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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 153 – Director Zhou’s Message

Chapter 153: Director Zhou’s Message

Translator: CKtalon

Xu Jingming sat cross-legged on the grass and gently tapped, raising his body to the limits of evolution!

It’s only in the virtual world that I can reach the limits of evolution with a simple tap. Xu Jingming sighed with emotion. In reality, even if I reach Perfected, my body needs to slowly grow and become stronger.

After the tap, his personal combat strength interface changed—


Genetic Evolutionary Method: Heavenly Python Evolution (Perfected) (98 days of practice. No room for improvement)

Physique: 1521

Technique: Beam Transformation Spear Technique (Lv. 5 8%), Astral Spear Technique (Lv. 4 99%), Footwork (Lv. 5 2%), Shield Technique (Lv. 4 99%)

Basic Combat Strength: 273,780

Combat Bonus: 220%

Combat Strength: 876,096

During the planetary lifeform stage, my highest physique is 1521. Xu Jingming nodded slightly. Compared to the evolutionary method’s Transcendent stage, the improvement is quite significant. After all, every cell has been enhanced.

98 days of practice? Xu Jingming was most surprised by the time.

An ordinary person only needed 98 days to reach a Physique index of 1521 with a Perfected evolutionary method.

Xu Jingming gently tapped the detailed notification on the evolutionary method—”When one’s techniques reach Lv. 5 50%, they will receive the Cosmic Life Evolution method.”

“Perfected-grade evolutionary method—cultivate it three times a day, at least an hour apart each time. Eat 150,000 to 300,000 kcal of food a day. Food list recommendation: …”

Xu Jingming’s eyes widened. What the hell? I need to eat so much food?

It was obvious that to satisfy the speed needed for his Perfected evolutionary method’s improvement, eating 150,000 kcal a day was the minimum with a maximum of 300,000 kcal. Eating too little would greatly reduce his speed of improvement, and eating too much would harm his body and backfire.

The food I need to eat is ten times more than in the Transcendent stage. Xu Jingming was a little dumbfounded. If I just eat beef, I’ll have to eat an entire cow a day, right?

Cows appeared to be quite heavy, but in fact, just the meat alone weighed only a few hundred kilograms.

“How can I get a cow every day? Just sitting there and eating will tire me out.” Xu Jingming shook his head. Transcendent evolutionary methods required 15,000 kcal of food a day, so it was relatively simple. He ate three meals a day and ate thousands of kcal a meal. It was quite easy to eat that amount when mixing rice, flatbread, and meat.

But ten times… Meals became a problem, and he was under a lot of pressure.

That’s right. To transform from an ordinary person to a Perfected planetary lifeform in 98 days requires a lot of energy. Xu Jingming also understood why he had to eat so much.


A sudden transmission came from Director Zhou of the Life Evolution Bureau.

A transmission from Director Zhou? Xu Jingming immediately accepted the connection.

On the other end of the transmission, Director Zhou smiled at Xu Jingming. “Haha, Jingming, congratulations on finally becoming a Perfected planetary lifeform. Are you worrying about food in reality now?”

“Yes, the Perfected evolutionary method requires me to consume 150,000 kcal of food a day. That’s quite a headache,” Xu Jingming said honestly.

“I just sent someone to deliver some gifts to you,” Director Zhou said. “They will probably arrive tomorrow morning. It’s a batch of high-calorie food! A single stick of high-calorie food is 150,000 kcal. You just have to eat one stick every day. I’ve prepared 100 high-calorie sticks for you.”

“Thank you, Director.” Xu Jingming was delighted.

“There are many kinds of high-calorie food, and they’re quite delicious,” Director Zhou said with a smile. “If your family wants to taste it, you have to control the amount. After all, one stick contains 150,000 kcal. If their evolutionary methods aren’t strong enough, it will be very harmful to the body if they can’t absorb it.”

“Understood.” Xu Jingming nodded.

“You’re already a Perfected planetary lifeform, so there’s no need to hide things from you,” Director Zhou said. “When you reach Lv. 5 50%, you can cultivate the cosmic lifeform evolutionary method and completely transform into a cosmic lifeform. When that happens… you can become a cosmic citizen, and only then can you enter the virtual world using your personal identity and interact with the other civilizations in the universe!”

“Other civilizations in the universe?” Xu Jingming was secretly surprised.

It was really as he had guessed.

“Yeah.” Director Zhou nodded. “In fact, you’ve possessed a cosmic expert and connected to the virtual world network. Of course, that was an opportunity purchased using the identity as Earth’s officials. I believe you have already guessed it.”

“Don’t worry,” Director Zhou said with a smile. “Although Earth’s civilization is considered weak in the vast universe, it can barely stand firm! It’s just that we need to consider the future, so we have to strengthen our civilization as soon as possible.”

“Allowing everyone on Earth to enter the virtual world and cultivate the evolutionary method is the key,” Director Zhou said. “All of you have to become cosmic citizens in order to help Earth’s civilization.”

“All the best. You will know all the secrets when you become a cosmic citizen.” Director Zhou was filled with anticipation.

Xu Jingming nodded.

Now, they were only logging into Earth’s virtual world! As for the virtual world network that consisted of many civilizations in the vast universe, the login equipment was much more complicated. Xu Jingming also had some experience with that huge piece of equipment.

“Let me inform you of something else,” Director Zhou said. “The 31st World Martial Arts Tournament will be held on June 1. It will not be held in the real world at all and will be completely virtual.”

“The 31st World Martial Arts Tournament? It’s held in the virtual world?” Xu Jingming’s heart jolted.

After all, his goal since he was a child was the World Martial Arts Tournament. It was just that he had broken his leg and couldn’t reach the top.

“In the future, the World Martial Arts Tournament will be held in the virtual world.” Director Zhou nodded. “Moreover, it won’t be selected based on martial arts points anymore. Instead, contestants will be selected from everyone in the world! The strongest 32 people will be selected to participate in one-on-one battles. Victory is determined through life and death.”

“I hope you can try your best to enter the top three,” Director Zhou said.

“Top three?” Xu Jingming was surprised. “Director, do you think it’s difficult for me to get into the top three?”

“You’re very strong, but it’s indeed very difficult to get into the top three,” Director Zhou said. “You’ll know when the competition begins. When that happens, the experts that will appear will not only be Tejano, Liu Hai, and the others you know.”

Xu Jingming was puzzled.

“The reason why I want you to be in the top three is that the prizes this time will be very special,” Director Zhou said. “The prizes will include the Cosmic Human Alliance’s currency!”

“The Cosmic Human Alliance’s currency?” Xu Jingming vaguely came to a realization.

“When you become a cosmic citizen, you won’t be able to use Earth dollars in the virtual world network,” Director Zhou said. “It has to be the universal currency of the Cosmic Human Alliance! The value of the currency is very high, and it’s a currency recognized by all cosmic civilizations! In the future, when you interact with other cosmic civilizations in the virtual world… you will need money. Otherwise, you won’t be able to do many things.”

“How much money you receive is dependent on your placing in this competition,” Director Zhou said. “Only those who are strong enough can enter the top three.”

“Don’t slack off at all!” Director Zhou reminded.

Xu Jingming nodded slightly.

Director Zhou knew his strength very well, yet it was very difficult for him to get into the top three after reaching Lv. 5 and becoming a Perfected planetary lifeform?

“It’s not just Tejano and Master Liu Hai?” Xu Jingming asked. “Could it be that some extremely talented experts have appeared recently?”

“You’ll know when the competition begins.” Director Zhou didn’t elaborate. “All the best! Becoming a cosmic citizen is only the first step in the vast universe; it’s only the beginning.”

Xu Jingming nodded.

The transmission ended, and the content of the call evoked many thoughts in Xu Jingming.

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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