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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 113 – A Battle that Gains Worldwide Attention

Chapter 113: A Battle that Gains Worldwide Attention

Translator: CKtalon

When Li Miaomiao received the message, Xu Jingming was tempering his mind in a chamber on the second floor. This was his daily practice.

Xu Jingming sat on the ground. His mind was like celestial bodies, silent and eternal.

He naturally opened up his mind and sensed his surroundings, but he didn’t have a single thought. In this state, his body and his surroundings were unprecedentedly clear.


His mind was like a mirror that reflected everything.

Time passed, and the sun gradually moved west. It was already past four in the afternoon when Xu Jingming opened his eyes, got up, and left the chamber, habitually heading to the courtyard to practice his evolutionary method.

He would rigidly practice the evolutionary method three times a day—once in the morning, once in the evening, and again after dinner.

“Jingming,” Li Miaomiao shouted from the living room. “Director Zhou contacted us today.”

“Director Zhou?” Xu Jingming turned solemn. “Is there something important?”

“It’s Japan,” Li Miaomiao said. “Miyagawa Meishin made a challenge request through Japan’s officials. The date and time of the battle can be decided by us. Are you agreeable to his request?”

“Miyagawa Meishin?” Xu Jingming smiled.

Although he wasn’t that strong, he was indeed the most unpredictable person in the world. He was very suitable for honing his shield techniques.

“Agree to it,” Xu Jingming said.

Li Miaomiao’s eyes lit up. “Alright, a scheduled match requires a precise time—down to the second!”

“Then, let’s do it at 9:15:33 p.m. tonight.” Xu Jingming immediately gave a number.

When he entered the virtual world at night, Xu Jingming reserved a queue time in Global Crossfire and set it to 21:15:33 seconds. Then, he continued honing his shield techniques.

When the time was up, the system would automatically start the matching.

At this moment…

There were many Divine experts on the Global Crossfire platform, but the person closest to Xu Jingming’s strength was naturally Miyagawa Meishin, who was waiting in the queue at the same time. The virtual world naturally matched the two.

Xu Jingming appeared in the combat space out of thin air and saw his four teammates.

“Xu Jingming!” His four teammates were surprised, and they immediately turned their heads to look at the area opposite them.

Opposite them was the team from Japan, and there was a young man among them. The young man had a unique bearing and was also an extremely famous figure in the world. This surprised the four Chinese team members once again. “Miyagawa Meishin!”

“It’s Xu Jingming and Miyagawa Meishin’s battle! We actually found ourselves in this battle.”

Meanwhile, the four members of the Japan team were surprised and delighted. They gazed at Miyagawa Meishin with reverence and admiration before looking at Xu Jingming from afar.

Without a doubt, this was a battle at the apex! They were actually participating in it.

Xu Jingming and Miyagawa Meishin also looked at each other.

“Both parties have entered the preparation area.” In China’s official livestream, the host and two guests were a little excited. After all, they had hosted so many livestreams, and this livestream’s popularity was clearly much higher.

“Without a doubt, other than experts like Liu Hai who haven’t revealed their strength, Xu Jingming, Miyagawa Meishin, and Tiger Fussen should be the world’s highest standard among the other experts. The battle between Xu Jingming and Miyagawa Meishin… has also attracted the attention of the world.” The male guest, Jin Fan, was clearly more excited.

“Yes.” Liu Xin looked at the data and said, “The number of viewers around the world has broken a record, exceeding 4 billion! The major countries are live-streaming it.”

The number of viewers in China’s livestream was also rising.

As Global Crossfire had livestreams every now and then, the citizens were already numb to it. It was very difficult for the number of viewers in some competitions to exceed 100 million! However, it was Xu Jingming’s second time participating in Global Crossfire today.

Xu Jingming’s appeal was great, and with his opponent being Miyagawa Meishin, a large number of viewers came to the livestream, reaching 900 million.

“Xu Jingming completely crushed Alan Emelianenko last time. I felt great watching him. Xu Jingming will definitely beat up that kid from Japan in this battle!”

“Xu Jingming is invincible!”

“Xu Jingming has never disappointed me!”

Countless people were commenting.

After the battle with Alan, Xu Jingming’s fanatical fans clearly increased.

“Both parties will begin choosing weapons and equipment,” Liu Xin said. “Jin Fan, Sister Ju, who do you think has a higher chance of winning this battle?”

“It’s undoubtedly Xu Jingming!” the male guest, Jin Fan, immediately said. “Although Miyagawa Meishin has been growing stronger, he only managed to be on par with Xu Jingming recently. It’s not like Xu Jingming hasn’t improved at all. So… What, he chose shields?”

Liu Xin and Ju Wenqing also saw that Xu Jingming had chosen a spear and two shields.

“Xu Jingming only chose a spear in his last battle with Alan,” Jin Fan said with a frown. “But he chose to use a spear and shields this time. Since he has chosen them, he plans to use them. Xu Jingming’s shield strength is unknown.”

“There’s a limit to a person’s energy. There’s bound to be a difference in proficiency between spearmanship and shield,” Ju Wenqing stated. “He didn’t choose the weapon he’s best at and instead chose both weapons?”

The two guests felt that Xu Jingming wasn’t cautious enough.

Choosing what one was best at was being cautious! Fighting the enemy with all their might!

“Although I trust Xu Jingming, he might be a little careless in this battle,” Jin Fan said. “He can’t be careless against an opponent like Miyagawa Meishin.”

“What do you know!?”

“All you have to do is cheer him on. Don’t doubt my Xu Jingming!”

“Jin Fan that cheers is the best!”

Countless comments immediately targeted Jin Fan.

A male and female pairing hosted Japan’s official livestream.

“Xu Jingming is a very strong opponent. When he fought Alan Emelianenko, the strength he displayed was enough to shock us. Although he hasn’t fought in the past few days, he has probably improved a little. Our Miyagawa Meishin has to be extremely careful and put in more than 100% to deal with him,” the male host said seriously.

“Xu Jingming is already 29, while Miyagawa is only 17! In terms of potential, Miyagawa is much higher,” the female host said. “I believe that Miyagawa Meishin will leave Xu Jingming in the dust with time, but Miyagawa has to be careful presently.”


“What? Xu Jingming actually chose a spear and shield at the same time?” The male host was surprised. “He didn’t choose what he’s best at and instead chose two weapons? This Xu Jingming is too careless. His carelessness might very well result in him losing this battle quickly.”

As a host, he had streamed too many matches.

He discovered that in a one-on-one battle between experts worldwide, they relied on their best weapons. Typically, different weapons would work wonders in a five-member team battle, but now… The four teammates were clearly not worth Xu Jingming and Miyagawa Meishin disadvantaging themselves for cooperation.


“Miyagawa is so cute!”

“How is Miyagawa so strong!?”

Countless people in Japan were extremely excited.

At this moment, experts around the world were watching the livestreams of the various countries and the Earth Alliance.

Liu Hai, Tejano Xire, Tiger Fussen, Halu Singh, Merritt—the number one expert in the EU, Akinov—the number one genius in Russia, Lee Moonsoo—the number one expert in Korea, and the three kings of the martial arts world from the older generation—Riven Gullit, Kiyori Toichi, and the others—were all watching the battle in their respective official livestreams.

“Director, there are many opinions among the common folk these days,” the secretary said carefully. “I feel that with the strength of the world’s experts, a one-on-one battle competition might be more exciting. As for team battles? After all, it’s very difficult for countries to assemble a team of five members of the same strength.”

“China wasn’t the one who decided on the virtual world’s competition system,” Director Zhou said calmly as he watched the competition. “And the virtual world has only been launched for three months. We have to take a long-term vision. We have to see what happens in three years, 30 years, or even 300 years!”

“Yes.” The secretary nodded. “But can we create a one-on-one competition system other than the current competition rules?”

Director Zhou glanced at his secretary. “You’ve been with me for 30 years. You should understand that the Earth Alliance naturally has its reasons for making this decision.”

The secretary was stunned.

As the director’s personal secretary, he had access to many secrets and knew the director’s character very well. The director was actually a little unhappy when he said that he had been with him for 30 years.

“The battle has begun..” Director Zhou looked at the livestream—the ten experts had entered the combat map.

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