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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 220 – First-Rate Expert (Part 2) (4)

Chapter 220 First-Rate Expert (Part 2) (4)

“Spare my life. Everything is negotiable.” Elder Feng tried his best to block with the saber in his left hand while begging for mercy. “I’ll pay you 1,000 taels of silver, no—5,000 taels of silver-“


The cold beam swept past Elder Feng’s neck, leaving a bloody gash.

Elder Feng’s eyes widened. This scene made Phoenix Lake Hall Master Cui Xiaodao’s expression change drastically. Elder Feng is dead?


The hearts of Team Red Moon’s experts also trembled.

Xu Jingming and the others looked at the disheveled man in surprise. This person is one of the guards. He looked ordinary, but he is actually a first-rate expert?

“Such an expert would be treated as an honored guest even if he were to join the three major gangs. Why would he be willing to be a guard?” Xu Jingming and the others were surprised. “Chang Yi shouldn’t be willing to hire such an expert. The price for hiring such an expert is much higher.”

The disheveled man held a shield and sword and took a step, his figure blurring as he arrived in front of Xu Jingming and the others. “Young Master has already fled. Let’s go; the Flower Moon Gang will definitely send reinforcements,” the disheveled man said. “Alright,” everyone replied.

The disheveled man led Qingyu and the others and departed following a collapsed wall.

None of the remaining Flower Moon Gang members dared to retain him! After all, everyone could tell that this abject man was a first-rate expert. With the first-rate expert, Xu Jingming, and the other two second-rate experts, would the remaining 400-plus members of Team Red Moon be able to block them? Nobody was willing to attempt it!

A first-rate expert. Where did this first-rate expert come from? Phoenix Lake Hall Master Cui Xiaodao, the captain of Team Red Moon, and the others found it unbelievable.

Chang Yi, Chang Yi, you have a first-rate expert guard by your side. If you made it public earlier, how would we dare eye your assets? Cui Xiaodao felt wronged. Chang Yi had hidden his strength too well. Was there a need to do so? Wouldn’t revealing it early prevent a disaster?

“Captain, Elder Feng is dead. What do we do now?” the vice-captain whispered.

“Elder Feng.” Team Red Moon’s captain looked at Elder Feng’s corpse, which had its eyes open.

This was a first-rate expert!

He immediately said, “Quickly inform the gang boss.”

In an alley.

The disheveled man looked at Miss Qingyu, Xu Jingming, Miss Ziteng, and the guards. “Let’s part ways here.”

“Thank you, Senior.” Qingyu nodded and looked at the other guards. “Everyone, your loyalty has been proven. Young Master has long instructed me to give each of you ten taels of silver. Disperse; there’s no need to follow Young Master anymore.”

With that said, Qingyu took out silver from her bag and gave it to everyone.

At this moment, only eight of the guards were still alive.

The eight guards received the silver, cupped their fists, and turned to leave! They were already used to having their lives on the line. “That Flower Moon Gang expert’s strength wasn’t inferior to mine.” The disheveled man watched the guards leave and said, “Therefore, I had to find an opportunity to deal the winning blow! I couldn’t do anything about your companion’s death.”

The disheveled man was still a little regretful about the deaths of Mr. Lu and the driver. After all, they were second-rate experts.

Unexpectedly, Xu Jingming and the others didn’t care because the deceased were cosmic citizen players.

“If it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t have been able to escape,” Qingyu replied. “Senior, please follow me to meet Young Master. Young Master will definitely be grateful to you.”

“There’s no need.” The disheveled man took out a letter and handed it to Miss Qingyu. “Miss Qingyu, this is a letter Old Master Chang left behind before he died. Pass it to your young master! Since I’ve taken action once, I’ve repaid Old Master Chang’s favor! It’s time for me to leave Lanyue City. I believe that with my deterrence, the three gangs won’t dare to rashly attack your young master! However, you have to be careful in the future.”

Qingyu took the letter. The disheveled man turned and left, quickly disappearing into the night. “That was actually Old Master Chang’s arrangement?” Miss Ziteng exclaimed in surprise.

“That Old Master Chang was also doing this for his son.” Xu Jingming nodded. “Perhaps he was worried about his son.” Qingyu held the letter.

There were four words on the letter-“For My Son (Confidential)!”

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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