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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 118 – World Top Three (2)

Chapter 118: World Top Three (2)

Translator: CKtalon

Strange stone mountains surrounded him, forming a peaceful valley that was like a utopia. Xu Jingming held a spear and very familiarly picked up a fist-sized rock on the grass before suddenly throwing it at the distant mountain.


The stone was like a cannonball as it instantly flew 700 to 800 meters away and shot into a mountain in the distance. It crashed into the mountain wall, and with a loud boom, it blasted open a crater that spanned half a meter, sending gravel flying.


There were originally ape roars in many of the surrounding mountain peaks, but with this loud bang, the ape roars turned silent.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Figures leaped out from various mountain peaks and drew huge arcs, either landing on trees or on the grass. More than ten apes appeared and glared at Xu Jingming with hostility.

“We’re old friends. I’ll be quick.” Xu Jingming’s body moved, and he charged out like a stream of light at full speed.

More than ten apes held black staffs. When they saw Xu Jingming charge over, their fur couldn’t help but stand on end. They instinctively surrounded him, wanting to fight him using their number advantage.

“Pfft.” A dark-red figure flashed, and an ape’s chest was penetrated. Xu Jingming had already moved past the ape and stabbed the next ape in the neck!

He killed two apes the moment they clashed.

Xu Jingming fully displayed the speed of Beam Transformation. His speed far exceeded that of ordinary apes, and his spearmanship was terrifyingly sharp. The apes couldn’t block with their staff techniques at all and collapsed one after another.

“Roar!” The remaining apes let out mournful wails, their voices filled with sorrow and fear.

Even a virtual opponent has such a high level of intelligence, Xu Jingming thought to himself. No matter how many times he cleared the Cosmos Tower’s fourth floor, these apes and the ape king would always appear. He even felt pity when he first encountered them.

But later on, he got used to it! After killing and turning them ethereal, they would appear again the next time he attempted the level!

Pu! Pu! Pu!

Wherever Xu Jingming’s figure passed, apes collapsed and turned ethereal.

When the ape king—whose fur was slightly red—appeared, it couldn’t help but be enraged when it saw this scene. It roared, and the remaining apes immediately retreated and hid far away.

“Couldn’t you have come out earlier?” Xu Jingming looked at the ape king and became much more serious.


The ape king’s figure flashed, transforming into a red figure that pounced at Xu Jingming. The latter turned into a dark-red blur and instantly charged forward, having the advantage in speed.

The two sides collided!

The ape king’s staff technique was heavy and agile.

Xu Jingming’s spear was fast!

Being fast… resulted in terrifying kinetic energy! Xu Jingming’s body and the spear’s kinetic energy perfectly fused, and every strike made the ape king feel pressured. It was forced to use its movement technique and rapidly dodge time and time again before counter-attacking!

Xu Jingming just kept attacking! He didn’t give the ape king a chance to catch its breath!

“Orh~ Orh~ Orh~” The ape king couldn’t help but let out an angry growl, its eyes filled with shock and anger.

Xu Jingming’s attacks became even more frenzied—that was the way with Beam Transformation! He gave up on many aspects of defense and purely used his attacks to drown the enemy. If the enemy could defend and counter-attack… he would probably be defeated!

A prolonged defense meant defeat!

Xu Jingming’s 31st strike on the ape king sliced through the beast’s left arm, leaving a gash. Xu Jingming’s eyes lit up, and he immediately advanced with another strike, his attacks even more ferocious.

He comboed one strike after another without stopping.

The ape king—who had its left arm injured—panicked a little. Its staff technique clearly weakened, and the force driving it was also weaker. It barely blocked two strikes before the 34th strike left a huge gash in its abdomen.

With its abdomen injured, the strength in its entire body plummeted!

At the 35th strike, the ape king tried its best to hold the staff horizontally in front of its chest, but it was still struck by Xu Jingming’s spear that was like a water dragon. The ape king’s staff was deflected, opening up a passage for the spear to stab into the ape king’s chest.

The ape king’s vitality was tenacious—it remained alive! At the same time its chest was penetrated, it swung its staff in a bid to strike Xu Jingming’s head.


The spear that had stabbed into the ape king’s chest suddenly sliced horizontally, slicing through most of the ape king’s chest, including its heart and lungs. The ape king’s strike weakened, and its eyes dimmed as its body turned ethereal.

Xu Jingming retracted his spear and watched the ape king disappear.

36 consecutive strikes! He killed the ape king!

It’s done. Xu Jingming heaved a sigh of relief.

“You have cleared the fourth level. Prepare to enter the fifth level of the Cosmos Tower.” A voice sounded in his ears. Xu Jingming’s armor and weapon became clean, and his stamina returned to its peak.

I’ll see what the opponents on the fifth level are, Xu Jingming thought.

The scene in front of him changed, and he arrived at the fifth level.

It was a beach, and a figure was lying on a chair comfortably, basking in the sun. There was also fruit juice and beverages beside him. This figure was a very handsome youth.

A human? Xu Jingming was surprised.

The very handsome human looked very handsome from the side. When he turned to look at Xu Jingming, his eyes couldn’t help but stir his heart.

A male human youth actually had such charm?

That is? Xu Jingming saw the youth lying there with a furry tail. His ears and face also had very light fur, and his eyebrows were silver.

The silver-browed youth looked at Xu Jingming and casually threw the few pebbles he was playing with in his left hand.

Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish!

There were a total of five pebbles, and all of them were faster than Xu Jingming could imagine. Xu Jingming had just reacted when the five pebbles passed through his body, and his body turned ethereal…

He was eliminated from the Cosmos Tower’s fifth floor!

The pebbles are so fast that I can’t block them in time? Xu Jingming was secretly dumbfounded.

Xu Jingming exited the Cosmos Tower and saw the names on the second Cosmos Ranking.

Cosmos Ranking (4th level)—

World Number One: Liu Hai (China)

World Number Two: Tejano Xire (Botswana)

World Number Three: Xu Jingming (China)


Xu Jingming returned to the martial arts arena in his personal space, where Li Miaomiao was still waiting.

“Jingming, I’ve already seen it.” Li Miaomiao was even more excited than her boyfriend. “The three of you cleared the Cosmos Tower in less than three hours. Oh right, what’s the fifth level of the Cosmos Tower? I’ve always been curious.”

“The fifth level?” Xu Jingming had a complicated expression. “It’s a human, but not a normal human.”

“Human?” Li Miaomiao was puzzled.

The first level consisted of wolves, the second level consisted of bears, the third level consisted of tigers, the fourth level consisted of intelligent apes, and the fifth level consisted of humans?

“Moreover, there might only be one person on the fifth level,” Xu Jingming guessed. “He also has a furry tail and very light fur on his face. Forget it; just watch the video!”

With that said, Xu Jingming pulled up the video of him challenging the Cosmos Tower’s fifth floor. Of course, he wouldn’t publicly release the battle scene; he was steamrolled.

“Wow!” Li Miaomiao’s eyes lit up. “How cool!”

“I wonder why the virtual world designed the opponent to be so handsome.” Xu Jingming was helpless. Even a man like him had his heart stirred when he saw him. He was the most handsome man he had ever seen, even including the ones on the Internet! The reason why he was so shocked was mainly because of his eyes—it bewitched his mind and will!

Li Miaomiao immediately coaxed, “Of course, in my heart, Jingming, you’re more handsome than him.”

“Don’t coax me. I know myself.” Xu Jingming shook his head.

The global media had long gone crazy. What day was it today?

In about two hours, Liu Hai, Tejano Xire, and Xu Jingming consecutively cleared the fourth level of Cosmos Tower! There was an hour’s gap between them, making the entire world feel… Could it be that they had discussed this beforehand?

“Three people cleared it one after another. Is the fourth level that easy?”

“Let’s wait and see. Perhaps a fourth person will clear it.”

“I finally understand Liu Hai and Tejano Xire’s strength. Just match it to Xu Jingming; the three of them are on the same level.”

“Perhaps another peerless expert will appear in the world to clear the fourth level!”

The entire world was paying attention.

In the past, people felt that the Cosmos Tower’s fourth level was out of reach because less than 100 people had cleared the third level. But what about today? Would there be a fourth person after the three consecutive clearings? A fifth person? Or even more?

There were many hidden talents all over the globe. It was hard to say.

People from all countries looked forward to it. Even smaller nations had ambitions.

“A country as small as Botswana can produce Tejano! Korea is much larger and has a population of tens of millions. Perhaps peerless geniuses will appear.”

“Warriors, charge! Charge past the fourth level of the Cosmos Tower, oorah!”

It was as if the entire Internet was celebrating a grand festival. Everyone was talking about Liu Hai, Tejano, and Xu Jingming.. At the same time, they were looking forward to the appearance of the fourth and fifth person.

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