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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 225 – Being a Sparring Partner For The First Time (2)

Chapter 225 Being a Sparring Partner For The First Time (2)

His parents were too strict, forcing him to ‘cultivate’ every day, and they limited his allowance.

“I was a man who inherited an inhabited planet the moment I was born! Yet, you only give me five million cosmic dollars a month. As stingy parents, you have siphoned off all the planet’s money.” Lolothian was very angry, but he couldn’t do anything about it.

Before he was 1,000 years old, he didn’t have any authority over the inhabited planet under his name.



In fact, it wasn’t easy to govern an inhabited planet. Not only would one not earn money if they didn’t manage it well, but they would also have to make up for the shortfall.

“I’ll choose a more impressive sparring partner this time.” Lolothian pulled up the sparring list with a swipe. They were ranked by actual combat bonus in ascending order-their prices were also higher.

For example, a sparring partner with a 300% combat bonus only cost 300 cosmic dollars an hour.

For sparring partners with an actual combat bonus of 500%, it was generally 2,000 cosmic dollars an hour.

A sparring partner with a 1000% actual combat bonus reached 20,000 cosmic dollars an hour.

“I’ll choose this guy.” Lolothian tapped and happened to click on Xu Jingming’s account.


In an illusory space was a circular arena that was 100 meters in diameter.

Lolothian appeared and looked at the black-haired male human in front of him.

“Hello, sir.” Lolothian bowed slightly. This was what his parents had taught him since he was a child; he had to show respect to any teacher.

“Hello, Lord L,” Xu Jingming said with a smile.

Lolothian was about 1.5 meters tall, and he had golden hair and was a little fat.

He could see the information the other party had registered

Player: Lord L (Hunter Cosmic Sector, Flourishing Sword Star Alliance)

Level: 8

Combat Bonus: Private

As for Xu Jingming’s information

Player: Jing (Hunter Cosmic Sector, Oohook Star Alliance)

Level: 1

Combat Bonus: 890%

As a sparring partner, he had to publicly reveal his combat strength bonus.

“Choose your weapon and armor.” Lolothian had already donned his armor and held two short spears.

Xu Jingming only held a spear.

“You aren’t choosing any armor?” Lolothian frowned. “Then, I won’t stand on ceremony.”

“Bring it on.” Xu Jingming smiled. His most accomplished Flowing Water spearmanship was good at defense.

“Here I come.” Lolothian’s figure flashed as he lunged forward at an extremely fast speed.

It had to be known that in World of Peak Weaponry, everyone had the same physique! This was more suitable for training in cold weapon techniques. As for Lolothian, he was clearly quite good at movement speed.

He’s even faster than me. Xu Jingming was a little surprised, but his spear became dynamic in the face of the lunging Lolothian. The moment it touched Lolothian’s short spear, it stabbed through his chest.


The spear penetrated his chest.

Lolothian’s entire body was penetrated as though he was a skewered piece of meat!

He widened his eyes and looked up at Xu Jingming.

“Why is your spear so slippery?” Lolothian said angrily. “Again.”


Lolothian returned to his original spot, and his injuries disappeared, returning to his peak state.

“Please.” Xu Jingming smiled at him. Since the other party was paying, he naturally had to smile at his client.

“Ah!!!” Lolothian roared as his figure drew an arc and flew around Xu Jingming.

Suddenly, without any warning, he threw out the short spear in his hand. The moment he did so, his entire body charged forward!

Xu Jingming swung his spear and swept the short spear like water. He borrowed the force and directed it back at his opponent! The fluidity of water guided the force of the short spear! Whoosh. The sweeping short spear was sent flying, and it crashed into the approaching Lolothian. He was sent flying again, and he vomited blood.

“I don’t believe it.” Lolothian widened his eyes and charged over again.


But when he arrived in front of Xu Jingming and brandished his short spears, for some reason, Xu Jingming’s spear only drew an arc and easily passed through the gap between the two short spears, piercing through his chest first.

He was penetrated again!

Over and over again!

Xu Jingming clearly didn’t strike quickly and didn’t use much strength, but he defeated him in one or two moves. “Stop!” Lolothian stretched out his hand to stop Xu Jingming and stared at him. “I usually choose opponents with a 500% bonus in actual combat. It’s a little high today, so I’m not used to it. However, I didn’t spend money to take a beating. From now on, you’re not allowed to fight back. You’re only allowed to defend.”

“Alright, I’ll do as you say,” Xu Jingming replied politely. The customer was king. “Alright.” Lolothian grinned. He slowly walked closer to Xu Jingming, and the distance between them was only five meters.

It was too close!

Xu Jingming’s spear was three meters long!

“I won’t bully you either; I won’t get close.” Lolothian pricked up his brows.

The two were only five meters apart, and with a single step forward, Lolothian suddenly stabbed out with his short spear, leaving behind afterimages.

The spear in Xu Jingming’s hand spun! The ring formed by the spinning was like water, and it naturally swept up the two short spears.

Bang! Bang!

The two short spears were sent flying.

Lolothian’s hands turned numb as he stood rooted to the ground.

“Continue.” Lolothian refused to admit defeat and charged over again.

Since he could only defend and couldn’t counter-attack, Xu Jingming focused on defense. Even if he exerted his strength, he could only send the other party’s weapon


Again and again, the short spears were sent flying.

“The strength of your spearmanship is unpredictably dynamic.” Lolothian was numb to his losses. He stood still and murmured, “Your strength appears high, but it can be extremely low when I make contact. When I was at my limits, the strength you unleashed suddenly became extremely high. It kept changing, and I couldn’t understand it at all.”

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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