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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 119 – World Announcement

Chapter 119: World Announcement

Translator: CKtalon

Liu Hai, Tejano Xire, and Xu Jingming cleared the fourth floor of Cosmos Tower on October 28. Countless people around the world looked forward to another, but they waited for days—the second day, the third day…

The fourth person didn’t appear.

“From the looks of it, Liu Hai, Tejano Xire, and Xu Jingming’s strength far exceeds that of the others. It’s been five days, but a fourth person hasn’t appeared.” The media in Japan was constantly paying attention. “However, our Miyagawa Meishin’s strength is on par with Tiger Fussen. He should be the closest to these three people in the world, and he’s growing quickly. He should be the fourth person in the world to clear Cosmos Tower’s fourth level.”


“Miyagawa was on par with Tiger Fussen the last time, but he’s only 17. Tiger Fussen is already an old man. In the next battle, Miyagawa will definitely be able to suppress Tiger Fussen!”

“It’s been seven days! There are still only three people on the fourth level’s Cosmos Ranking! One billion people in the EU can’t compare to China. That’s fine, but can’t it even compare to a small country like Botswana?” A livestreamer in the EU found it unbelievable.

In the blink of an eye, it was November 6th. Nine days had passed since Xu Jingming and the others cleared the Cosmos Tower’s fourth floor, but there were still only three names on the fourth floor’s Cosmos Ranking.


A staff projection stabbed over as fast as lightning. Due to the short distance, Miyagawa Meishin instinctively twisted his waist and blocked with his blade.

The staff struck the blade, pressing down on Miyagawa Meishin’s body.


Miyagawa Meishin was sent flying with a whoosh. His body was extremely flexible, and his blade technique and body’s deflective force were perfect. However, several bones in his chest fractured as his chest caved in, causing him to spew blood.

How is the ape king so strong? Miyagawa Meishin stared at the ape king in front of him, who held a staff and looked at Miyagawa Meishin with disdain.

It’s faster and more agile than me. Its staff technique also suppresses my blade technique. Miyagawa Meishin found it unbearable.

The ape king could suppress him in any aspect he was good at and was stronger than him in every aspect!

Its strength and physique far exceed mine. How do I fight it? Miyagawa Meishin felt that the ape king’s advantage over him was excessive. Those three monsters cleared it nine days ago. Is the gap between them and me that great?

He didn’t feel it after losing to Xu Jingming in one strike; he only knew that the latter was much stronger than him. Only after fighting the ape king did he understand the gap between him and that level.

Moreover, those three monsters are definitely constantly growing. They have definitely become stronger after nine days, and I won’t be able to defeat the ape king in another ten days. Miyagawa Meishin knew this very well.

The number one expert in Russia, Akinov—who had secretly exceeded Alan Emelianenko—was also fighting the ape king.


Although Arkinov was slightly smaller in physique, he wore heavy armor and held two axes. His axes were much smaller than Tiger Fussen’s, but he swung them faster and with terrifying might.

At this moment, a staff turned into afterimages that constantly struck down, forcing him to block with his two axes.


The staff struck out unpredictably. The strike drew an arc suddenly, passing through the obstructions of the two axes and striking at Akinov’s waist.

With this strike, Akinov was sent flying despite wearing heavy armor.

At the same time, the ape king seized the opportunity to pursue him.

I lost again. The physique and strength that I’m best at are on par with it. I can’t compare to this ape king in other aspects. It’s really a tough fight. Akinov sighed when he was sent flying. I wonder how those three people won.

The ape king was indeed terrifying. Its strength, speed, agility, physique, and even staff techniques were very strong!

Liu Hai cultivated Ferocious Tiger Evolution, and only when his strength and speed were high enough could he barely grasp the ape king’s flaws. With Liu Hai’s actual combat techniques, as long as he grasped a flaw, he could immediately magnify his advantage and be a rolling snowball to make multiple small wins into a major victory, completely defeating his opponent.

Xu Jingming relied on Beam Transformation—which was only good at offense—to attack with his full strength. He used 36 consecutive strikes to kill the ape king.

Experts from all over the world were working hard. They also wanted to be the fourth person in the world, but the harder they worked, the more they felt the gap between them and the trio.


November 6, nighttime.

Xu Jingming and Li Miaomiao enjoyed their alone time.

Lying in bed, Li Miaomiao—whose face was flushed red—gently tapped the projection and scanned the information on it.

“Jingming, ever since the three of you cleared Cosmos Tower’s fourth floor, nobody else in the world has cleared it,” Li Miaomiao said as she pointed at the projection. “Many experts have released videos of their battle with the ape king. Many livestreams have also analyzed the ape king’s strength, but they find it incomprehensible.”

“There’s a solution once you’re strong,” Xu Jingming said with a smile. “Once your evolutionary method reaches Transcendent 50% and your weapon reaches Lv. 4 50%, you can usually win.”

Of course, this was also a rough estimate.

The evolutionary method compatibility was different for different people. Even if they were all Transcendent 50%, their Physique index would still be different.

Also, combat techniques were only on paper; they also needed actual combat performance. Different people had different actual combat strength. Xu Jingming believed that… his actual combat strength was still very high.

Of course, there were also people stronger than him, such as his master, Liu Hai!

His master, Liu Hai… could use everything about the environment to control the battle perfectly. He didn’t give his opponent a chance when defending. As long as his opponent had any flaws, Liu Hai would seize them. Even if there were no flaws, Liu Hai could induce his opponent into creating them.

“A Transcendent 50% body? A Lv. 4 50% weapon technique?” Li Miaomiao was dumbfounded. “It’s not easy to break through to Lv. 4. The further one goes, the slower the improvement.”

“Yeah.” Xu Jingming nodded. “It’s much harder to cultivate at Lv. 4 than at Lv. 3.”

Nine days had passed.

Beam Transformation Spear only went from Lv. 4 47% to Lv. 4 53%. According to his past experience, an increase of 0% to 50% was usually relatively fast. The further one went, the slower it became. This time, his growth slowed down dramatically once he went slightly above 50%.

“My sword technique is only at the early stages of Lv. 2 ever since the virtual world launched.” Li Miaomiao shot a glance at her boyfriend. “Don’t act like Lv. 3 is easy.”

Xu Jingming immediately coaxed, “Everyone has different talents. Miaomiao, your talent is in singing.”

Li Miaomiao smiled before a message appeared on the projection.

“Jingming, there’s a world announcement,” Li Miaomiao said.

“World announcement?” Xu Jingming was surprised.

“100 people finally entered the third level’s Cosmos Ranking this evening. I guessed that the Earth Alliance would make a move,” Li Miaomiao said. “The announcement is finally here.”

Li Miaomiao zoomed in on the projection in front of her and carefully read the world announcement with her boyfriend.

1: From this moment onward, everyone in the world can follow experts on the Cosmos Ranking and watch their livestream.

2: The mission space will open a second building, ‘Martial Arts Center.’ Please head to the Martial Arts Center for the details.

“This is huge,” Li Miaomiao murmured. “It feels much more important than Global Crossfire.”

“There was only one building in the mission space—Cosmos Tower! Everything else was a patch of darkness, but there’s finally a second building. I wonder what this martial arts center is for,” Xu Jingming said.

There was no doubt about the Cosmos Tower’s influence.

The Martial Arts Center might be as important as Cosmos Tower.

“Both of these world announcements are very important.” Li Miaomiao pointed at the first one. “The first one says that everyone in the world can follow the experts on the Cosmos Ranking and watch their livestream. What does this mean?”

Xu Jingming was stunned.

“Only our country’s viewers can watch our ordinary livestreams,” Li Miaomiao said. “Including China’s official livestream channel—no matter how popular it is, it’s still watched by the Chinese only.”

“But it’s different for the 100 people on the Cosmos Ranking; their audience will be everyone in the world!” Li Miaomiao said. “Moreover, they will remain on the rankings for a long time. This is a natural advertisement spot.”

“These 100 people will quickly become popular streamers. Moreover, they will be streamers that have an audience across the globe.”

“As for the three people on the fourth level’s Cosmos Ranking—you, Master Liu Hai, and that Tejano—your popularity will be unprecedented,” Li Miaomiao exclaimed in surprise. “The popularity of your livestream might exceed that of many countries’ official livestreams.”

“Countless people from all over the world will watch a livestream,” Li Miaomiao said seriously. “This kind of influence is astonishing. Logically speaking, an individual’s influence should be restricted to prevent it from becoming ridiculous, but the Earth Alliance took the initiative to create such a situation.”

“Not only that…” Li Miaomiao thought to herself and said, “There are only so many viewers worldwide. They have to train and fight every day, so the time they have to watch livestreams is limited. The sudden appearance of 100 of you super livestreamers will hugely impact the global livestream market.”

“Hugely impact?” Xu Jingming listened.

“Live-streaming is like a pyramid; the strong are always strong. A hundred of you might occupy 50% of the global live-streaming market. This is equivalent to others having their market shrink,” Li Miaomiao said. “The impact is too great.”

“Quickly check the number of followers you have,” Li Miaomiao said. “In the past, the Cosmos Ranking was only a ranking, but the entire world can follow you now! The number of people following you will definitely soar.”

Xu Jingming gently tapped open the projection and checked. Even if he didn’t enter the virtual world, he could still carry out some basic operations, such as watching a livestream, checking his personal information, and contacting others.

“The number of viewers has increased so quickly.” Li Miaomiao looked at the number of followers and was a little stunned.. “Perhaps only the three of you can have such terrifying numbers in the entire world.”

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