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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 120 – : Martial Arts Center

Chapter 120: Martial Arts Center

Translator: CKtalon

Xu Jingming was a little surprised when he saw the rising number of followers. He remembered that he had more than 300 million followers yesterday, and of course, they were all from China.

The number of followers had now reached more than 800 million, and the number was still rising.

“The number of followers is indeed astonishing,” Xu Jingming said with a smile, “but following someone doesn’t cost a dime. Many people around the world are probably curious about me, so they followed me.”


“The three of you are far ahead, so you will definitely receive a lot of followers. Come, let’s quickly enter the virtual world,” Li Miaomiao urged as she picked up the VR headset.

“Alright.” Xu Jingming also put on his VR headset and entered the virtual world.

In the virtual world, in Xu Jingming’s personal space.

“Look at the settings for your livestream,” Li Miaomiao urged. “The livestream rules for the 100 of you will definitely be different from ours.”

Xu Jingming nodded and opened the livestream settings.

It has indeed become complicated. Xu Jingming perused the settings interface. It’s divided into Global Mode and China Mode.

Li Miaomiao also studied it and said in surprise, “Other than selling martial arts courses and getting tips, other commercial practices are prohibited in Global Mode? Violators will be first given a warning and subsequently be banned from Global Mode?”

Xu Jingming didn’t mind; he couldn’t be bothered to livestream himself.

“Jingming,” Li Miaomiao said in thought as she watched. “It looks like the Earth Alliance wants you to focus on martial arts. I understand the tips, but what does selling martial arts courses mean?”

“Don’t some experts record some pay-to-view martial arts videos?” Xu Jingming said. “This should be allowing the sale of martial arts courses.”

“No way! There are so many experts teaching for free on the spectator platform.” Li Miaomiao shook her head. “It feels a little special to specially propose ‘selling martial arts courses.’”

“Forget about these livestream features. Let’s take a look at the Martial Arts Center,” Xu Jingming said.

He wasn’t interested in live-streaming to begin with. He had no lack of money now; he had earned a total of 200 million from being on the Cosmos Ranking twice. In addition, the Firestarter Cup prize money, the two Global Crossfire matches he had participated in, and the enthusiastic tips from the audience…

Without spending time live-streaming, his income was already at the apex for a martial artist. He naturally didn’t want to be distracted and wanted to focus more on martial arts cultivation.

He was filled with anticipation for the second building in the mission space—the Martial Arts Center.

In the mission space, Xu Jingming appeared high above the world and looked down at the vast land.

More than 90% of the land was covered in black mist, and only the central area could be seen clearly. To the left was the Cosmos Tower, and to the right was a palatial building.

That should be the Martial Arts Center. Xu Jingming turned into a stream of light and landed in front of the palace.

The palace had a plaque with the words ‘Martial Arts Center’ on it.

No introductions? Xu Jingming walked into the Martial Arts Center in confusion.

On the first floor of the center were rooms with closed doors. There were names on each door—Alan Emelianenko, Lei Yunfang, Kiyori Toichi, Miyagawa Meishin… Fang Yu, Zhao Fan, Zhang Qing, Xiong Tianshan, Wang Yi… Yang Qingshuo…

What’s the meaning of this? Xu Jingming gently touched the door of the room with ‘Yang Qingshuo’ written on it. The moment he touched it, a notification appeared—”Teacher Yang Qingshuo has yet to give a lesson. Please wait.”

Xu Jingming touched the other rooms, and all of them displayed the same thing.

Xu Jingming thought and walked up the stairs to the second floor.

On the second floor, there were only three large rooms. On each door were the names of Liu Hai, Tejano Xire, and Xu Jingming respectively.

My name? Xu Jingming walked to the door and reached out to touch it.

“Welcome, room owner, Xu Jingming.” A voice sounded in Xu Jingming’s ears.


The door opened, and Xu Jingming walked in.

The room was empty as a cyan-robed woman appeared. She smiled and said, “Teacher Xu Jingming, welcome. I’m the guide of your Martial Arts Center.”

“What’s this room for?” Xu Jingming asked.

“It’s for you to give lectures,” the cyan-shirted woman said with a smile. “Life Evolution is an important process for the entire human civilization! The Earth Alliance has been thinking of ways to promote faster evolution for humans on Earth. Therefore, they set up a Martial Arts Center for the world’s leading martial arts experts to conduct lectures.”

“You just need to record a VR course,” the cyan-shirted woman said. “When it’s uploaded to the Martial Arts Center, this room will naturally produce a lecture scene. People around the world can enter this room to attend your course.”

Xu Jingming nodded.

“The first hour of the course is free. After watching the free classes, the audience will decide whether to pay for the subsequent classes,” the cyan-shirted woman said. “The subsequent classes have one uniform price regardless of length—1 Earth dollar.”

“The fees for all the Martial Arts Center’s courses are uniformly 1 Earth dollar,” the cyan-shirted woman said. “But after the course, the audience can rate the class from 0 to 10.”

“The number of payments and the evaluation multiplied will be your total score,” the cyan-shirted woman said. “The higher your total score, the greater your contribution to the life evolution of the entire Earth civilization.”

“The ten people with the highest contributions will also receive contribution points from the Earth Alliance,” the cyan-shirted woman said. “Every year before January 1, a tabulation will be made. First place will receive 100 contribution points, and the number of contribution points will subsequently decrease. Tenth place will receive 10 contribution points. 10 contribution points… can exchange for a complete Lv. 7 legacy.”

Xu Jingming was secretly surprised. Lv. 7 legacy?

He had received the country’s highest level of grooming by possessing the cosmic legend, Xuan, but it was only equivalent to a Lv. 8 legacy.

“Contribution points can be saved up for resources you want,” the cyan-shirted woman said with a smile. “Of course, you can also exchange them for money. One contribution point can be exchanged for 100 million Earth dollars, but Earth dollars can’t be exchanged for contribution points.”

“Contribution points represent contributions to the entire civilization,” the cyan-shirted woman said. “I also hope that you, Xu Jingming, can contribute to the entire civilization.”

Xu Jingming nodded slightly.

Xu Jingming’s possession of Xuan allowed him to understand how vast the universe was. He could understand how weak Earth’s civilization was in front of Xuan and how weak civilizations strived to become stronger.

As a member of the civilization, it was his duty to contribute his strength.

The Martial Arts Center is actually a place to teach all humans martial arts, Xu Jingming thought. The teachers are the world’s top experts.

“Please believe that the Earth Alliance will provide more resources than any country.” The cyan-shirted woman looked at Xu Jingming. “A Lv. 7 legacy is the lowest resource that the Earth Alliance provides. There are still plenty of magical resources. All countries around the world have no right to distribute them individually; they are allocated by the Alliance. There’s only one goal—to promote the evolution of all humans.”

Xu Jingming nodded slightly when he heard that.

The Earth Alliance was clearly more generous. It was only limited to the top ten contributors that were evaluated once a year.

“It’s my duty to contribute to the entire civilization,” Xu Jingming said.

The cyan-shirted woman smiled. “Under the mission space interface is the ‘Martial Arts Center’ interface! You can submit your VR course there or check your score ranking. The final ranking for this year’s points will end at 9 p.m. on December 31, Beijing time.”

Xu Jingming nodded.

The Cosmos Tower, the Martial Arts Center, and even the country’s secret grooming made Xu Jingming feel the urgency of Earth’s civilization.. They were thinking of ways to accelerate human evolution.

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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In 2036, humankind steps foot on Mars for the first time.


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