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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 152 – : Perfected of a Planetary Lifeform

Chapter 152: Perfected of a Planetary Lifeform

Translator: CKtalon

Park Hyeon’s eyes were filled with disbelief. He felt that he had fled very quickly and was traversing the city buildings as well. In just a few seconds, Xu Jingming had chased up to him and struck him? Be it his speed or his control over the battlefield, Park Hyeon found it a little suffocating.

The pressure Xu Jingming gives me is much greater than Captain’s. Captain won’t have it easy. Park Hyeon realized that even though they were both at the limit of Lv. 4, the gap between his captain and the three strongest people in the world was still very large.

In the distance, Lee Moonsoo saw his teammate approaching. He didn’t have the time to save him before seeing his teammate, Park Hyeon, being penetrated by a rock, turning ethereal and disappearing.


Lee Moonsoo saw a figure flash in the distance and immediately shouted, “Xu Jingming, do you dare fight?”

“Xu Jingming, are you afraid?” Lee Moonsoo shouted again.

However, Xu Jingming was gone. The goal of this battle was to coax his wife, so why bother with Lee Moonsoo?


“Miaomiao, let’s attack together.” Xu Jingming and Li Miaomiao wore modern sportswear and appeared relaxed. They held swords and surrounded a Korean team member.

Would Xu Jingming need to finish me with a gank? The team member was a little stunned. He carefully blocked with his shield and ax in one hand, but Xu Jingming and Li Miaomiao’s footwork was very agile. The sword beams stabbed over like a phantom.


Not good. The Korean member tried his best to block and narrowly blocked Xu Jingming’s strike.


Another sword flashed and penetrated the team member’s neck.

The team member’s body turned ethereal.

“I won.” Li Miaomiao was delighted.

“Beautiful,” Xu Jingming said. “You’re good at seizing the opportunity. Let’s go find the next one!”

“You’re just creating opportunities for me. I can’t defeat these Korean experts in a one-on-one battle,” Li Miaomiao said.

“Being able to seize the opportunity is also a capability,” Xu Jingming said with a smile. Of course, he was deliberately creating flaws in the enemy! His sword technique was indeed very strong because he only used one method—stabbing!

He held the sword in one hand and stabbed out!

It had to be known that Xu Jingming’s Beam Transformation spearmanship practiced stabbing. He stabbed with both hands, one hand, the back of his hand, as well as carried out repeated stabbing… He used all kinds of stabbing methods.


Stabbing a sword with one hand was similar to stabbing a spear with one hand. Strictly speaking, a sword was lighter and could be stabbed faster. It was just that the length was shorter, and the force was weaker.

However, if Xu Jingming was said to have more than 370,000 combat strength with his spear, he could unleash more than 200,000 combat strength with a sword.

Most importantly… his wife also used a sword. It was more interesting for a couple to use sword techniques together.

“What’s Xu Jingming doing?” In China’s official livestream, the male guest, Jin Fan, pointed at the projection. “He and his wife, Li Miaomiao, are wearing the same modern sportswear and are using single-handed swords! The two of them are even teaming up to fight the enemy? He couldn’t kill the opponent with one strike but allowed Li Miaomiao to kill the opponent?”

“This is a public display of affection!”

“Using both swords in unison, a couple joining forces to kill the enemy?”

“It’s true. The two opponents the couple encountered were killed by Li Miaomiao.”

Countless audience members felt the relaxed joy of Xu Jingming and his wife.

“Regardless, shouldn’t they be serious against a team led by the number one person in Korea, Lee Moonsoo? Wearing a couple outfit, using a sword, accompanying his wife… If he loses, he will be a disgrace.”

“Lee Moonsoo is the only one left from the Korean team.”

“Xu Jingming probably won’t deal with Lee Moonsoo with his wife and let her kill him, right?”


In the modern city map, only Lee Moonsoo was left on Korea’s side.

Xu Jingming first killed the sharpshooter alone, and Wang Yi and Dai Xiaoqing joined forces to eliminate a Lv. 4 Korean expert. There were also two experts at the limit of Lv. 3, whom Xu Jingming and Li Miaomiao had jointly killed.

“Xu Jingming, you’re disrespecting this battle.” Lee Moonsoo stood in the middle of the street with an angry expression. “I hope you have some dignity as a warrior and can fight me fair and square.”

“Alright.” Xu Jingming nodded with a smile and said to his wife, “Honey, watch the battle from the side.”

Li Miaomiao nodded and stood to the side. Dai Xiaoqing, Wang Yi, and Sister Kong gathered beside her.

Lee Moonsoo was a little excited when he saw this. Xu Jingming was still willing to fight him one-on-one.

He’s not wearing armor and is even using a sword? Blame yourself for your arrogance if you lose! Lee Moonsoo thought to himself.

“Please.” Xu Jingming stood in the middle of the street and spoke politely.

“Be careful,” Lee Moonsoo said and moved with a whoosh.

Having reached the limit of Lv. 4, Lee Moonsoo was indeed confident in his strength. With a single movement, he turned into a phantom, and his maximum speed reached 183 meters per second.

When he was flying at high speeds, he suddenly threw out a flying dagger.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

He threw out three flying daggers with his left hand and three with his right. The fast-as-lightning flying daggers enveloped Xu Jingming.

Xu Jingming only took a step, and six flying daggers swept past his waist, head, and other spots. It looked harrowing, but none of the six flying daggers touched him.

“What?” Lee Moonsoo was surprised. His flying daggers were his ultimate move, and six flying daggers covered a wide area at close range. Logically speaking, it was virtually impossible to dodge them.

Xu Jingming, on the other hand, immediately saw the flaws in the area the six flying daggers enveloped. He only took a step forward, and the six flying daggers missed.

The failure of the flying daggers turned Lee Moonsoo’s eyes even colder.

I have the advantage in terms of weaponry when it comes to dual axes versus a single sword. Lee Moonsoo tightened his grip on his weapons. They were the Eight Trigrams Twin Battleaxes; they had four sharp protrusions and nine blades. The combination of the two axes was a very powerful close-combat weapon—they could defend, block, lock the enemy’s weapon in place, and kill the enemy… They had unpredictable variations in close combat.


Lee Moonsoo attacked like a phantom, and the Eight Trigrams Twin Battleaxes closed in at the same time.

Xu Jingming stood still. The moment the other party approached, he suddenly advanced and stabbed out with his sword!

Forward Thrust—it was like a spear’s single-handed Forward Thrust!

After Xu Jingming reached cellular control, his control over his body’s strength, speed, and agility reached an extremely precise level. Because his control was too precise and minute, his actual combat bonus increased significantly when he broke through to Lv. 5.

The moment Xu Jingming stepped forward happened to be the moment Lee Moonsoo lunged forward.

Not good! Lee Moonsoo had just lunged forward with all his might, but he didn’t have the time to change. All he could do was instinctively swing his Eight Trigrams Twin Battleaxes and try his best to ward off the area in front of him. This was because he knew very well how fast Forward Thrust was! It would be too late to defend by the time he saw Xu Jingming’s thrust.

In fact, the best method was to bend his body and supplement his defense with his weapons, but he couldn’t do the former in time. He could only rely on his two axes to block.


A thrust as fast as lightning brushed past the Eight Trigrams axes and stabbed into Lee Moonsoo’s heart.

Lee Moonsoo’s eyes widened. How is this possible…

Watching his chest being penetrated and his body gradually turning ethereal, Lee Moonsoo still found it unbelievable that he would be killed by Xu Jingming with a single strike.

After piercing Lee Moonsoo’s heart with a single strike, the latter retracted his sword and stood still.

Wang Yi, Dai Xiaoqing, Sister Kong, and even Li Miaomiao were dumbfounded. Even though the latter knew that her husband had broken through to Lv. 5, Li Miaomiao found the scene in front of her unbelievable. This was because Xu Jingming’s Forward Thrust appeared on par with Lee Moonsoo’s speed.

However, he died from a single strike!

“Just one strike?” Wang Yi found it unbelievable. “That’s Lee Moonsoo; he’s at the limit of Lv. 4! He could exchange several blows with Miyagawa Meishin, Merritt, and the others, but he lost his life in one strike?”

“That’s ridiculous.” Dai Xiaoqing blinked. “Senior Brother is ridiculous.”

“Ridiculous,” Jin Fan said the same word on China’s side.

“One strike? Why don’t I understand anything that has happened?” Liu Xin blinked.

“I don’t understand it either, much less you. Lee Moonsoo is at the limit of Lv. 4 after all. How did he die from a single strike?” Jin Fan said. “Let’s watch the slow-motion replay first.”

Countless Chinese citizens were puzzled as they carefully watched the slow-motion replay.

In the slow-motion replay… Although Lee Moonsoo’s figure slowed down a lot, he was still very agile. When he arrived close to Xu Jingming, he was already about to pounce!

At this moment, Xu Jingming took a step forward! This advancement allowed Lee Moonsoo to enter the range of Xu Jingming’s sword attack, but Lee Moonsoo’s Eight Trigrams Battleaxes couldn’t reach him.

“Look!” Jin Fan finally understood what was going on in the video of the key battle that had slowed down dozens of times. He immediately pointed and said, “When the average expert advances and stabs, they stab out at the same time as they take the step forward! Advancement and thrusting happen at the same time, so that’s the fastest. But Xu Jingming didn’t… When he advanced, the sword in his hand seemed to stab out, but it actually stopped for a moment.”

“It was just a slight pause!” Jin Fan exclaimed in surprise. “Lee Moonsoo didn’t have the time to change his angle of approach and instinctively swung his Eight Trigrams Twin Battleaxes. Xu Jingming paused for a moment before stabbing out again! The Eight Trigrams Twin Battleaxes were swung too early! This thrust was as fast as lightning, and it happened to follow the edge of the Eight Trigrams Twin Battleaxe and stabbed into Lee Moonsoo’s heart.”

Jin Fan found it unbelievable. “Other people deliver Forward Thrust as a swift strike, but Xu Jingming is like an experienced hunter. He paused for a moment and found an opportunity to kill his opponent.”

“How does he accurately control the outcome of a battle at this level?” Jin Fan still found it unbelievable.

“His speed isn’t as fast as our Lee Moonsoo’s! The speed at which he stabs is considered normal, but why can he find a flaw in an instant and kill Lee Moonsoo!?” The male and female hosts in Korea found it incomprehensible.

“His control over space and time is incredible!” praised the hosts from Japan. “Xu Jingming’s actual combat bonus must be ridiculously high. Miyagawa’s actual combat bonus is 65%, while Xu Jingming’s actual combat bonus is probably 120%!”

“What ingenuity! This kind of actual combat ability allows him to deliver a one-hit kill despite having the same strength and speed. As expected of Xu Jingming!”

After analyzing the slow-motion replay in the various national official livestreams across the world, they were dumbfounded by Xu Jingming’s actual combat strength.

If Lee Moonsoo was a fool, then Xu Jingming was a grandmaster. The gap between the two parties in actual combat was too great.


Xu Jingming didn’t care about the discussions. He had already tried his best to hold back—his strength and speed weren’t high! But there was nothing he could do about his excellent control over his body. Lee Moonsoo was like a static target in front of him; he just needed to follow the enemy’s flaw and stab at it.

“You don’t have to fight Global Crossfire with me anymore. The entire world is saying that you’re acting lovey-dovey with your wife.” Although Li Miaomiao felt delighted from the discussions around the world, she still requested Xu Jingming not to fight Global Crossfire with her.

Her husband’s strength was too much of a bully.

“I’ll listen to you.” Xu Jingming was very obedient. “Miaomiao, I’ll go cultivate for a while.”

“Your cultivation is the most important,” Li Miaomiao said.

After Xu Jingming accompanied his wife to participate in a Global Crossfire, he returned to his personal martial arts arena and started cultivating.

As usual, he started practicing Heavenly Python Evolution over and over again!

He practiced the evolutionary method from having cellular-level control; he tried it repeatedly. His footwork had broken through to Lv. 5 in the past few days, but he hadn’t broken through with Heavenly Python Evolution.


As he practiced every move in Heavenly Python Evolution, Xu Jingming gradually felt like a Heavenly Python! As he carried out his movements, he not only perfectly mobilized his muscles, but he also started mobilizing his cells.

It was like a Heavenly Python—sometimes rising, sometimes crouching, sometimes darting about. Strength flowed through his entire body and became closer and closer to Perfected.

In fact, after his spearmanship reached Lv. 5, he felt different every time he practiced the evolutionary method. But according to the virtual world interface, he remained at Transcendent 99%.


Xu Jingming suddenly felt his entire body become much more fluid. For a moment, he felt that his entire body was perfect, without a single flaw.

His cellular-level control and perfect mobilization of his body allowed him to perfect Heavenly Python Evolution.


He felt every cell boiling, becoming hungry, and beginning to absorb energy. In the virtual world, it allowed the body to receive infinite energy, allowing the cells to grow naturally.

Xu Jingming continued practicing his evolutionary method until it was over. Only then did he look at his personal combat strength interface.

As expected, ‘Heavenly Python Evolution Transcendent 99%’ transformed into ‘Heavenly Python Evolution Perfected.’

There were no percentages—Perfected represented the limits of a planetary lifeform!

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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