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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 240 – Leaving Lanyue City (3)

Chapter 240 Leaving Lanyue City (3)

But for the sake of their future and a brighter future, they were willing to go to the capital.

Lanyue City is the first city I went to in Blood Rain World, and it’s also my hometown in name. Xu Jingming sighed with emotion.

“Giddy up!” Xu Jingming rode his horse and followed the convoy. He didn’t look back and headed north.

After leaving the northern city gate, the convoy moved along the main roads.


The horses were handsome, and the carriage was also a luxury product forged by top craftsmen. It appeared simple on the surface, but it actually had a very good suspension system. Sitting in the carriage, the vibrations were completely within tolerable limits.

Fei Xinlan also drew the curtains and looked out curiously.

“I heard that it’s very chaotic outside the city,” Xinlan whispered. She had only gone beyond the city gates once in her life and had never gone further.

“There are officials in the city, the Blood Rain Guards, many families, and gangs. All of them want the city to be stable,” Old Master Fei said with a smile. “However, it’s different outside the city. Beyond the city are vast lands, and there are as many bandits as there is hair on an ox. Human lives are worth nothing.”

Fei Xinlan nodded slightly.

“Therefore, everyone outside the city wants to settle down in the city.” Old Master Fei looked out the window. “We have to rush to the capital. It’s a long journey, and it won’t be easy.”

Fei Xinlan was very curious. It won’t be easy?

As a young scion who had never made long trips, she felt that everything outside appeared novel.

They set off in the morning and stopped at noon to eat the food they carried.

“We didn’t encounter any bandits after traveling more than 200 kilometers in the morning. Didn’t you say that there are as many bandits as there is hair on an ox?” Fei Xinlan sat on the grass and mumbled as she ate exquisite pastries.

Qiu Tong—who was sitting to the side-said calmly, “Junior Sister, the horses the Fei family chose are all thoroughbreds. The bandits know from afar that such a convoy isn’t to be trifled with! This is because weaker factions can’t bear to buy so many good horses, nor do they dare to be so ostentatious! Ordinary bandits don’t dare to send themselves to their deaths.”

“Thoroughbreds?” Fei Xinlan shook her head. “I heard that some famous horses in the world can travel thousands of kilometers a day. Our horses are nothing.”

“There’s not a single horse in Lanyue City that can travel thousands of kilometers a day! A single horse is worth 10,000 taels of silver,” Qiu Tong said. Suddenly, she saw a group of people emerging from the forest in the distance.

Qiu Tong smiled. “Junior Sister, didn’t you say that there were no bandits? Incoming bandits!”

Xu Jingming, Luo Baichuan, and the other guards looked into the distance.

“Bandits?” Old Master Fei was very calm. Back when he was working on his family business alone, he had already weathered all kinds of storms.

There were hundreds of people in the distance, holding bows and other items. Leading them was a red-shirted man dressed rather loudly.

The red-shirted man spoke, his voice resounding in the surroundings. “What a convoy. These horses are all thoroughbreds. I wonder if the old master of this convoy will pity us? Give us some silver. It’s been several days since our hundreds of brothers had their stomachs filled.” “We’ll bestow ten taels of silver. Take it and leave,” Uncle Zhang shouted.

“Ten taels of silver?” The red-shirted man laughed involuntarily. “Is the old master of the convoy joking? It has to be at least 300 taels of silver-that’s the minimum! This bit of silver is probably nothing…”

“Guard Jing, Guard Luo, Guard Qiu, Guard Fan, Guard Yu—the five of you, force them back,” Uncle Zhang ordered.

When Xu Jingming heard that, he instantly pulled out the two spear segments on his back and locked them with a twist.

Luo Baichuan also took out two axes from behind him.

Qiu Tong instantly drew her sword.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Five figures charged out from the crowd of guards like five arrows, heading straight for the bandits.

“Qualified experts.” The red-shirted man’s pupils constricted when he saw this. From their running speed, he was certain that everyone had reached qualified status.

“Fire,” the red-shirted man ordered.

Immediately, 50 bandits shot arrows at the same time! Other bandits also held throwing weapons. For a bandit gang to survive to this day, they naturally had some strength.

Under the barrage of arrows and throwing weapons, five figures brazenly charged into the bandit gang.

Instantly, the bandits collapsed like a house of cards, and many bandits were sent flying seven to eight meters high.

“What?” The red-shirted man was alarmed when he saw this scene. “These five people are at least second-rate experts.”

As the leader of the bandits, he was a second-rate expert. He believed that with the teamwork of his gang members, he could threaten some third-rate experts. However, a second-rate expert was much better than a third-rate expert in actual combat in terms of environmental control.

“Just five random people are that impressive?” The red-shirted man immediately shouted, “Retreat!”

He turned into a red stream of light and fled the fastest! The hundreds of bandits also fled in panic and scattered.

The five guards stopped and returned.

“How are the five new recruits?” Old Master Fei watched from afar and chuckled.

The silver-haired elder beside him nodded slightly. “The other four can be considered second-rate experts, but Guard Jing’s spearmanship is quite extraordinary. An invisible spear intent envelops the surroundings, causing the enemy to tremble in fear. I suspect that he has reached first-rate.”

“First-rate?” Old Master Fei’s eyes lit up.

“I can sense that pressure.” The silver-haired elder nodded. “You have hired a good helper.”

Old Master Fei laughed; he was in a good mood.

The first-rate experts beside him were all Blood Rain Guard experts sent by his son. The other guards were all second-rate, but from the looks of it, there was an additional first-rate expert.

First-rate experts were very rare in Blood Rain World. If one was willing to join a gang, they were elders and guest elders of the Flower Moon Gang. They could easily be rich!

Very few were willing to be guards.

Typically, only wealthy families or truly illustrious figures could employ first-rate experts. For example, the eldest son of the Fei family.

“Regardless, the journey will be smoother with another first-rate expert,” the silver-haired elder said.

Old Master Fei nodded slightly. “I feel more at ease with Guard Jing by my daughter’s side. Remember, my daughter’s safety is of utmost priority on this journey. I’m an old man on his deathbed; my daughter’s safety comes first.”

“Don’t worry, Master.” The silver-haired elder nodded. “I’ve already arranged for three experts to stay by Miss’s side, and now, there’s Guard Jing.”

Old Master Fei nodded.

In fact, he didn’t know if it was right or wrong to follow his son to the capital! After all, it was a long journey.

Even though the guards were very strong, he was worried that something would go wrong on the way. As an old man, it was fine if he died, but his daughter was still young.

After defeating the bandits, the Fei family convoy quickly resumed their journey, heading north toward the capital.

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