uncle Zhang, the trip to the government office was very fast. Xu Jingming quickly registered himself and left a record with the officials. Moreover, they carved a waist token with precious black jade.

There were also differences in the material of the waist tokens. Ordinary ones were made of wood and bamboo, and some were made of stone. The better ones were made of metal, and above that were other expensive materials.

Black jade was considered a type of jade. It was completely black and had a luster. It also exuded warmth when one held it often.

There were only a few strokes on the waist token that sketched out Xu Jingming’s appearance. At the very least, it could determine the approximate facial shape and features.

It also recorded that Xu Jingming’s hometown was Cross Slope Village, 50 kilometers east of Lanyue City.

He also recorded his age via his date of birth on his waist token.

Identity waist token. Xu Jingming held the waist token made of black jade and sighed with emotion. The records were quite detailed, so he immediately inserted it into his belt and carried it with him.

In the next few days, after receiving his first month’s salary, Xu Jingming also went to the official bank to deposit his money! He had saved a total of 150 taels of silver. This was because the official banknotes’ lowest denomination was 50 taels of silver! Moreover, depositing silver incurred a processing fee!

It couldn’t be helped; Xu Jingming couldn’t carry more than five kilograms of silver to the capital. It was much more convenient to deposit his silver and receive banknotes, and he wasn’t afraid of looting!

I wonder when I’ll be back after this trip. Old Master Fei looked at his old residence with mixed emotions.

Fei Xinlan was also very reluctant. She had grown up here since she was a child, and she had feelings for every blade of grass and every piece of vegetation.

“Old Zhang, the few of you will be taking care of the Fei family mansion in the future,” Old Master Fei said.

“Yes, Master,” an elder replied. He also had some servants around him.

The Fei family still kept some servants and would maintain the entire residence for long periods. Of course, most of the other businesses had long been sold out.

“Let’s go.” Old Master Fei and Xinlan boarded a relatively simple carriage, and two maidservants entered the carriage to serve them.

They are quite willing to spend. The guards’ horses are all quite majestic and handsome. They’re all good thoroughbreds. Xu Jingming rode his horse.

This was his first time riding in Blood Rain World, but he had already tried it in other virtual worlds! After all, other than attempting Escaping Dark Abyss in the past month or so, he had experienced many virtual worlds. However, he didn’t venture deep into them.

Horse-riding, military combat, arena combat… He had tried many things. After reaching cellular control, horse-riding was also very easy.

The convoy of horses quickly exited the northern city gate.

I’m leaving Lanyue City. Xu Jingming, Luo Baichuan, Qiu Tong, and many other guards took one last look.

Many of them were leaving their hometowns. Once they headed to the capital, it would be difficult for them to return for the rest of their lives.

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