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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 218 – First-Rate Expert (Part 2) (2)

Chapter 218 First-Rate Expert (Part 2) (2)

Today was the day of verification!

“Die.” Mr. Lu also burned with killing intent.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The trio charged out at the same time, and the Red Moon team members surrounded them like a tidal wave.


Xu Jingming and the others were too fast, and they were like three ghosts in the night. In the blink of an eye, they traversed more than 20 meters and entered Team Red Moon’s formation.

Wherever the three of them passed, many of the Red Moon members were sent flying, while others toppled over. Blood splattered, covering the ground in blood as it quickly pooled.

“Kill them.” The members of Team Red Moon were a little surprised and furious.

Xu Jingming and the others were too strong!

Second-rate experts were very strong! Their speed and strength far exceeded that of ordinary Team Red Moon members, and their weapon techniques were superb! Even those in Team Red Moon who were considered third-rate appeared clumsy in front of them.

The combination of three second-rate experts was terrifying, but when they weren’t afraid of death, they were even more terrifying!

They were truly invincible as they slaughtered wantonly! Everywhere they passed, the Red Moon team members were constantly culled!

“These three are crazy!”

There were also five second-rate experts in Team Red Moon, and the stronger one was, the more they cherished their lives! It wasn’t guaranteed that one could win a five-on-three battle. This was because a battle between experts didn’t just depend on numbers. Even at the same second-rate level, there were differences in strength.

How could a 500% increase in actual combat compare to an 800% increase in actual combat?

How could a fearless person compare to a timid person?

“Elder!” The Red Moon team captain glanced at Elder Feng. “Too many members have died. I can’t keep this up.”

“Leave it to me.” Elder Feng nodded calmly.

The Flower Moon Gang’s gang boss had spent 1,000 taels of silver to get him involved to deal with those tough opponents!


Elder Feng also charged out! It looked like there were many people, but Elder Feng’s figure advanced like a ghost and quickly approached Xu Jingming and the others. Xu Jingming found it wonderful. In the midst of Team Red Moon’s fear and madness, and even the flying axes thrown at close range, he remained highly focused. His mind and consciousness sensed his surroundings without the need to deliberately calculate the trajectories from every spot. Instead, everything around him naturally existed in his heart.

There are records in the five volumes of spearmanship-Spacetime. There are all kinds of living things in spacetime, and there are all kinds of phenomena. Xu Jingming came to a vague realization. These Team Red Moon members all have their own wills. Some are valiant, some are cunning, some cower, and some are sinister… Aren’t they the phenomena of all living things?

Only by grasping the phenomena of all living things can one better understand the changes in force. In Flowing Water, water is fluid, allowing it to be more in line with the changes in force!

Of the five spearmanship volumes, he had only gained basic mastery in Flowing Water. He only had a vague understanding of the other four volumes.

Only today did he understand the true meaning of the Spacetime volume’s description when faced with the encirclement and seeing the myriad forms of life and how he grasped the surroundings with his mind and consciousness…

Once he came to a realization, he just needed to spend some time and effort to gain basic mastery of the Spacetime volume in about ten days.

Most importantly, Xu Jingming had come to understand the essence of all living things in the Spacetime volume and gained a clear understanding of the variability of forces! It complemented Flowing Water!



Instantly, Xu Jingming’s spearmanship changed—it varied between fast and slow, and he combined many spear moves. It didn’t seem to be different, but the changes were more natural and more in line with the situation on the field.

The same spear technique might even occasionally weaken and slow down, but the efficiency was higher!

On his combat strength interface, his combat bonus increased from 720% to 850%.

“Huh? Be careful!” Just as Xu Jingming was immersed in his realization and the transformation of his spearmanship, he suddenly jolted. He sensed that there were indeed some third-rate experts who occasionally threatened him, but they were all within his control. However, a thin elder was rapidly approaching. Unlike the others, this thin elder’s clothes were different from Team Red Moon, and he was the only one charging over at high speed.

“Be careful.” Mr. Lu and Miss Ziteng also discovered how different the thin elder was.

The thin elder charged over at high speeds and was the first to arrive in front of Mr. Lu, who was engaged in the most maniacal massacre. Mr. Lu’s five blade discs prevented the surrounding Red Moon members from approaching, leaving a buffer around him.


The thin elder charged at Mr. Lu! Only when he approached did a terrifying mental eruption occur!


Such terrifying mental consciousness swept through the surroundings as if it were corporeal, causing Xu Jingming, Mr. Lu, and Miss Ziteng’s hearts to tremble.

“Huh?” Mr. Lu hurriedly threw out two blade discs to block the thin elder, and Miss Ziteng also threw out flying needles to help her companion. Xu Jingming immediately advanced and stabbed out!

A black saber beam lit up, easily brushing past the blade discs and blocking the flying needles The thin elder blocked the concealed weapons easily and even exuded unrestrained might.

What a brilliant saber technique. In control of his surroundings, Xu Jingming sensed the phenomena of all living things! He could clearly sense how terrifying this strike was. Be it Flowing Water or my initial comprehension of Spacetime, my spearmanship is good at variations! As for this elder, his saber technique is upright and honest. It’s like a meteor crashing down, making it difficult to crack.

All Xu Jingming could do was adapt to the changes while the other party blocked the flying needles with his saber. He suddenly stabbed with his spear!

Huh? The thin elder immediately felt uncomfortable.

Xu Jingming’s strike happened to come the moment he blocked the flying needles and was undergoing a change in force! He was compelled to change the force he exerted and block the spear with the saber in his left hand. This spearman is much more terrifying than the other two.

The saber in his left hand specially blocked Xu Jingming’s strike, but the saber in his right hand flashed and struck Mr. Lu.

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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