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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 226 – Being a Sparring Partner For The First Time (3)

Chapter 226 Being a Sparring Partner For The First Time (3)

Lolothian was already in a daze.

“No, no, no!” Lolothian suddenly gritted his teeth and said, “Father said that there’s no need to care about those strange moves. As long as I solidify my foundation, the same body can unleash greater strength and speed when dishing out a move! The actual combat bonus will naturally increase. I’ll listen to Father.”

Lolothian was no longer lost. His eyes were firm as he charged forward repeatedly and continued using his short spear techniques.

He only pursued greater speed and strength!


Xu Jingming still blocked the attacks simply, but his heart jolted when he heard Lolothian’s murmurs.

Although the Spear Dao I’ve figured out-the fluidity of water-and the phenomena of all living things I’ve just comprehended are unpredictable, allowing me to unleash 50% or 100% of my strength by just exerting 10%, strength and speed are the foundation.

For example, Xuan’s spearmanship is also the combination of the five spearmanship volumes before imbuing them into Beam Transformation, Xu Jingming thought. Beam Transformation pursues extreme speed! It will also bring about extreme strength.

I can’t abandon the fundamentals for the end goal.

The fluidity of water, the phenomena of all things… There’s only one ultimate goal for the various Spear Dao-extreme speed and strength! Xu Jingming had a clear concept in his mind. Other forms of Spear Dao are only tools—tools used to pursue extreme speed and strength.

Xu Jingming looked at Lolothian with a burning gaze. He came from Earth and didn’t have a good teacher to guide him! He had to study the first volume of Beam Transformation aimlessly. Now, Lolothian’s self-comforting words enlightened Xu Jingming. This was how cultivation was-a single line of truth beat 10,000 useless books!

“Sir, can you put down your weapon and fight empty-handed?” Lolothian blinked and looked very sincere.

“Alright.” Xu Jingming nodded and put away his weapon. He then stared at Lolothian with his bare hands.

“Hehehe…” Lolothian smiled and charged over. “There’s a huge difference in strength between having a weapon and not having one!”

A short spear attacked.

Xu Jingming flashed and struck the spear shaft with his left hand, affecting Lolothian’s balance. Then, as fast as lightning, his right hand chopped down at Lolothian’s neck.

Lolothian felt his vision turn dark, and he returned to his original spot.

“I lost?” Lolothian found it unbelievable.

“My arms are like a pair of short spears,” Xu Jingming said. “The body is a weapon. Don’t you understand this?”

Lolothian looked at his sparring partner aggrievedly. “In the future, it’s better if I choose a sparring partner with a 500% actual combat bonus. It’s not entertaining losing all the time.”

Beep! Beep! Beep! Suddenly, there was a sound.

Lolothian revealed a look of delight and immediately said to Xu Jingming, “I’m going to register for Dark Abyss! Let’s end it here today.”

“It hasn’t even been an hour.” Xu Jingming was surprised. The sparring session was scheduled to last an hour.

“You’ll still be paid.” Lolothian opened the page. “Alright, I’ll give you an evaluation! Regardless, I can sense that you’re very strong, and you’re a diligent sparring partner. You aren’t like the previous sparring partner who kept wearing a nasty expression. I’ll give you a perfect score… 10 points!”

Lolothian grinned. “I’m heading over to Dark Abyss. Are you coming? There are only three large events a day, so let’s participate together. Oh right, the registration fee for the mission is one million cosmic dollars.”

“Go ahead. I have something on,” Xu Jingming said. The registration fee was too expensive.

“If you can’t bear to part with the money, just say it.” Lolothian chuckled. “Alright, I’m leaving. I’ll hire you again as a sparring partner when my actual combat bonus reaches 500%.” With that said, he disappeared.

There are three large-scale activities a day in Dark Abyss, and initiating the mission costs one million cosmic dollars? Xu Jingming was puzzled.

Xu Jingming returned to his personal space and carefully examined Dark Abyss.

There are many side missions in Dark Abyss. Xu Jingming carefully examined it and came to a realization. So he’s talking about the side mission, Escaping Dark Abyss.

Among the many side missions, Escaping Dark Abyss was very popular.

There are three daily missions for the Escaping Dark Abyss side mission. The first level requires an entry fee of one million cosmic dollars, the second level requires 100,000 cosmic dollars, and the third level requires 10,000 cosmic dollars. Xu Jingming read the detailed introduction.

One million participants for each event! The registration fee and 50% of the audience tips will enter the prize money pool.

The longer you live in Escaping Dark Abyss, the higher the prize money.

Finally, the only person to escape the abyss will receive 50% of the total prize money pool.

Xu Jingming blinked. Lolothian is participating in the biggest daily activity, and the initiation fee is one million. Then, with one million participants… The total prize money pool will be one trillion cosmic dollars, plus the tips.

Of course, Dark Abyss was the second-most popular game in the entire universe in the evolutionary category. There were many players taking on the Escaping Dark Abyss side mission, and there were even Lv. 9 lifeforms participating occasionally. It was just that everyone had the same physique in-game.

Therefore, if a Lv. 9 expert participated, they could also suffer a setback and lose to a Lv. 8 expert.

All players are competing! Only one person can escape the abyss and receive half of the prize money pool. Xu Jingming felt tempted.

A million cosmic citizens from various civilizations were competing!

There’s no rush; I’ll study it more. I still don’t know much about the Escaping Dark Abyss side mission. Although Xu Jingming was certain that he would eventually participate in it once, he wasn’t in a hurry to do so. Instead, he gathered a large amount of information and even watched some videos of Escaping Dark Abyss.

The more he understood, the calmer Xu Jingming became.

At the same time, he focused on honing his spearmanship. First, he studied the phenomena of all living things in order to gain basic mastery of the Spacetime volume. Second, he wanted to improve Flowing Water and Spacetime in pursuit of maximum speed and strength. Through those peaceful days, he reached the end of August without realizing it. In reality, Xu Jingming reached the intermediate realm as a cosmic lifeform in a very natural manner.

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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