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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 141 – Mental Tempering Five Techniques

Chapter 141: Mental Tempering Five Techniques

Translator: CKtalon

This was the first time Xu Jingming understood the difference between planetary lifeforms and cosmic lifeforms. He read it carefully many times.

According to the legacy’s description, be it ordinary Earthlings before evolution or after obtaining the evolutionary method, we are only considered planetary lifeforms? Weak and fragile?

Cosmic lifeforms could fly and even travel the cosmos. They had a long lifespan and didn’t need to eat or drink. They could absorb stellar light and even the energy of all kinds of light.


Even if he was considered a very strong human on Earth, he was still far from reaching this level.

Oh, there’s a detailed description here.

Planetary Life Evolution is divided into five levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Transcendent, and Perfected. Xu Jingming read the description. After the evolutionary method reaches Perfected, the evolutionary method from before is useless. A new evolutionary method is needed! Only by relying on higher-level evolutionary methods can one break through to become a cosmic lifeform.

After reaching Lv. 5, the evolutionary method will be perfected. Following that, one can cultivate Cosmic Lifeform evolutionary methods. Typically, reaching Lv. 5 50% implies that the new evolutionary method can be cultivated, allowing for a breakthrough to become a cosmic lifeform.

Xu Jingming came to a realization. At the end of the day, there’s only one thing to do—reach Lv. 5!

As long as he reached Lv. 5, it was very easy for his evolutionary method to reach Perfected.

As long as he reached Lv. 5, reaching 50% just took some time.

As for the evolutionary method? Since the Earth Alliance could exchange for a Lv. 10 legacy, he believed that they could obtain cosmic lifeform evolution methods.

Reaching Lv. 5 is the greatest obstacle to becoming a cosmic lifeform. Xu Jingming read it carefully. Lv. 4’s control over the body has reached the level of ‘muscle fibers.’ Lv. 5’s control over the body has to reach the level of ‘cell.’

By consciously controlling every cell in the body in the beginning, if one can perfectly control every cell, it will be Lv. 5 99%. Xu Jingming was a little dumbfounded as he read the description.

Breaking through to Lv. 5 is a hurdle that countless humans on countless planets face. The difficulty of breaking through is that the first step requires one to be able to clearly sense all the cells in one’s body. The second step is to consciously control them gradually.

Xu Jingming drew a cold breath. If it weren’t for the legacy’s guidance, I wouldn’t have known the key to breaking through.

I have to sense all the cells first? This first step is very difficult, Xu Jingming thought. In fact, Xu Jingming could vaguely sense his cells after persevering with mental cultivation every day and gradually advancing past Lv. 4.

He could sense some of the larger cells clearly, but it was difficult for the smaller cells.

The sensitivity of one’s senses was like one’s eyesight. The better one’s vision, the clearer one could see. It was the same for one’s senses! The sharper one’s senses, the more minute a level they could feel of their body.

This requires mental tempering. Xu Jingming flipped through the book.

Mental Tempering Five Techniques? Xu Jingming’s eyes lit up as he read it carefully.

Mental Tempering 1: Twelve Orifices Tempering.

Ordinary evolutionary methods allowed the body to evolve in every aspect, evolving one’s level in life. The brain would also become stronger naturally, having faster reaction time, stronger brain signals, and sharper senses.

However, it wasn’t a specialized brain evolutionary method after all! Twelve Orifices Tempering focused on the brain; it was a supplementary evolutionary method that increased the limits of the brain’s growth.

The mind and heart sounded incredulous, but in essence, it was the brain’s consciousness.

With a powerful brain, one’s senses were naturally much sharper.

This Twelve Orifices Tempering was only suitable for planetary lifeforms. The essence of cosmic lifeforms had undergone a transformation, so the Twelve Orifices Tempering was useless for them.

Mental Tempering 2: Planetary Visualization.

Visualization is to cleanse and temper the mind so as to make the mind pure, allowing one to unleash greater potential. This visualization method is a method I’ve cultivated all my life. It’s suitable for planetary lifeforms to cultivate for 3-4 hours a day.

Isn’t Planetary Visualization the mental cultivation method I persist in every day? Three to four hours a day is the best? Xu Jingming blinked and carefully read the content of this visualization method.

The detailed description of the visualization method and his possession experience deepened Xu Jingming’s understanding of this concept.

This description describes the basics and doesn’t go too deep, but some parts of the basics… are something I didn’t notice. Xu Jingming looked at the visualization method and sighed with emotion.

For example, when tempering the mind, one’s body was to be akin to a celestial body. At the same time, he had to sense every fluctuation in his body, such as the flow of blood in his body and the digestion of food. These were like magma flowing inside planets while the planet’s ecosystem naturally operated.

For example, when light shone on the skin and dust touched the skin, they were akin to having planets being illuminated by stellar light or tiny meteors bombarding the planets.

There were many detailed directions.

Although it was only the basics, it made the visualization method clearer. His mind was like a planet, becoming vaster and powerful.

Mental Tempering 3: Tempering the mind through multiple setbacks.

Even with a powerful body and a strong mind, one could be dazed, terrified, and horrified without experiencing any setbacks. This is because one’s willpower isn’t strong enough.

One has to temper their mind. After suffering thousands of strikes, the mind would be akin to tempered steel! The will wouldn’t be shaken!

There were many ways to temper one’s mind and will. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that a thousand strikes were needed. There were 12 ways to temper one’s will during the planetary lifeform phase. One could experience them one by one and undergo tests.

Tempering the mind through multiple setbacks? Having a mind like tempered steel? Xu Jingming fell into thought. The 12 methods that followed surprised him.

Mental Tempering 4: Reading and understanding to have a clear mind.

Reading allows one to understand the principles of all things without any lingering doubts left.

When you aren’t confused by society’s operations, one’s personal fate, and even everything in the world happening in front of you and are capable of seeing through everything at a glance, you will naturally be able to deal with everything in a composed manner because everything is within your expectations.

You won’t be terrified or uneasy, so your mind will naturally be stronger.

Recommended reading: Historical, Biographies, Science…

Reading? Xu Jingming was surprised.

Before reading the legacy, he never expected the fourth mental tempering method to be ‘reading.’

The importance of reading might become more and more important in the later stages of evolution. Xu Jingming realized this. After all, Ambro relied on reading to break through to Lv. 10. Ambro and Xuan have one thing in common—they have very high educational backgrounds.


Although Xu Jingming also graduated from university, he didn’t touch many books after graduation.

The recommended books in the legacy don’t seem to be Earth’s books? Xu Jingming thought to himself. They should be books Xuan thinks are very good. These are books from a long, long time ago in the universe. I wonder if I can read these books on Earth.

Xu Jingming didn’t think too much about it and continued reading the legacy.

Mental Tempering 5: Practice.

Reading allows one to understand the principles of all things, but it’s only comprehension! One still needs to experience it personally.

Experience the fate of humans from different civilizations and classes and experience different professions to verify the scientific principles you’ve understood… Put everything you understand into practice.

Practice took much longer than reading. One needed a long lifespan to put all of them into practice.

I once studied briefly for ten years and took a hundred years to put them into practice before gaining some success.

I later devoted myself to reading for a thousand years and put things into practice for more than ten thousand years before reaching Lv. 10.. Even so, I was still far from reaching ‘Doubtless.’

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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