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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 215 – First-Rate Expert (Part 1)

Chapter 215 First-Rate Expert (Part 1)


After visiting Master Fei, he officially decided to be the Fei family’s guard and head to the capital.

Several mornings later.

In front of the Chang family’s residence, Chang Yi and Qingyu boarded the carriage together. Xu Jingming, the other two, and the 15 guards followed the carriage.


Xu Jingming didn’t mind because Young Master Chang often headed out to discuss business in the past month or so to think of a way to sell the Chang family’s assets for a high price.

Huh? An hour later, they arrived in front of a building beside the government office, surprising Xu Jingming.

“The official brokerage?”

“We came to the official brokerage?”

Mr. Lu and Miss Ziteng were also surprised. According to the empire’s rules, sale transactions had to be registered through the official brokerage to sign an affidavit. Of course, due to the large size of the city and the numerous businesses, many private brokerages were born. Private brokerages could handle many businesses, but the most important transfer had to be done at the official brokerage!

This was the first time Young Master Chang Yi had come to the official brokerage in more than a month!

The carriage curtain was lifted, and Qingyu alighted first before helping Young Master Chang Yi down.

“Young Master Chang.” A man greeted him warmly from inside the official brokerage.

“Oh, you’re here?” Young Master Chang Yi glanced at him. “Where’s Master Lu?”

“Master Lu isn’t here yet,” the broker said with an obsequious smile. “Young Master Chang, you came a little early. The official brokerage hasn’t opened yet.”

Chang Yi waited patiently.

Xu Jingming and the others were secretly surprised. “Our employer is actually about to make the transfer without any precursors?” Mr. Lu praised. “How fast.”

“It’ll be easier for us if everything is sold early,” Miss Ziteng said leisurely. Xu Jingming immediately saw a luxurious carriage approaching from afar. There were also guards surrounding it, and the scene was much grander than Chang Yi’s. “Master Lu is here.” The broker’s eyes lit up as he warmly welcomed him. Soon, a bearded Old Master Lu alighted from the carriage, followed by a butler, personal guards, and others.

“Young Master Chang Yi is really trustworthy. You came much earlier than me.” Old Master Lu walked over.

“The official brokerage just opened. Let’s go in,” Young Master Chang Yi said.

The two of them entered the official brokerage together.

Flower Moon Gang.

A white-haired elder was reading a book while a maidservant served him tea.

“Boss.” A figure rushed in.

“Stay calm no matter what it is.” The white-haired elder shot a glance at him.

The gray-shirted man immediately said respectfully, “Boss, I just received news that Chang Yi has arranged to meet Old Ninth Lu and Zhang Kui at the official brokerage to register the transfer! Old Ninth Lu and Chang Yi might’ve already started the transfer. Zhang Kui will probably finish the transfer in two hours.”

“Today?” The white-haired elder was stunned. “Why did you only receive the news today?”

“Over the past few days, that illegitimate son of the Chang family had arranged to meet many interested parties in Lanyue City. We didn’t know how the discussions went, and the two brokerages only got wind of it this morning!” the gray-shirted man replied.

“Even the brokerages found out this morning?” The white-haired elder smiled. “This illegitimate son of the Chang family is very careful. If it weren’t for the previous conflict, I wouldn’t have been willing to provoke him. However, he disgraced our Flower Moon Gang and even assassinated a deputy hall master of our Flower Moon Gang! We have to eliminate him.”

The white-haired elder glanced at the gray-robed man. “Go and inform the official brokerage to temporarily close for the day.”

“Get the officials to close for the day?” The gray-shirted man was a little surprised.

“If we let him sell all his assets, they will all be converted to banknotes, and we won’t be able to withdraw the money from the bank without the cipher. Our Flower Moon Gang won’t be able to get anything; we’ll truly become laughingstocks,” the white-haired elder instructed. “Go, get the officials to close for a day. They will do it on my account!”

“Yes!” the gray-shirted man replied and quickly left.

The white-haired elder stood there with a gloomy expression and said, “Invite Elder Feng over.”

A subordinate in the distance acknowledged the order and went to invite him over.

Soon, a thin middle-aged man appeared with a cold gaze. He smiled when he saw the white-haired elder. “White-head, what’s the matter?”

“I agree to your request.” The white-haired elder was rather unhappy as he said, “1,000 taels of silver! Lead 500 members of Team Red Moon and get Phoenix Lake Hall to arrange for 500 elites! 1,000 of you will act tonight and flatten the Chang family. I want Lanyue City to know that anyone who offends my Flower Moon Gang will die!”

The thin middle-aged man was satisfied when he heard that. “Wouldn’t it have been better if you had agreed earlier?”

“1,000 taels of silver is no small sum; even I feel the pinch.” The white-haired elder shook his head. “After usurping the Chang family, Commander Wu and the officials will want a bite as well. How much will our Flower Moon Gang receive in total? So many brothers have died; all of them need some form of compensation.”

The thin middle-aged man smiled and said, “For the Chang family to be able to kill Dong Xiao, they have hidden considerable strength. It’s a huge risk for me to storm over with my men; there’s even a chance of death! A thousand taels of silver is a very fair price.”

“Fine, fine,” the white-haired elder said. “I’ll get Team Red Moon and Phoenix Lake Hall to make preparations. We’ll take action after dinner.”

“Alright.” The thin middle-aged man nodded. He needed enough elites present before he was willing to lead the team.

The higher one’s strength and status, the more they cherished their lives.

He only had one life! He wouldn’t take any risks unless a sufficient price was paid.

As he watched Elder Feng leave, the white-haired elder nodded slightly. Elder Feng’s strength has long reached the standards of a first-rate expert. Together with Team Red Moon, there are five second-rate experts, more than ten third-rate experts, and nearly a thousand elite cannon fodder. We can easily crush the Chang family.

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