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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 142 – Limit of Lv. 4

Chapter 142: Limit of Lv. 4

After reading the five mental tempering methods, Xu Jingming felt that the path for mental tempering became much clearer. He immediately continued reading the legacy.


Xu Jingming looked at the spearmanship records.

Xuan was a spearman, and he was a cosmic legend. He had spent countless efforts on spearmanship, so his explanations on spearmanship were naturally extremely clear.

The principle of force delivery? The principle of penetration?


Transmission of the body’s strength?

The combination of footwork…

Xu Jingming’s eyes lit up as he read. Although he also taught the nine martial arts classes, it was much more superficial than Xuan’s legacy. Xuan’s legacy was indeed more complicated, but he had explained the core ideas clearly.

So that’s how it is. This way, I can perfectly borrow forces and constantly channel them, allowing me to link combos together. Xu Jingming nodded slightly.

The legacy first described the principles and then the basic moves of spearmanship. There were even five killer spearmanship moves.

The basic moves Xuan taught were simpler, and the force delivered was more direct. The effects were also better.

The killer moves were naturally much stronger than the moves Xu Jingming figured out himself.

After reading for more than an hour, Xu Jingming suddenly couldn’t read anymore.

What? I can only read the content of the planetary lifeform’s cultivation phase? Xu Jingming was surprised. He could only read Lv. 5 cultivation methods at most. Any higher? He couldn’t finish reading the first volume of Beam Transformation.

“Please break through to become a cosmic lifeform to continue reading.”

“If a planetary lifeform forces their cultivation of the subsequent content, it will be harmful and useless.” The book gave a notification.

Xu Jingming felt a little indignant and tempted, but he also knew that cosmic lifeforms were on a completely different level from planetary lifeforms. Cosmos lifeforms could absorb the light of the stars and energy radiation, allowing them to live without eating or drinking. The subsequent cultivation methods were definitely different. To practice what a cosmic lifeform practiced as a planetary lifeform… was probably tempting fate.

I’ve already gained a lot. Xu Jingming closed the book and was in a good mood. At least, I’m no longer puzzled about the different stages as a planetary lifeform.

I also understand the various principles behind spearmanship.

Xu Jingming’s understanding of Beam Transformation became much clearer. After understanding the essence behind the principles, he understood the problems with his spearmanship.

From this day onward, Xu Jingming began to focus on cultivation according to the instructions in the first volume of Beam Transformation.

Different legacies had different values.

Lv. 8 legacies were usually written by Lv. 9 experts or even stronger experts, so they naturally wrote it more thoroughly. Moreover, even if they were both written by cosmic legends, a Lv. 8 legacy was different from a Lv. 5 legacy.

Lv. 5 legacies were cheap. One just needed to write down some basics. For example, the five mental tempering techniques might become three. The five killer spearmanship moves might be reduced to two. After all, a low price was only worth that much knowledge.

A Lv. 8 legacy had a much higher price and was much more detailed. For example, the legacy—Beam Transformation—recorded Xuan’s greatest spearmanship achievements in his life. He naturally put in a lot of effort when writing it, and the first volume was a Lv. 8 legacy.

Twelve Orifices Tempering!

Xu Jingming sat cross-legged and tapped the different parts of his head in a regular order with his fingers. The first volume of Beam Transformation had detailed methods and an attached video. Xu Jingming first practiced in the virtual world’s martial arts arena, and he only started practicing in reality after he mastered it.

This was also requested in the legacy. If one practiced blindly in reality, it was easy to damage the brain.

Pu! Pu!

Xu Jingming advanced and instantly thrust out with his spear. Strangely, two holes appeared when he stabbed out and penetrated the stone wall.

The foundation of Beam Transformation’s consecutive stabs is to deliver two consecutive strikes. Xu Jingming looked at the holes in the stone wall.

During the possession, Xuan had delivered consecutive strikes. He had stabbed out more than ten million times, and he delivered countless strikes consecutively… But the basics started with two consecutive strikes.

The core of a combo was to borrow the force of the first strike to deliver a second strike. The smaller the gap between the two strikes, the better.

Just like how… he was so fast that although it looked like he had only stabbed out once, he had actually delivered two consecutive strikes.

I’ll take my time practicing. Now that Xu Jingming had the legacy, he had Beam Transformation’s detailed guidance.

Wow, a cosmic legend is actually that impressive?

Liu Hai had chosen to possess a cosmic legend after receiving the contribution points.

I’ve ruminated over the Lv. 8 legacy for months and had many questions. By comparing it to the cosmic legend I possessed… I immediately understood a lot. Liu Hai was also in the martial arts arena, combing through the gains from the possession.

I’ve really broadened my horizons. In front of cosmic legends, planets are like toys. They can even change the flow of time, and their bodies can travel long distances in the vast universe? Liu Hai shook his head and sighed. What an incredible life.

The humans on Earth were far inferior to the legendary humans in the universe.

It was precisely because he saw this possibility that Liu Hai’s heart burned even more. Perhaps I can’t reach that level, but as long as I can reach 1% or even 0.01%? That’s already very impressive.

Liu Hai was full of vigor as he continued practicing diligently.

The experts who received contribution points exchanged for resources to cultivate diligently. The number of experts who had received legacies worldwide increased.

As long as one was talented and improved quickly, the country and even the Earth Alliance would groom them. They would receive at least a Lv. 5 legacy! No genius was left out in the virtual world. A large number of geniuses were rapidly growing on Earth.

Time passed…

In the blink of an eye, a month passed, and it was February 8.

The Chinese New Year had passed, and Xu Jingming was practicing shield techniques in the martial arts arena.

Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish!

10,000 arrows shot out in unison, and countless arrows shot over from different directions. Xu Jingming held his dual shields and tried his best to block them.

In this mode, what was needed wasn’t ferocity; the impact of the arrows wasn’t strong but mild and continuous. The defense needed to be flawless.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Xu Jingming naturally locked onto all the incoming arrows, avoiding some of the arrows as he walked. He used his dual shields to block the vast number of arrows.

Suddenly, Xu Jingming’s movements became faster, and his dual shields became smoother and closer to perfection.


Xu Jingming blocked for another ten seconds because all the arrows were blocked in these ten seconds. None of the arrows touched his body, and all the arrows immediately stopped. Then, they turned ethereal and disappeared.

I should’ve improved. Xu Jingming sensed something and opened his personal combat strength interface—

Genetic Evolutionary Method: Heavenly Python Evolution (Transcendent 99%) (360 days of practice. No room for improvement)

Physique: 702

Technique: Beam Transformation Spear Technique (Lv. 4 99%), Astral Spear Technique (Lv. 4 99%), Footwork (Lv. 4 99%), Shield Technique (Lv. 4 99%)

Basic Combat Strength: 63180

Combat Bonus: 73%

Combat Strength: 109,301

My shield technique has also broken through to Lv. 4 99%. Xu Jingming revealed a look of delight. A few days before Chinese New Year, his Beam Transformation was first to reach Lv. 4 99%. He subsequently broke through in several other aspects until he had everything reach the limit of Lv. 4 today.

Next, I have to think of a way to reach Lv. 5, Xu Jingming thought..

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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In 2036, humankind steps foot on Mars for the first time.


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