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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 217 – First-Rate Expert (Part 2) (1)

Chapter 217 First-Rate Expert (Part 2) (1)

Not only did guards defect, but even the front, back, and side doors of the Chang residence were opened. The maids and servants raised their hands and walked out, shouting, “Spare us! Spare us!”

The Flower Moon Gang’s expression changed when they saw this.

Shouting ‘yield, and you’ll be spared’ was a common method they used to demoralize the other party. It was very normal for a few guards to defect occasionally, but even the maids and servants queued up to leave. It appeared to be a premeditated move.

“Be careful,” Elder Feng said coldly.


The Red Moon captain nodded.

“Those who break their word shall die!” With angry shouts, dark-red spheres were suddenly thrown out from all four walls of the Chang family mansion.

These spheres either crashed into the street walls, struck by the Flower Moon Gang, or smashed to the ground. But without exception, these dark-red spheres eventually exploded, and a red mist spread out.


“Ahhh!” Immediately, a gang member held his chest in pain as his body trembled and collapsed.

The red mist spread, causing a portion of the Flower Moon Gang members to panic.

“Hold your breaths!” the Red Moon captain yelled.

The 500 Red Moon members stood still calmly. They were the Flower Moon Gang’s elites, and even the most ordinary members could usually hold their breaths for ten minutes. The slightly stronger ones could hold their breaths for twenty minutes. If they were third-rate experts, they would’ve reached cellular control, and their ability to hold their breaths was even stronger.

The Red Moon captain looked at the red mist that was getting thinner and thinner as it spread, and he said coldly, “This is the most common Five Poisons Smoke! The surroundings aren’t sealed off, and the Five Poisons Smoke will disperse once the wind blows. It won’t pose a threat in half a minute.”

“To be able to get dozens of Five Poisons Smoke balls, this Young Master Chang sure has some means,” Elder Feng said with a chuckle.

He had experienced many dangers in his life, and he had seen many methods that were ten times more powerful than the Five Poisons Smoke. At the level of a first-rate expert and with his grasp over his surroundings, it was almost impossible for them to threaten him with some underhanded moves.

Thirty seconds later, Team Red Moon emerged unscathed. More than 30 of the 500 Phoenix Lake Hall elites died, causing Phoenix Lake Hall Master Cui Xiaodao’s expression to turn nasty. The remaining gang members also became a little timid and even more careful.

“Attack!” the Red Moon captain ordered coldly.

The 500 members of Team Red Moon surrounded the Chang family’s residence under the leadership of their commanders. At the sound of a command, all the members removed the axes from their waists!

Phoenix Lake Hall Master Cui Xiaodao also gave the order, and all the gang members removed axes from their backs.

Axes were the most commonly used throwing weapon amongst gangs. There was no training required to use them; all one needed to do was throw it in a general direction without any level of accuracy! This was because there was no need for accuracy when a dense barrage of axes was sent flying!

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Countless flying axes were blurry in the light of the night, and one could vaguely see their cold light glisten in the air. They whistled through the air and enveloped the Chang residence.

“Enter!” the Red Moon captain ordered again.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The commanders stepped forward one after another. All of them were qualified experts, and in terms of strength and speed, they were already on the same level as Xu Jingming and the others. It was just that their weapons and techniques were inferior.

A single kick of theirs collapsed the Chang residence’s courtyard walls, producing more than ten holes in them.

The 500 members of Team Red Moon charged through the ten-plus openings.


“Die.” As they charged, the Red Moon team members threw their axes again!

Every team member carried three axes! With each of them dealing out at least 500 kilograms of force when throwing the flying axes, just their numbers… Were enough to make many enemies tremble in fear.

The Chang family had already given up on the periphery, and everyone had retreated to the core residence.

“The Chang family has raised me for three years. Today is the day of my repayment.”

“Young Master, they have to get past me before they can injure you.”

“Young Master, hide in the house. Leave the outside to us.”

These guards were fearless.

Those who were afraid of death had long fled! Chang Yi sighed with emotion when he saw this. Of the ordinary guards, three are cosmic citizens I hired as ‘third-rate experts!’ The others are natives. These natives are really loyal.

“Everyone, I’m facing a calamity today,” Chang Yi said loudly. “Everyone, as long as you don’t leave me—as long as you can survive today—I, Chang Yi, will give you ten taels of silver each.”

“Thank you, Young Master.” The guards became even more grateful.

With that said, Chang Yi looked at Xu Jingming and the others, nodded slightly, and retreated into the house.

Xu Jingming, Mr. Lu, and Ziteng were together.

“How loyal. So many people didn’t choose to escape,” Xu Jingming said softly.

“Traitors are looked down upon. In this chaotic world, people think highly of loyal people,” Mr. Lu whispered.

Xu Jingming nodded.

“Incoming.” Miss Ziteng looked out. Bam! Bam! Bam!

The flying axes shot over first! The guards immediately raised their shields, but Xu Jingming and the others stood still. They only moved slightly and dodged whenever a flying ax approached!

“Let’s go out and fight. There’s no point in hiding.” Miss Ziteng’s eyes were filled with excitement.

“Let’s go.” Xu Jingming’s eyes were filled with fighting spirit. Before he became a cosmic lifeform, his actual combat bonus had reached 500%. After his transformation, he had been studying the first volume of Beam Transformation, and he had gained more insights into Flowing Water, one of the five spearmanship volumes.

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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