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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 213 – Time Passes

Chapter 213 Time Passes

Translator: CKtalon

Phoenix Lake Hall Master Cui Xiaodao quickly gathered the core members of the hall. “Brother Dong Xiao is dead.” Phoenix Lake Hall Master swept his gaze at the others and threw the envelope and letter on the table. “Everyone, take a look.”

As long as one wasn’t stupid, they could determine that the murderer was most likely Chang Yi based on the words on the envelope and the content on the letter. “Chang Yi2”!! “Is the illegitimate son of the Chang family that capable?” “Could it be a frame-up?”

The few core members wouldn’t determine that the murderer was Chang Yi just because of a letter.

Phoenix Lake Hall Master said coldly, “Dong Xiao was killed in the latter half of the night, and the letter was in my hands this morning! It happened too quickly, so it’s very likely that the person who wrote this letter is the murderer! Moreover, | don’t think Chang Yi is worth framing.” “There are some experts beside Young Master Chang. The three experts from last time thrashed the 300 elite gang members we sent.” The white-shirted youth nodded. think there’s a greater than 70% chance that Chang Yi is threatening us,” Phoenix Lake Hall Master said. “He killed Dong Xiao to intimidate us.”

How dare he!?”

He’s already done it!” ff he can even kill Dong Xiao, and he did it with such verve, who can stop him?” Phoenix Lake Hall’s core members had mixed emotions.

Everyone, what do we do next?” Phoenix Lake Hall Master swept his gaze. n my opinion,” a stocky man said in a low voice, “let’s keep a low profile and hold back to make that illegitimate son of the Chang family lower his guard! We’ll make preparations in secret and kill Young Master Chang nce we’re completely confident! People know that our Flower Moon Gang’s Phoenix Lake Hall has made a move. If we give up just like that, what will people think of us? They will think that we’re pushovers. Therefore, we have to find an opportunity to take action. It’s just that… we need to be completely confident. If we can’t kill him in one go, Young Master Chang will probably launch another assassination attempt!” “I don’t think it’s necessary because someone else might’ve killed Dong Xiao. If the murderer deliberately framed him, we would end up falling into someone else’s trap by dealing with Chang Yi.” A man with a mustache shook his head gently. “I think it’s best if we don’t make a move! How many things happen every day for the five million people in Lanyue City? Who will keep paying attention to a little conflict between our Phoenix

Lake Hall and the Chang family? Over time, others will forget.” “How can people forget?” someone objected. “Then, our Flower Moon Gang can find other things to assert our authority. We know that Young Master Chang is much harder to deal with than we expected, so it would be silly to insist on attacking him.” The man with the mustache shook his head. “We are in a gang. We should be tough when we need to, and we have to back off when required! We won’t live long if we just clamor for a fight all the time.” “| agree with Second Brother Xiao. The Chang family isn’t an easy target but a trap. There’s no need for us to clash head-on.” “You’re afraid just like that? All the brothers in Phoenix Lake Hall can drown the Chang family just with their pee!” “Use your brain!”

A commotion broke out in the hall.

Phoenix Lake Hall Master looked at the white-shirted youth. “Ninth Brother, what are your thoughts?”

The white-shirted youth said, “If we tolerate it, it will only embarrass our Phoenix Lake Hall! But to be honest, we don’t have full confidence just based on our strength. After all, there are only three second-rate experts in the entire hall! If we really fight to the death, it will depend on the strength of the elites. Our elites don’t have an overwhelming advantage, and the so-called tens of thousands of gang members are useless in front of experts. If we really launch an attack, it will only end in a Pyrrhic victory.” “If we tolerate embarrassment and aren’t confident in attacking, what should we do?” someone shouted.

The white-shirted youth replied, “I think we should report this matter to the boss. This Chang family isn’t easy to deal with. Be it tolerating or attacking, we have to leave it to the gang to decide!” “Wouldn’t this make us appear incompetent?” “This…” “We are indeed incompetent!” The white-shirted youth shook his head. “Just our hall alone isn’t strong enough!”

Phoenix Lake Hall Master sat there in thought before reading the letter again.

He was indeed a little frightened. When he was young, it was common for him to fight with his life on the line! But now that he was getting older, he was used to having his gang members do the charging. He rarely fought with his life on the line! Moreover, with Phoenix Lake Hall’s strength, they didn’t have the confidence to face the Chang family’s illegitimate son.

After all, Phoenix Lake Hall Master still remembered Dong Xiao’s death scene. “We’ll report this matter to the boss, and the gang will decide on this matter,” Phoenix Lake Hall Master said.

The moment the hall master spoke, the others stopped objecting. Even if the gang felt that Phoenix Lake Hall was incompetent, they would only punish the hall master.

That afternoon, Phoenix Lake Hall Master visited the gang boss again and returned much more relaxed. “From today onward, the Chang family’s matters will be taken over by the boss,” Phoenix Lake Hall Master stated. “Everyone has to keep this a secret. If anyone dares to leak it, they will be punished according to the gang rules.” “Yes,” the few people in the hall replied in unison, and their brows relaxed.


The following days were calm.

Young Master Chang Yi often brought his guards out to discuss business! However, the Flower Moon Gang’s Phoenix Lake Hall didn’t make a move again. Xu Jingming, Mr. Lu, and Miss Ziteng were also happy about this outcome.

In the blink of an eye, Xu Jingming had been in Blood Rain World for more than a month.

Xu Jingming spent 12 hours a day in Blood Rain World. At other times, he either practiced his spearmanship in the virtual world or used the huge convex glass that was hundreds of square meters in the training chamber in reality to gather sunlight on his body and constantly evolve.

Although he had reached Lv. 6 in the virtual world and had reached the intermediate level of a cosmic lifeform, he was still at the initial level of a cosmic lifeform in reality.

I’m now at the beginning stages of a cosmic lifeform. Although I need a lot of energy to reach the intermediate stages, I’ll probably need another month to gather sunlight with this large convex glass, Xu Jingming thought. But in the future, the energy needed to go from the intermediate stages of a cosmic lifeform to the advanced realm will be much greater. Relying on this training chamber is far from sufficient.

Forget it. I’ll worry about this problem when I reach Lv. 7.

Xu Jingming sat cross-legged in the training chamber with his upper body bare. Sunlight gathered on his body, and his entire body appeared dark and blurry. Every cell in his body was absorbing the energy from the sunlight.

Blood Rain World, Lanyue City’s Fei family.

Old Master Fei finally compromised with his daughter. “Three people! You can choose at most three guards.” Old Master Fei looked at his daughter and raised three fingers. “Moreover, the reputation of these three guards can’t be too bad. At the very least, they have to be at the level of that spearman surnamed Jing.” “All right,” grumbled Fei Xinlan. “Three it is then.” “Cut out the act.” Old Master Fei was exasperated.

Fei Xinlan immediately hugged her father’s arm and said affectionately, “I know you love me, Dad.”

Old Master Fei looked at his daughter; he truly doted on her. He shook his head helplessly. “Just be more understanding of your father. We’re going to the capital with our entire family, so we naturally have to be careful. In this world, the journey will be treacherous. It’s a long journey from Lanyue City to the capital… Choosing guards is a top priority. We have to choose someone we can trust.” “Don’t worry, Dad. I’m not stupid,” Fei Xinlan said. “I’ll choose seriously. Moreover, didn’t Brother send some experts?” “Yeah.” Old Master Fei nodded. “Otherwise, how can I tolerate your insolence?”

Fei Xinlan giggled. “Uncle Zhang, since Dad only allowed me to choose three people,” Xinlan said after some thought, “then it shall be my Senior Sister Qiu, that rather handsome expert spearman from the Chang family, and Brother Luo from the Black Ax Gang. They shall be the three!” “Luo?” Old Master Fei glared. “That’s a gang member.” “Brother Luo is very upright. I believe in him!” Fei Xinlan retorted.

Old Master Fei thought for a moment. Luo was quite an upright person among the gang members. “Whatever then. The three of them it is.” Old Master Fei stopped arguing with his daughter. After all, there were only three guards. He would just treat it as spending more money on three additional hires. To the Fei family, it was only money. “Master, when do we schedule the departure with them?” the butler asked. “Since our entire family is leaving, we naturally have to make arrangements. Moreover, it’s still some time before Xinlan’s matriculation,” Old Master Fei said. “Let’s make an agreement with them to set off in two months!”

The butler nodded. “I’ll do it right now.”

Xinlan immediately said, “Be quick! Oh right, Uncle Zhang, we will be traveling all the way to the capital. It’s a long journey away from our hometown, and the journey is also dangerous, so you have to be willing to pay!

We can’t exploit Senior Sister Qiu and the others.” “Of course.” The butler smiled and left the Fei family with his men to visit the three guards his young mistress had named..

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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