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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 140 – Cosmic Lifeform

Chapter 140: Cosmic Lifeform

In a chamber in Mingyue City.

“This is the Mental Tempering Crystal.” Xu Jingming placed the prism-like colored crystal down carefully. “It can assist with mental tempering. Its effects are the best within a three-meter radius, but it’s useless beyond ten meters. I’ll spend eight hours a day tempering my mind. Miaomiao, you can also use it to assist with your mental tempering.”

“Understood.” Li Miaomiao nodded. “I hope that my mental tempering will get better with it.”

“The essence of the Mental Tempering Art is stillness,” Xu Jingming said. “The mind needs to be calm without any distracting thoughts and has to be as pure as glass. Only by being calm can one’s senses become sharper.”

“It sounds simple, but it’s not easy in practice. I practice the mental cultivation technique provided by the officials, only for me to easily fall asleep when practicing it for prolonged periods.” Li Miaomiao felt helpless.


Xu Jingming smiled. “The officials have released information on many different cultivation methods worldwide. There are also three sets of basic mental tempering. Although it’s very superficial, it’s at least very safe.”

In this era, much information was publicly available.

The national teams’ past training information was officially released for free. Plenty of information on traditional martial arts was also released for free on the Internet, but despite there being a lot of information, none of them was easy to master.


In his personal space in the virtual world.

Xu Jingming sat in the living room and looked at the thick book in front of him—the first volume of Beam Transformation.

This is a complete Lv. 8 legacy? Xu Jingming looked at the thick book and was a little excited and expectant. Just the first volume already reached Lv. 8.

There’s no rush. I can read this legacy at any time, Xu Jingming thought. I have to make the best use of my time and consolidate my gains from the possession while my memories are still fresh.

Possessing a Lv. 10 expert, Ambro… Xu Jingming combed through his gains.

First, Ambro once stayed on a tourist planet for more than a thousand years and read scientific research for a long time. As he studied… he broke through to Lv. 10! His method of breaking through was through reading! Xu Jingming jotted it down.

Strictly speaking, he learned how to connect the Force in time flows moving at different speeds through reading. His education level is at least Lv. 90.

Second, his body is very strong, and his recovery speed is astonishing.

Third, when he was surrounded and at a disadvantage, he wasn’t ambitious with his defense. He just didn’t want to make a mistake. He didn’t want to give the enemy a chance. He was extremely steady. Xu Jingming clearly remembered Ambro’s constant defense while being surrounded.

He secretly used the spacetime well while working hard at defending.

When the spacetime well took form, it was the moment for him to attack.

Fourth, use force to suppress others during an attack! Mobilizing the power of the spacetime well is akin to a spacetime bombardment! The three enemies have different means and life-preservation methods, but they were all bombarded to death in the end.

Fifth, the three enemies refused to believe that Ambro could set up a spacetime well even until their deaths. Ambro could do so because his education level had reached Lv. 102.

Xu Jingming thought, In summary, Xuan’s belief in battle is more zealous and more dedicated! He only had the thought of turning into light as he constantly attacked.

As for Ambro, he takes control of the situation during combat and calculates everything.

Although their combat methods are different, both of them are very intelligent. Xu Jingming nodded slightly. I’ll now begin practicing shield techniques.

Xu Jingming naturally had to take advantage of the period after possession when his memories were still freshest to solidify his gains from the possession.

He practiced defense first.

Xu Jingming held his dual shields and looked up. Burning meteors streaked across the sky and crashed into the valley where Xu Jingming was at high speeds.

Xu Jingming used his movement technique and began blocking the barrage of meteors.

Meteorite Descent Mode, Thousand Arrows Combo Mode, Chaotic Battle Mode…

The different modes trained his shield technique’s defense.

He practiced for five to six hours and recorded the entire process.

Then, he practiced his offense.

Xu Jingming started practicing his offensive shield techniques again.

10 opponents with a basic combat strength of 50,000. Xu Jingming set up a virtual opponent and began attacking with his shield technique.

He practiced over and over again.

He practiced his offensive for three hours and recorded the entire process as well.

It feels wonderful. Xu Jingming was done practicing and felt that he had practiced all of Ambro’s moves many times before finally stopping.

Xuan and Ambro’s fights give a completely different feeling. Xu Jingming smiled. Xuan is very passionate and devoted, and his thoughts are zealous and dedicated. Ambro, on the other hand, enjoys the fight and enjoys having everything under his control.

He calculated all the enemy’s responses. In front of him, the enemy will only keep sinking until their deaths.

Xu Jingming was impressed.

Control the battle! The final outcome was determined while the battle was still in progress.

This feeling was naturally wonderful.

By gathering enough information, one can already sentence the enemy to death before fighting them. Xu Jingming sighed to himself. Moreover, I have to make ample preparations just in case.

Just like building a bridge, the actual limits of the bridge could be much higher than the stipulated limits—this left behind a buffer just in case. Ambro also left plenty of buffer space to deal with unexpected variables.

Instead of calling Ambro a warrior, he’s more of an intellectual. He enjoys combat and enjoys the wonderful feeling of his plan coming to fruition, Xu Jingming thought. The improvement of his realm might depend on the accumulation of knowledge. When his knowledge reaches a higher level, his strength has a chance of reaching a higher level.

Ambro knew why and the reasons behind them!

His ability to make calculations in combat was terrifying.

The way he broke through to Lv. 10 was by reading!

I like Ambro’s combat method and Xuan’s combat method, Xu Jingming thought. My nine classes on martial arts analyzed martial arts from a scientific point of view and followed physics at every step. Perhaps such a path, when developed far into the future… becomes Ambro’s method. This represents my rationality.

Xuan’s combat method might represent my emotional side.

Xu Jingming analyzed himself.

Humans were complicated to begin with; they had both rational and emotional sides.

Although one had to think and analyze battles rationally, the feeling of burning zeal… was even more wonderful! It was a form of enjoyment for the mind, a complete involvement of the mind!

It’s precisely because I like both methods that my spearmanship is divided into Beam Transformation and Astral Spear. Xu Jingming smiled and returned to the living room in his personal space to pick up the Lv. 8 legacy manual.

He started reading.

The first volume of Beam Transformation!

“Humans study life, planets, the universe, and everything they see. This cumulative knowledge is science.”

“Life Evolution is only a part of science.”

“But we can’t be restrained by knowledge when learning it! This is because all recorded science… is science as we know it and not the truth that has exhausted everything. When one’s knowledge is not completely confirmed, one can follow the fuzzy feelings one has to cultivate.”

“Sometimes, precision can be a mistake, while being vague is correct.”

“But… without sufficient knowledge, such cultivation is nothing but a pipe dream.”

Xu Jingming read the book’s preface. Then, he continued reading.

“Humans who can only live on planets are the most fragile humans. Their bodies are most fragile and are in need of evolution…” Xu Jingming read the detailed explanation.

Lv. 1, 2, and 3 were all explained together. In Xuan’s opinion, the first three levels were very easy.

Lv. 4 was a hurdle! Most people were stuck at this bottleneck and couldn’t break through to Lv. 4.

Lv. 5 was an even bigger hurdle! This was a huge obstacle that countless humans on countless planets faced.

“Whether you can break through to Lv. 5 is key to becoming a cosmic lifeform!”

“Planetary lifeforms are weak and can only survive in their planet’s safe environments. Their lifespans are short, and their bodies are weak. Be it from heat, coldness, or hunger, they can die.”

“As for cosmic lifeforms, they can travel the cosmos freely and have a much longer lifespan. They aren’t afraid of flames or the low temperatures in space and don’t need to eat or drink. They can absorb the light of the stars and all kinds of radiation energy. Only then can they be qualified to travel the universe and become cosmic citizens.”

Xu Jingming couldn’t help but be surprised when he read this.. Cosmic lifeforms? Cosmic citizen?

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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