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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 112 – Xu Jingming and Liu Hai’s Goals

Chapter 112: Xu Jingming and Liu Hai’s Goals

Translator: CKtalon

I didn’t even deliberately practice my footwork, but it has already reached Lv. 4. Xu Jingming smiled. I have to thank Beam Transformation.

Beam Transformation itself came with movement techniques. After practicing Beam Transformation for a long time, Xu Jingming’s footwork became more and more brilliant. In addition, many of Astral Spear’s moves were matched with footwork.

His footwork naturally broke through to Lv. 4 through his arduous training of the two spear techniques.


The last time I attempted Cosmos Tower, I had a Transcendent 12% body, Xu Jingming thought. During my battle with the ape king, I relied on Beam Transformation’s indomitable edge to barely injure it.

My strength has increased quite a bit. I’ll give it another try. Xu Jingming was filled with fighting spirit.

After watching Miyagawa Meishin and Tiger Fussen’s match, he knew that these two were temporarily weaker than him and weren’t suitable opponents.

As for the ape king… It was a very strong opponent!


Xu Jingming arrived in the mission space and landed in front of Cosmos Tower. He looked at the huge Cosmos Ranking—there were 83 names.

This is the third level’s Cosmos Ranking. It’s more interesting to get on the fourth level’s rankings. Xu Jingming walked into the Cosmos Tower.

Moments later.

Xu Jingming appeared outside the tower in dejection, wearing a helpless expression.

I lost again. Although Xu Jingming was unhappy, he knew the difference in strength. When using Beam Transformation, my speed can match that of the ape king, but my agility and strength are inferior. In combat… I’m still at a slight disadvantage.

It’s far from enough to kill the ape king. This ape king is too agile, Xu Jingming thought. I need to have the advantage and rely on Beam Transformation’s speed to catch it off-guard and kill it with a single strike!

I have to be stronger. Xu Jingming looked at his personal combat strength interface. In terms of skills, his shield technique was only at Lv. 3 99%.

I’ll have my shield technique break through to Lv. 4 first! Xu Jingming thought.

The next thing to focus on was shield techniques.

There were benefits to cultivating two weapons. This was because different weapons had different methods of force delivery and different combat styles! For example, if one’s spearmanship reached a bottleneck, they might glean different insights from practicing shield techniques.

If he focused only on one path and entered a bottleneck, he might not even realize it.

By using both paths to verify each other, he could go further.

In the martial arts arena in his personal space, Xu Jingming started setting up training mode on the interface: “Meteor Descent.”

At the same time, he reached out and held a round shield in each hand.

“Begin!” Xu Jingming looked up at the sky.

Meteors in the sky tore through the sky at an extremely fast speed and crashed into the canyon where Xu Jingming was.

Every meteor varied in size as they burned with flames. Some were ten meters in diameter, and some were as small as a basketball. These meteors reached sonic speeds and had terrifying might.


Xu Jingming used his movement technique in the canyon and constantly dodged. If he couldn’t dodge, he used his shield to block. He didn’t dare to clash with the meteors head-on and could only try his best to deflect the force.

He could only deflect the force of small meteors. He didn’t even dare to touch the larger meteors that were more than a meter in diameter. Once he did, the impact was enough to pulverize him.

Instantly, a flurry of meteors landed, and the canyon trembled under the impact. The shockwaves spread in all directions, and Xu Jingming kept moving in the canyon, his shield constantly blocking…

Suddenly, Xu Jingming failed to dodge in time and was struck by a meteor that was nearly ten feet in diameter. The moment it hit—

All the meteors in the world came to a halt.

According to the training mode, the meteors would stop moving as long as Xu Jingming was killed.


The ethereal Xu Jingming returned to normal.

My movement technique isn’t fast enough, and my shield technique is lacking as well. Xu Jingming walked to a spot where there were fewer meteors and looked up. “Continue!”

The originally stationary meteors continued falling.

Training continued.

Liu Hai also watched Miyagawa Meishin and Tiger Fussen’s match, but he didn’t have any intention of challenging them. Then, he also went to the Cosmos Tower’s fourth floor to fight.

Moments later, he came out after being trampled by the ape king.

This ape king is too cunning. Liu Hai looked up at Cosmos Tower. Its speed and agility are above mine. Although it is too valiant and has revealed many flaws, it is extremely agile. I can’t target its flaws.


I have to be stronger to have the confidence to seize its flaws and bring it under my control. When that happens, I’ll have the confidence to kill it. Liu Hai’s goal had always been to defeat the ape king.

Compared to the world’s experts, the ape king was more challenging.

The fourth level of Cosmos Tower is quite difficult. Liu Hai returned to his personal space and continued studying the Lv. 8 legacy.


Xu Jingming, Liu Hai, and Tejano Xire didn’t participate in Global Crossfire again.

However, there was one person who participated often. Furthermore, he was extremely dazzling, leaving the entire world in shock.

It was Miyagawa Meishin!

After a narrow defeat in a battle with Tiger Fussen on October 21, Miyagawa Meishin requested to fight Riven Gullit, the top-ranked warrior from the EU, on October 22. He had an absolute advantage in this battle. After fighting for a minute, he killed Riven Gullit without suffering any injuries and obtained victory.

On October 23, he scheduled a fight with the number one expert in India, Halu Singh. This battle was much more intense. Halu Singh’s evolutionary method had also reached Transcendent, and his pair of scimitars carried a strange charm, making Miyagawa Meishin suffer. There was even a time when he was at a disadvantage.

But in the end…

Miyagawa Meishin’s footwork had also broken through to Lv. 4, causing his movement technique to become even more bizarre and terrifying. He defeated Halu Singh!

His terrifying movement technique surprised viewers from all over the world. They believed that his strength had probably exceeded Tiger Fussen! It was very likely that he had also exceeded Xu Jingming, and he was the unspoken world number one.

In the martial arts arena in Miyagawa Meishin’s space in Japan.

In the forest, the wind was blowing in silence. Only Miyagawa Meishin sat cross-legged alone.

Suddenly, an elder arrived silently.

“Meishin, congratulations on improving your kendo,” the elder said.

Miyagawa Meishin sat cross-legged in the forest. At this moment, he opened his eyes and asked, “Mr. Sato, you guys are able to know about my breakthrough. Do you know the strength of all the experts in the world?”

“I’m sorry,” the elder said. “In the Earth Alliance, only the five council members have the right to check the combat strength data of everyone in the world. Japan doesn’t have the right. We can only know the combat strength data of everyone in the country.”

Miyagawa Meishin nodded slightly.

“You haven’t scheduled a fight in the past two days, Meishin,” the elder said. “Now that you have broken through with your kendo, do you want to schedule a fight?”

“You guys are more proactive than me,” Miyagawa Meishin said.

“No…” The elder immediately said, “We’re just concerned about you.”

“I plan on scheduling a match, but I don’t know who to challenge,” Miyagawa Meishin said.

“Across the world, Liu Hai hasn’t participated in a single Global Crossfire battle, and Tejano Xire only fought two matches in the beginning. His strength isn’t clear,” the elder said. “Only Tiger Fussen and Xu Jingming are suitable opponents for you.”

“I’ve fought Tiger Fussen,” Miyagawa Meishin said.

“Xu Jingming might be more dangerous,” the elder said. “The strength he displayed when he defeated Alan Emelianenko was on par with you. His current strength might be above yours!”

“It’s precisely because of this that it’s worth challenging him!” Miyagawa Meishin’s eyes were filled with fighting spirit. “I’ve never cared about losing. As long as I can gain experience and become stronger, losing the battle will be very meaningful.”

The elder nodded and asked, “When do you plan on fighting him?”

Miyagawa Meishin said, “Naturally… as soon as possible.”

The elder nodded. “Then, I’ll immediately contact China’s officials to discuss this battle.”

“Sorry to trouble you, Mr. Sato,” Miyagawa Meishin said.

“It’s my honor to serve you.” The elder got up and left.

Miyagawa Meishin’s influence in Japan was too great. He was admired by everyone and was the strongest blade god in Japan. Everyone in Japan believed that Miyagawa Meishin would become world champion.

And now, Miyagawa Meishin showed such promise!

Miyagawa Meishin sat alone in the forest, listening to the wind in his ears with a distant look in his eyes.

Compared to the great existence in the cosmic legend, the experts on Earth are nothing, Miyagawa Meishin thought to himself. That’s the direction I should be pursuing.


Miyagawa Meishin got up and extended his hand, holding a blade in each hand.

“Thousand Arrows Training Mode begin!” Miyagawa Meishin ordered.

Immediately, countless arrows shot from all directions in the forest at Miyagawa Meishin. His figure turned into a blur as he moved among the countless arrows, occasionally swinging his blade to block.

In reality, in the living room.

Li Miaomiao received a transmission call, and Director Zhou appeared on the projection.

“Mr. Zhou.” Li Miaomiao immediately got up, feeling a little surprised.

“I tried contacting Xu Jingming but failed,” Director Zhou said with a smile.

“Jingming isn’t in the virtual world. He’s tempering his mind and has shut out all communications,” Li Miaomiao immediately explained. “He said that I can only wake him up for something important.”

Director Zhou nodded. “Here’s the thing. Japan’s officials have sent news that their Miyagawa Meishin wants to challenge Xu Jingming. It’s up to Xu Jingming when.”

“Understood,” Li Miaomiao said.

“There’s no need to disturb Xu Jingming. Tell him this news when he’s done tempering his mind,” Director Zhou said. “Let me know when he confirms the scheduled battle.”

“Understood..” Li Miaomiao nodded and hung up.

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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