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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 238 – Leaving Lanyue City (1)

Chapter 238 Leaving Lanyue City (1)

Xu Jingming opened his eyes and saw a simple room with a single-eyed man sleeping soundly on the bed.

This is the house I rented! Xu Jingming was surprised. At this moment, his body was covered in blurry light.

Any player would be enveloped by light when they came online, and the natives couldn’t see the players at this moment. The natives could see the players only after the light dissipated.

Three seconds after coming online, the halo dissipated.


Xu Jingming flipped his hand and held a flying dagger in his left hand, placing it on the one-eyed man’s neck.


He slapped the one-eyed man.

The sleeping one-eyed man was awoken by the slap! He was a little stunned. What’s going on? Where am I? Is it day or night?

The one-eyed man woke up and saw Xu Jingming in front of him and the ice-cold dagger at his neck!

“Spare me, good man. Tell me what you want,” the one-eyed man immediately said.

“Why are you in my house?” Xu Jingming asked.

“I-I saw that nobody entered or left this house for days, so I came in to take a look,” the one-eyed man said obsequiously. “I don’t have a place to stay either, so I temporarily sleep here at night. Please forgive me.”

“Did you take my money?” Xu Jingming stared at him.

“No, I didn’t find it.” The one-eyed man’s heart stirred when he heard that. This old house has silver?

Xu Jingming put away his dagger. “Get lost!”

Only then did the one-eyed man sit up with a sycophantic smile. “Right away. Right away.”

As he sat up, he suddenly swung his hand from under the blanket, and a cold beam flashed past Xu Jingming. But when he swung out, his eyes widened-a bloody hole had appeared in his throat!

He didn’t even see Xu Jingming make a move.

How dare a scoundrel attack me. Xu Jingming shook his head. In his eyes, ordinary attacks happened in slow-motion like snails crawling

After killing the scoundrel, Xu Jingming examined the corpse and immediately walked out of the house.

It was nighttime, and the crescent moon hung high in the night sky.

Xu Jingming walked to the small courtyard, where there was a rather heavy pile of wood.

Xu Jingming gently raised his hand from below, and it required more than 500 kilograms of strength. Then, he immediately saw a bundle under the pile of wood.

The silver is still here. Xu Jingming nodded slightly.

The rules of Blood Rain World are harsh. When players go offline and disappear, they can carry any other item except gold and silver. Xu Jingming sighed.

The value of gold and silver in Blood Rain World was extremely high. Therefore, banknotes, gold, and other items couldn’t be brought offline.

If he wanted to log off, he had to hide his banknotes and other items! If he was careless, it was very possible for them to be stolen.

There’s no need to activate autoplay for this bit of silver, Xu Jingming thought.

Autoplay allowed the body to remain in Blood Rain World, and it was controlled by AI! The AI wasn’t inferior to players in terms of logic and reason, but the AI was much weaker in combat. It had fixed strategies! Moreover, it could only unleash the strength of a third-rate expert.

When one encountered particular situations that required them to stay online for extended periods but had things to do in reality, they could use autoplay.

The autoplay service charged a fee of 100,000 cosmic dollars a year-it was expensive!

Xu Jingming returned to the house and circled the corpse before carrying it with one hand and leaving under the cover of night. The place he rented was an ordinary old residence, and it wasn’t a safe place.

He threw the corpse into some ruins a kilometer away. There were often messy corpses here, and the officials would clean them up.

In the morning, Xu Jingming ate breakfast at a street stall.

Many poor people who passed by looked at the steaming shops enviously, but those who were willing to eat in restaurants, teahouses, and shops were all rich! A large meat bun cost one coin-enough to buy half a kilogram to one kilogram of rice.

Eating at home was much more cost-effective.

Lanyue City is already a large city, but the citizens are still suffering. The officials and gangs are exploiting the commoners. Xu Jingming sighed with emotion.

The era of Blood Rain World was a period of decline and chaos for the empire, and the city was already considered orderly. Beyond the city was true lawlessness. Bandits ran rampant, and human lives were worth nothing

It’s about time to head to the Fei family. Xu Jingming lined up five coins on the table and got up to leave.

A waiter immediately put away the coins and started clearing the table.

Moments later.

In front of the Fei family mansion, Xu Jingming arrived with a spear holster on his back.

A servant led the way. “Guard Jing, Miss has instructed us to wait here. Please have a break in the front hall. She will meet you later.”

Xu Jingming nodded and arrived in the front hall.

In the front hall, a tall man was sitting there drinking tea leisurely. When he discovered that Xu Jingming had been brought back, the tall man immediately got up happily and smiled warmly. “I’m Luo Baichuan.”

“Jingming,” Xu Jingming said with cupped hands.

“Brother Jingming, you’re also invited to be a guard?” Luo Baichuan smiled. He also noticed the spear holster on Xu Jingming’s back.

“Yes.” Xu Jingming nodded.

Luo Baichuan said warmly, “Brother Jingming, have a seat. We’ll work together in the future. I was in the Black Ax Gang…”

Luo Baichuan liked to make friends, so he kept talking to Xu Jingming and almost spilled all of his secrets.

Xu Jingming also chatted briefly with Luo Baichuan. Of course, it was a conversation in which Luo Baichuan said ten sentences while he said one.

After chatting for an hour.

Finally, two women walked in. One still looked like a young maiden, and the other was a cold woman who didn’t smile.

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