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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 214 – Visiting the Fei Family

Chapter 214: Visiting the Fei Family

Translator: CKtalon 

In Blood Rain World, Xu Jingming was sitting cross-legged on the bed in his room and practicing his mental tempering. Being hired by Young Master Chang Yi, he spent most of his time leisurely. The most suitable thing for him to do was carry out mental tempering.

“Mr. Jing.” A voice sounded from outside.

Xu Jingming opened his eyes, got out of bed, and opened the door.

Outside was a maidservant who informed him, “Mr. Jing, the butler of Lanyue City’s Fei family is here to visit you. He’s waiting in the reception hall.”


In the reception hall, the butler, Uncle Zhang, sat there with several subordinates standing behind him.

Miss Qingyu was entertaining him.

Xu Jingming walked into the reception hall and saw the seated butler, Uncle Zhang. He was a little puzzled because he didn’t know this Uncle Zhang at all.

Uncle Zhang got up and smiled. “Mr. Jing! You might not know me, but

I’m an old servant of the Fei family. My surname is Zhang.”

“The Fei family is one of the top families in Lanyue City. They are much stronger than our Chang family,” Qingyu said. “Mr. Jing, this is Butler Zhang from the Fei family.”

Xu Jingming came to a realization and immediately cupped his hands. “Greetings, Butler Zhang. What brings you here?”

Uncle Zhang smiled and said, “A month ago, in that battle on the street, you and the other two defeated hundreds of the Flower Moon Gang’s Phoenix Lake Hall elite gang members. I happened to see it from afar and quite admired your spearmanship. I’m therefore here to invite you to be a guard of my Chang family and escort us to the capital.”

“The capital?” Xu Jingming was surprised.

Blood Rain World was a huge virtual world! Its importance was ranked at the forefront of the entire Cosmic Human Alliance’s virtual world.

As for the capital, it was the core of Blood Rain World! But at the same time, it was filled with experts! A second-rate expert like him could be considered an expert in Lanyue City, but in the capital… He was ordinary and not worth mentioning.

“Mr. Jing, if you’re willing, you can visit the Fei family in two months, Uncle Zhang said.

Xu Jingming heaved a sigh of relief.

In two months, the agreed mission deadline with Chang Yi would be up! What a coincidence.

“As for the hiring price,” Uncle Zhang said with a smile, “it will be a long and treacherous journey to the capital. Therefore, we’re willing to pay 35 taels of silver for a month! Moreover, if we work well together after arriving in the capital, we can hire you as our Fei family’s guard for the foreseeable future.”

“35 taels?” Xu Jingming praised, “Butler Zhang, you sure are generous.”

It was a very high salary. The typical hire of a second-rate expert cost about 15 taels of silver; this was also the market price.

The hiring price for third-rate experts was about three taels of silver a


As for ordinary hired thugs, they only cost 200 to 300 coins a month. It was because gold and silver in Blood Rain World were expensive, and they mostly used coins.

“Mr. Jing, are you agreeable?” Uncle Zhang asked.

“Can you give me two days to think about it? I’ll visit in two days,” Xu Jingming replied. He was quite willing because he was very curious about the capital of Blood Rain World. However, he still had to discuss this with Pang Ze.

“Alright.” Uncle Zhang got up and smiled. “I’ll wait for your news, Mr.


Uncle Zhang then left with his men.

Qingyu couldn’t help but sigh. “The Fei family has also been selling their assets recently, but the entire Lanyue City doesn’t dare to lowball them! It’s unlike my young master, who has so much trouble selling the few restaurants and rice shops. Mr. Jing, it’s actually quite good to be able to go to the capital. I suggest you agree.”

“Thank you, Miss Qingyu.” Xu Jingming nodded.

In his personal space in the virtual world.

Xu Jingming and Pang Ze met in the cabin hall.

“From what you said, the past month in Blood Rain World has been quite relaxing,” Pang Ze said with a smile.

“Do you think I should go to the capital?’ Xu Jingming asked.

“Yes, of course.” Pang Ze said, “Blood Rain World is a virtual world with very high requirements; it costs 100,000 cosmic dollars to enter! Moreover, some of the top factions in the Cosmic Human Alliance are behind it. Therefore, the capital of Blood Rain World is filled with true experts! There are many cosmic citizen players there alone and a large number of native experts,”

“Native experts wield power and have a large number of subordinates. Although it’s very costly for cosmic citizen players to die, they can keep entering. Therefore, the water in the capital is muddied. It’s not easy to gain a foothold in the capital,” Pang Ze said. “Even a residence is 100 times more expensive than a residence in Lanyue City.”

“A hundred times?” Xu Jingming was dumbfounded.

“It’s not easy to get a residence in the capital,” Pang Ze stated. “Since the Fei family you mentioned dares to hire a group of people to head to the capital, they must have some background. With the help of the Fei family, you can gain an initial foothold in the capital. Virtually infinite wealth is gathered in Blood Rain World’s capital. As long as you seize the opportunity, you can earn a lot in one go.”

“The circles are different,” Pang Ze said. “The imperial family, the princelings, and the nobility in the capital are all rich! The rich merchants there are all the top merchants in Blood Rain World! To earn money, one has to go to the capital, but of course, it’s very difficult! Second-rate experts don’t really stand out in the capital.

Many of the LN. 7 and even IN. 8 cosmic lifeforms who enter Blood Rain World are in the capital!”

Xu Jingming nodded.

“You’re a rookie. I originally planned on letting you familiarize yourself with a smaller city first before letting you go to a bigger city. Now that you have the chance, seize it and go over. You have to establish yourself in the capital before finding a chance to earn money,” Pang Ze said. “Earn 10,000 gold to enter that mysterious land!”

Two days later.

Xu Jingming personally visited the Fei family, but Young Master Chang Yi didn’t send anyone to follow him! This was because most of the secrets Xu Jingming and the others knew were open secrets in Lanyue City. Even the Flower Moon Gang knew the secret of the ‘assassination.’

“Mr. Jing.” Uncle Zhang greeted him warmly.

“Butler Zhang, just call me Jingming,” Xu Jingming said.

“Jingming.” Uncle Zhang smiled and asked, “Are you willing to escort my Fei family to the capital?”

“I’m naturally willing to go to the capital.” Xu Jingming nodded. “It’s just that I’m worried that my strength isn’t up to par…”

“Don’t worry. There will be many guards, and you’re only one of them. There’s no need to feel pressured.” Uncle Zhang held Xu Jingming’s hand and said warmly, “Let’s go. Follow me to see my master.”

Xu Jingming followed the enthusiastic butler Zhang and quickly arrived at a hall.

Old Master Fei sat there with two people standing beside him. One of them was a middle-aged one-eyed man, and the other was a silver-haired elder. The two of them looked at Xu Jingming, and the invisible pressure they exerted on Xu Jingming alarmed him. It was as if two oceans were pressing down on him.

What a strong mind and consciousness! It’s radiating outward and suppressing everything! In reality, they have to be Lv. 7 cosmic lifeforms. Xu Jingming was secretly surprised. This virtual world is really impressive. There are so many experts among the natives.

Just from meeting them, he could clearly sense how terrifying the mind and consciousness of the two people behind Old Master Fei were. With a terrifying mind and consciousness, they couldn’t be that bad at ordinary weapon techniques.

“Greetings, Master Fei. I’m Jingming.” Xu Jingming bowed respectfully.

“Jingming?” Old Master Fei observed Xu Jingming carefully.

He looked at his facial features!

He looked at his eyes!

One could tell 70% to 80% of a person’s character and intrinsic nature from their appearance. Old Master Fei was clearly an expert.

Xu Jingming was a little puzzled by Old Master Fei’s stare. Why was he staring at him so carefully?

However, he was broadminded and didn’t mind.

He shouldn ‘t be an evil person, thought Old Master Fei. His daughter had selected a total of three guards—one woman and two men.

Therefore, Guard Luo and this Guard Jing… Old Master Fei naturally had to observe him closely. He definitely couldn’t allow any evil person to be by his daughter’s side.

“Guard Jing, where are you from?” Old Master Fei finally spoke.

“My family lives at Cross Slope more than 50 kilometers from Lanyue

City,” Xu Jingming said. This was the identity the system automatically gave him when he first entered Blood Rain World.

As long as a cosmic citizen player entered, they would have the lowest status! While being at the bottom, the world’s targeting on them would be very weak. But the higher their status and authority, the stronger the world’s targeting, and the greater the danger.

Xu Jingming was now an ordinary guard, and the world’s hostility toward him was still very weak.

“Outskirts of Lanyue City?” Old Master Fei smiled and nodded, feeling quite satisfied..

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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