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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 219 – First-Rate Expert (Part 2) (3)

Chapter 219 First-Rate Expert (Part 2) (3)

Mr. Lu held two blade discs as he retreated and blocked.

Clang! Clang! Clang!!

The saber in the thin elder’s right hand was like a phantom. Every strike was very gentle, and he struck out three times in the blink of an eye! The saber beam changed three times in a



Mr. Lu held two blade discs and felt that the saber beam was too fast, exceeding the limits of his reaction speed. He relied on his experience to block two strikes, but the third strike still swept past his glabella.

His consciousness then plunged into darkness!

Mr. Lu was dead!

“He’s a first-rate expert. Retreat!” Miss Ziteng immediately said.

“Retreat.” Xu Jingming’s heart tightened as he retreated without any hesitation!

He had just exchanged blows with his opponent! For the elder to kill Mr. Lu while blocking him… The gap between the two parties was obvious.

According to the intelligence, first-rate experts had a bonus of more than 1,000% in actual combat. They were still first-rate experts when their bonus exceeded 10 times, 12 times, 13 times, and 15 times.

Xu Jingming didn’t know the gap between him and the thin elder, but he was certain that the gap wasn’t small! He was planning on heading to the capital, so he wasn’t willing to fight his opponent to the death.

“Stop them!” The second-rate experts of Team Red Moon became valiant. They were emboldened with Elder Feng being the vanguard.


However, Xu Jingming and Miss Ziteng were good at movement and speed. They approached the inner residence in a flash, and only Elder Feng caught up. Clang! Clang! Clang! Miss Ziteng shot out consecutive concealed weapons.

Xu Jingming unleashed an onslaught of attacks with his spear. The spear was longer than the saber, giving it a greater range of attack.

Elder Feng only blocked the concealed weapons with a strike from one saber and attacked Xu Jingming with the other, repeatedly colliding with the latter’s spear.

Xu Jingming was good at Flowing Water-it sought to mount a watertight defense instead of delivering a successful offense! After blocking three consecutive strikes, he flipped over and fled back to the inner residence with Miss Ziteng.

“Charge in,” Elder Feng ordered as he stood outside the inner courtyard wall. Even as a first-rate expert, he wouldn’t rashly charge in.

The Red Moon team members from all directions stepped forward and kicked the walls.

The walls of the inner residence collapsed with a bang, and a group of guards holding shields appeared. These guards stood guard in front of the house, with Xu Jingming, Miss Ziteng, Miss Qingyu, and the driver behind them.

“Protect Young Master!”

“Tonight, we dine in hell!” the guards roared ferociously.

There were a total of 22 guards here! Among them were the cosmic citizen ‘third-rate experts’ hired by Chang Yi, as well as the native experts.

“Surround and kill them,” the Red Moon team captain ordered. At the same time, he walked in front of Elder Feng. “Let’s finish off those second-rate experts.”

If they allowed the second-rate experts free rein, they would pose a huge threat to ordinary team members.

“Let’s go.”

With Elder Feng in the lead, the five second-rate experts from Team Red Moon joined forces. The six of them charged forward like arrows!

The second-rate experts of Team Red Moon would have hesitated if they were made to charge forward alone, but they were confident when following Elder Feng!

“Incoming.” Xu Jingming held a spear in front of him, and Miss Qingyu, Miss Ziteng, and the carriage driver followed closely. They instantly began fighting Elder Feng and the others.

Miss Qingyu and the driver are also second-rate experts. Xu Jingming could sense the strength of the two. With the four of them working together, they warded off the other six! They probably could only hold on for a short period of time!

That many experts? Elder Feng was also a little surprised, but the killing intent in his eyes intensified. However, they shall not escape death!

He avoided Xu Jingming because he realized that this spearman was relatively good at spearmanship defense. He probably needed to exchange dozens or hundreds of blows to kill him, so he chose to lunge at the weakest-looking Qingyu!

When he attacked, a beam of light flashed at Qingyu’s waist, and a soft sword drew a curve as it sliced toward Elder Feng. Xu Jingming swept his spear at Elder Feng after he repelled a second-rate expert.

The other five second-rate experts in Team Red Moon worked in concert with Elder Feng!

At the same time, a large number of Red Moon team members surrounded the guards. The elites of these guards were only on par with Team Red Moon. There were 22 people on one side but more than 400 people on the other! Even though there were only 100 Red Moon members attacking at the same time, the guards still began to collapse one after another.

“Die! Die! Die!” The guards gritted their teeth and fought.

I killed two. That was worth it. The guards were already prepared to fight to the death.

The situation was very disadvantageous for Xu Jingming and the others.

Elder Feng’s saber flashed unpredictably, giving them too much pressure! “Pfft.” The driver was the first to collapse as Elder Feng’s saber swept past his chest!

But at this moment


Xu Jingming suddenly sensed a terrifying cold beam through his telepathy! He only noticed it when it appeared.

The moment it appeared, it streaked across Elder Feng’s body!

Elder Feng reacted very quickly. He dodged and blocked with his saber, but he was still a little slow!

Elder Feng’s right arm flew up.

“Ah!” Elder Feng cried out in pain as he quickly retreated in horror.

“Escaping?” A disheveled man holding a shield in one hand and a sword in the other suddenly stepped forward, moving slightly faster than Elder Feng! He was originally a member of the ordinary guards, but once he bared his fangs, he became extremely terrifying. “Protect the Elder!” the Red Moon team captain shouted angrily, but the five second-rate experts began to retreat. Elder Feng burrowed into the crowd. Swish!

The seemingly down-and-out man was extremely fast.

A cold glint flashed wherever he passed, and a bloody gash appeared on the Red Moon members. All of them were split in two, and he caught up to Elder Feng in just three steps!

The two parties quickly fought!

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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