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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 151 – Weapon: Sword

Chapter 151: Weapon: Sword

Translator: CKtalon

“Captain, that’s Xu Jingming.” The other four Korean members became excited. Lee Moonsoo had recently been frequently participating in Global Crossfire, so he had naturally invited four powerful teammates to increase his chances of winning the matches.

“This is a rare opportunity.”

“If this battle is fought well, Captain, your global popularity will definitely rise.” The team members were very excited.


Lee Moonsoo nodded slightly. “Xu Jingming is very strong. We can’t be careless at all; we have to be careful and give it our all.”

“Yes,” the four teammates nodded in response.


Xu Jingming didn’t mind when he saw that it was a team from Korea, but Li Miaomiao became a little more serious and said, “The other party is the strongest team in Korea. Korea has had five people break through to Lv. 4, and three of them are on this team.”

“There are also three in our team,” Wang Yi said with a smile.

“I just broke through at the beginning of the month. I’m at the bottom of the Lv. 4 list,” Dai Xiaoqing said humbly.

There were more than 80 people on the fourth level’s Cosmos Ranking, and about 500 people worldwide had reached Lv. 4.

There were more than 100 people in China who had reached Lv. 4. Of course, other than Xu Jingming himself, only Wang Yi and Yang Qingshuo had broken through to Lv. 4 in Xu Jingming’s original Team Pearwood. Heng Fang and Liu Chongyuan had yet to break through.

“Do whatever feels good,” Xu Jingming said.

“Let’s be careful.” Wang Yi, Dai Xiaoqing, Li Miaomiao, and Sister Kong were still very serious. They were afraid that they would be a burden and lose this match—that would be too embarrassing.

“Xu Jingming is participating in Global Crossfire?”

“All of a sudden?”

“Quickly livestream it!”

Across the world, many countries’ official livestreams received breaking news that Xu Jingming was participating in Global Crossfire!

For example, when Lee Moonsoo participated in Global Crossfire, other than Korea’s official livestream that didn’t miss a single match, the other countries didn’t bother live-streaming it at all! Only when Lee Moonsoo’s opponent was strong enough would other countries live-stream.

Xu Jingming was one of the three strongest people in the world! Especially in the past few months, the three strongest people hadn’t participated in Global Crossfire. Xu Jingming’s sudden participation left the livestreams of the countries in a frenzy.

The hosts who weren’t online were urgently summoned.

Guests were invited one after another.

“Our Lee Moonsoo’s team actually bumped into Xu Jingming!” The female host was extremely excited in Korea’s official livestream. “Lee Moonsoo previously publicly challenged Xu Jingming, Tejano, and Liu Hai, but he actually ran into one today. It looks like fate has allowed our Lee Moonsoo to challenge Xu Jingming.”

“I have to admit that Xu Jingming is strong enough! If Lee Moonsoo’s strength is comparable to his, it will be exhilarating,” the male host said.

“Both parties have chosen their weapons and equipment.”

“Lee Moonsoo still chose the Eight Trigrams Battleaxe he’s best at! At the same time, he carries a flying dagger at his waist. His flying dagger techniques are also very impressive worldwide. Let’s see how Xu Jingming will block our Lee Moonsoo’s flying dagger.”

The two Korean hosts commented excitedly, and the countless citizens in the livestream shouted excitedly. They were about to fight Xu Jingming!

“Of China’s team, Xu Jingming is the last to choose a weapon, and his equipment. He chose… What? A sword?” The male host was surprised.

“He didn’t choose armor! Is he only wearing sportswear?” The female host found it unbelievable.

In China’s official livestream channel, Liu Xin and the male guest, Jin Fan, immediately entered the zone. Jin Fan was getting intimate with his girlfriend a minute ago, but he immediately came online after receiving a call.

“Let’s see the weapons they chose,” the male guest, Jin Fan, said. “Be it the Korean team or the Chinese team, they chose weapons that they are good at. Wang Yi also chose her bow and arrow. Xu Jingming goes last, and his final choice is… a sword? A sword?”

“I’ve never seen Xu Jingming use swords in an official battle.” Liu Xin was a little stunned.

“Yes, Xu Jingming only used many weapons like swords and sabers during his livestream lectures,” Jin Fan said. “Back then, Xu Jingming said that he didn’t practice swords and sabers much and only knew the most basic usage. Why did he choose a sword in a Global Crossfire battle? Moreover, he didn’t choose armor!”

After Xu Jingming made his choice, his four teammates were puzzled.

“Actually, my sword techniques are quite alright,” Xu Jingming said with a smile.

“Captain, aren’t you choosing armor?” Wang Yi asked. “You’re wearing modern sportswear?”

“It’s more compatible when standing with Miaomiao.” Xu Jingming smiled at his wife.

Li Miaomiao wore inner armor on the inside and sportswear on the outside. Sportswear was quite suitable for close combat.

Li Miaomiao knew that her husband had reached Lv. 5, and she said, “My sword technique was taught to me by Jingming.”

“They even want to wear couple outfits in a Global Crossfire match. What a public display of affection.” Wang Yi was helpless.

“Singles like us can’t stand watching this,” Dai Xiaoqing snorted.

As the five chatted, the battle began.

The five from China and the five from Korea flew into the combat map.


A modern city map.

Xu Jingming descended and appeared in a residential house.

He walked to the window and grabbed the wall outside. His finger then lodged into the wall, and using it as leverage, he leaped to the rooftop.

Xu Jingming stood on the rooftop and looked around openly.

There were fewer obstructions when standing high up, allowing him to see far.

Xiaoqing is over there. Xu Jingming saw his junior sister and then discovered Li Miaomiao. Found her.

He participated in Global Crossfire to make his wife happy, so he naturally had to meet up with his wife as soon as possible.


He leaped down from the rooftop, and the ground trembled slightly when he landed. Xu Jingming then immediately ran to where his wife was.

Is this Xu Jingming that arrogant? How can he run at such a high speed without varying his speed? Sharpshooter Park Hyeon from Korea had already raised the bow in his hand. He was the number one sharpshooter in Korea and was also the only sharpshooter in Korea who had stepped into Lv. 4.

He coldly looked at the figure running at high speeds. It was very easy for every Lv. 4 sharpshooter to predict the enemy’s location.


He released his grip!

The arrow instantly tore through the sky at an astonishing 1,600 meters per second. This was considered very fast among Lv. 4 sharpshooters. If he reached the limit of Lv. 4, the arrow’s speed would be much faster.

This arrow was shot from the back, from a blind spot!

A sneak attack from a concealed arrow was very dangerous, but Xu Jingming had been tempering his mind for a long time. His mind and consciousness were very strong, and his senses for air fluctuations were very sharp. Xu Jingming sensed the arrow when it was 30 meters away.

He didn’t even turn around and only took a step to the left, his footwork changing slightly!


The arrow flew past him and shot into the hotel wall beside him.


The wall exploded, sending gravel flying.

Xu Jingming turned his head to look in the direction of the arrow.

“What?” Park Hyeon found it unbelievable. He looked forward to seeing the arrow pierce through Xu Jingming’s body, but the latter dodged it.

In fact, before he broke through to Lv. 5, Xu Jingming often trained to be attacked by many bullets at night. His ability to sense and dodge them was very strong, allowing him to dodge such an arrow. After reaching Lv. 5, his overall ability underwent a qualitative change after he gained cellular control.

Such a sharpshooter isn’t a threat to me, but he’s still a huge threat to Miaomiao. I’ll finish him off first. Xu Jingming moved his feet and chased after Park Hyeon.

Park Hyeon’s expression changed as he immediately began fleeing. How can one of the three strongest people in the world be so careful to target a sharpshooter like me first?

Even though he had held back, Xu Jingming—who had focused on Beam Transformation—was very good at speed. When he was at the limit of Lv. 4, his running speed reached about 190 meters per second, and the sharpshooter only had a speed of less than 140 meters per second.

Even though he had held back, Xu Jingming traversed the layout of complex buildings and approached the sharpshooter in just a few seconds.

“Captain.” Sharpshooter Park Hyeon was approaching Captain Lee Moonsoo.

Xu Jingming was too sensitive to his surroundings and had completely locked onto the sharpshooter, Park Hyeon. Yet, the latter hadn’t even discovered his location.


A fist-sized stone suddenly flew over. By the time Park Hyeon sensed it, he had already failed to dodge in time.

The stone penetrated his chest like a stream of light.

After getting rid of the sharpshooter, Miaomiao’s safety is guaranteed.. Xu Jingming took a look and left to rendezvous with his wife.

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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