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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 224 – Being a Sparring Partner For The First Time (1)

Chapter 224 Being a Sparring Partner For The First Time (1)

Xu Jingming flipped through the information pertaining to the virtual worlds.

Those ranked first and second in terms of evolutionary popularity are Life Evolution and Dark Abyss. Xu Jingming cast his gaze. The mission space in Life Evolution is as vast as the sea.

In Earth’s virtual world, there were too few missions available. For the time being, there were only Cosmos Tower, the Martial Arts Center, and Underground Palace. Underground Palace was launched after the World Tournament. Of course, Xu Jingming had already become a cosmic lifeform, so it wasn’t suitable for him to participate in Earth’s internal competitions.

Pang Ze is right. The Life Evolution world is a little backward. Xu Jingming took a look. The fundamental reason for being ranked first is that it has a rich heritage! Many large factions established themselves there a long time ago. For example, there are ‘Apprenticeship Missions’ in the mission space, and many Lv. 10 experts are available! There’s also the Star Alliance Ranking and the Cosmic Sector Ranking… If one’s ranking is high enough, they can directly join some of the universe’s top factions.


Xu Jingming took it all in. Life Evolution had a long history, and fame came with it.

I’m still a distance away from being a top expert in Blood Rain World. I can’t compete for a spot in Life Evolution at all. Xu Jingming shook his head gently. Perhaps only when he became a super expert in Blood Rain World would he have the right to attempt a placement.

Dark Abyss, which is ranked second in popularity, is also very impressive. Xu Jingming read.

The main game mode in Dark Abyss was for countless players to survive in Dark Abyss and work hard to head to the next level of the abyss. They had to keep clearing levels, and when they reached the bottom of Dark Abyss, they would be considered as clearing Dark Abyss.

Dark Abyss also represents the dark abyss of human nature. Xu Jingming read the introduction. Only true experts can reach the end of the Dark Abyss.

The exploration process didn’t just have higher requirements for strength; it also pertained to the mind.

All humans in history who have reached the end of Dark Abyss will immediately receive the grooming of a top faction, allowing them to reach at least Lv. 9 in a short period of time. Xu Jingming read the introduction. Many geniuses, even if they were very talented, had many shortcomings in their hearts and needed to be forged. And in the entire universe, there were very few people who could reach the end of Dark Abyss. Such figures were almost paragons of humanity in terms of mind and technique. They didn’t need to be forged further; they were the most perfect unpolished jade! They could reach Lv. 9 with some polishing!

Dark Abyss is too difficult. Xu Jingming read the introduction. But that’s the most basic gameplay. There are now side missions, and these side missions are the reason why it’s so popular. Dark Abyss had all kinds of side missions available, allowing Dark Abyss to become the second most popular game in the evolutionary category. These missions have different requirements, and some of them even require money? Xu Jingming was surprised. For a free gaming world, the amount spent on side missions is crazy… Just starting missions costs 100 million cosmic dollars? That’s madness!

A side mission in Dark Abyss required a large amount of money, and this massive amount attracted many people to enter Dark Abyss.

Xu Jingming studied the top 100 games in the evolutionary category. For them to be in the top 100, all of them had reasons that allowed them to draw in people.

World of Peak Weaponry. Xu Jingming nodded. This isn’t bad. It has the most popular sparring system in the universe, and money can be earned by being a sparring partner.

“Choose to be a sparring partner.” My actual combat bonus is 890%. I’ll set the price at 10,000 cosmic dollars an hour. Xu Jingming entered this virtual world and set a sparring price.

The game company would charge a 10% administrative fee for the use of the sparring system.

Xu Jingming was quite curious about his first attempt to earn money as a sparring partner.


“Your Majesty, there’s a rebellion in the 13 northern cities!” a minister said while kneeling

Lolothian sat high on his throne and stared down. He asked angrily, “Reason for their rebellion?”

“The people are in dire straits because of the snowstorm in the north. Bandits have plundered the refugees, and this situation has already swept through 13 northern cities,” the minister immediately replied.

Lolothian was furious.

Was it easy to manage an empire? He was still planning to expand his territory, but who would’ve thought that there would be all kinds of things happening in the empire?

“Why are you only reporting it now?” Lolothian berated angrily.

“Many cities fell too quickly, and the messengers from before were intercepted on the way,” the minister said in horror.

Lolothian suppressed his anger and gazed at the ministers below. “Which general is willing to quell the northern rebellion?”

“I’m willing to go.”

“I’m willing to go.”

Several generals took the initiative to request permission.

Only then was Lolothian satisfied as he swept his gaze across the generals.


“Lolothian, it’s time for your lessons!” A deep voice sounded in Lolothian’s mind, and his expression changed slightly.

“General Uzaki, you will be in charge of quelling the rebellion,” Lolothian stated as he chose to turn on autoplay. I’ll leave autoplay on for now.

Lolothian’s consciousness departed.

Autoplay replaced him and continued to lead the empire and manage it. It began mobilizing troops to quell the rebellion.

“How annoying. I have to practice this and that every day. Dad and Mom ask too much from me,” Lolothian muttered helplessly when he returned to his personal space.

Lolothian opened up World of Peak Weaponry

– he practiced cold weapons in this virtual world every time.

I’ll find a sparring partner to play with. Oh right, my allowance for this month should’ve been credited into my account. Lolothian opened his personal account and looked at his balance. He then curled his lips and said, “How stingy. I only get five million cosmic dollars a month.”

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