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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 111 – Disappointment

Chapter 111: Disappointment

Translator: CKtalon

That night, in the stands of China’s official livestream, Xu Jingming and his girlfriend, Li Miaomiao, watched this battle that attracted the attention of the entire world.

Miyagawa Meishin versus Tiger Fussen!

The popularity of this battle even exceeded that of Xu Jingming versus Alan! After all, Tiger Fussen had never been matched in Global Crossfire. Without Liu Hai, Tiger Fussen—who was ranked second on the Cosmos Ranking—was the most famous.


Even if China’s citizens were very confident in Xu Jingming, they didn’t have full confidence on the question of who was stronger between him and Tiger Fussen; they felt that they would only know after a fight!

Miyagawa Meishin, on the other hand, had won consecutive battles. Coupled with his 17 years of age, many people around the world began to believe that his talent might be world number one! He might be a genius that surpassed Tejano Xire.

Miyagawa Meishin and Tiger Fussen had arranged a public battle, and more than 100 countries around the world were live-streaming it! More than 3.5 billion people were watching.

“It’s starting.” Xu Jingming and Li Miaomiao watched the livestream of the battle.

The combat map was the forest.

In the post-rain forest, Tiger Fussen—who cultivated Giant Bear Evolution to Transcendent—had his originally stocky and muscular physique become even more astonishing. His height reached 2.35 meters, making him resemble an upright bear! He wore heavy armor and held a pair of huge axes.

A single ax weighing more than 300 kilograms was easy for Tiger Fussen.

“According to the promotions from the United States of America, Tiger Fussen’s two axes weigh 600 kilograms,” Li Miaomiao said.

“With a Transcendent body, an ax is meaningless if it’s light,” Xu Jingming said. “My spear is now 360 kilograms. Tiger Fussen cultivates Giant Bear Evolution, so he walks the path of overwhelming strength. Such an ax is nothing to him.”

“Nothing?” Li Miaomiao was dumbfounded.

“The heavier the weapon, the better. If he can’t control it perfectly, his delivery of the ax will slow down, and his strength will decrease.” Xu Jingming watched.

“Then, who do you think will win?” Li Miaomiao asked.

“The two of them are very strong. It depends on their improvisation.” Xu Jingming observed.

The battle erupted.

Miyagawa Meishin wore close-fitting soft armor and held dual blades.

The weapon used in Japan was a blade, and the blade body was usually long and narrow, making it easy to chop. But in Japan, they preferred to call their blade techniques ‘kendo.’


Miyagawa Meishin’s figure flashed, turning into a phantom that lunged at Tiger Fussen.

“Haha…” Tiger Fussen—who was stocky and muscular like a bear—smiled. He delivered the ax in his left hand to Miyagawa Meishin’s chest.

With the weight of the ax, Miyagawa Meishin’s body would be in tatters if it were to touch him.

Miyagawa Meishin was as agile as a phantom and easily dodged the ax, but it strangely struck him.

It was obvious that Tiger’s first move was defensive—an open move. The other ax was a sneak attack that was as fast as lightning.


Miyagawa Meishin immediately struck the ax with his two blades, borrowing the incoming force to retreat more than 20 meters in a flash before landing on a tree branch.

“You dodged pretty quickly.” Tiger Fussen charged over, and his movement speed was also close to 120 meters per second.

As for Miyagawa Meishin, he quickly threw his opponent off with a flash.

Miyagawa Meishin—who cultivated Shadow Leopard Evolution—could reach 135 meters per second. In terms of speed and agility, he completely surpassed Tiger Fussen.

As Xu Jingming watched this battle, he thought about how he would deal with them if he was their opponent.

“Jingming, you often say that having the advantage in speed and agility means you have the initiative in combat,” Li Miaomiao explained. “Does that mean that Miyagawa Meishin has the advantage? He can attack and retreat whenever he wants, but Tiger Fussen can’t touch him at all.”

“Tiger Fussen’s dual ax technique has Master’s Taiji Yin-Yang charm,” Xu Jingming said. “When defending, the two axes are like two doors. Most importantly, he’s wearing heavy armor, so he only needs to defend his head. Therefore… it’s very difficult for Miyagawa Meishin to injure Tiger Fussen.”

Li Miaomiao said, “But it’s also very difficult for Tiger Fussen to hit Miyagawa Meishin.”

“That’s right.” Xu Jingming nodded. “It’s just that the combat map will shrink over time, forcing them to determine a winner! Therefore, if Miyagawa Meishin wants to win, he has to use his spatial advantage in the early stages to win as soon as possible. Once this drags out, he will be in danger.”

“I’ve gathered information on Miyagawa Meishin,” Li Miaomiao said. “I heard that Miyagawa Meishin often practiced blade techniques with his eyes covered when he was in his high school’s Kendo Society. He competes with a group of teammates from the Kendo Society with his eyes covered… This person is very sensitive at close range!”

“With his Shadow Leopard’s evolutionary method reaching Transcendent, a Lv. 4 blade technique, and his talent, he’s indeed very strong.” Xu Jingming nodded, but his eyes were filled with a hint of disappointment.

This battle was actually a stalemate. Tiger Fussen didn’t have any advantage.

Tiger Fussen is weaker than I expected. He was always on par with Master for a long period of time, Xu Jingming thought.

On the first day of Cosmos Tower’s launch, only his master and Tiger Fussen cleared it. He came to watch this battle because of Tiger Fussen.

Time passed.

In this battle, Tiger Fussen charged forward in an extremely domineering manner. His defense didn’t have any flaws.

Miyagawa Meishin completely had the advantage in terms of speed and agility; he could retreat and attack whenever he wanted! Even when weapons collided, he could still deflect the force without giving Tiger Fussen a chance.

Ten minutes after the battle, the forest map’s activity range began to shrink. The spectating teammates were forced to fight.

The range of activity became smaller and smaller. 300 meters, 200 meters, 100 meters…

The smaller the area, the worse the situation for Miyagawa Meishin, who had the advantage in speed and agility.


Miyagawa Meishin also charged forward with all his might.

His movement technique was unpredictable, and his two blades were filled with killing intent. It became a melee battle that was more dangerous.


Miyagawa Meishin couldn’t perfectly deflect the force at close range every time. The recoil caused blood to flow from the corner of his mouth.

Moreover, there were ultimately times he failed from all the risks he took every time.

Just as Miyagawa Meishin jolted from an impact, causing him to spread out his arms and open up his torso for an attack, Tiger suddenly swung his ax!

Miyagawa Meishin turned ethereal and dissipated.

Tiger Fussen eventually won this battle!

“This battle was exciting.” On the commentary platform, the male guest, Jin Fan, exclaimed in surprise. “Although Miyagawa Meishin suffered a regretful loss, it’s obvious that… Miyagawa Meishin wasn’t disadvantaged in the first ten minutes! His movement technique is so fast and agile that he’s at the apex of Global Crossfire. His two blades are also unpredictable, forcing Tiger Fussen to defend often. Most importantly, he’s only 17! His potential is truly astonishing.”

“It’s impressive for the 17-year-old Miyagawa Meishin to fight Tiger Fussen to this extent.”

Including the comment section, countless people in China recognized Miyagawa Meishin’s strength.

This battle… It proved that Miyagawa Meishin and Tiger Fussen were on the same level. If not for the virtual world’s restrictions, causing the map to narrow in ten minutes and forcing Miyagawa Meishin to risk his life, it was unknown who would win.

“Of the few matches we’ve seen in Global Crossfire, only Tiger Fussen and Miyagawa Meishin can match our Xu Jingming.”

“Liu Hai hasn’t appeared yet. Tejano Xire participated in two matches in the beginning, but his strength is uncertain. To be able to determine his strength… It feels like Xu Jingming, Tiger Fussen, and Miyagawa Meishin are ranked in the world’s top three.”

“Miyagawa Meishin is Xu Jingming’s greatest opponent. He’s only 17.”

“Of the ten most dazzling experts in the world, Miyagawa Meishin is the youngest. He’s 17… He hasn’t even reached the legal age in China!”

“In the battle just now, Miyagawa Meishin’s maximum speed reached 135 meters per second—he’s even faster than Xu Jingming! Can Xu Jingming win against him?”


“Logically speaking, victory is unpredictable. Miyagawa Meishin is too fast, and his dual blades work in perfect tandem.”

“Liu Hai is the same. He hasn’t participated at all. It’s making us nervous!”

All kinds of comments appeared, but it was obvious that people in China felt threatened by Miyagawa Meishin.

“Let’s go.” Xu Jingming got up.

“How was this battle?” Li Miaomiao asked.

“Miyagawa’s strength is clearly as I expected.” Xu Jingming nodded. “Tiger Fussen is weaker than I expected.”

In the martial arts arena in his personal space.

Xu Jingming sighed slightly. I thought Tiger Fussen would be a strong opponent, but unfortunately…

He had been searching for a suitable opponent for a scheduled battle. From the looks of it, Tiger Fussen wasn’t the opponent he needed.

Xu Jingming reached out and opened his personal combat strength interface—

Genetic Evolutionary Method: Heavenly Python Evolution (Transcendent 33%) (368 days of practice. No room for improvement)

Physique: 532

Technique: Beam Transformation Spear Technique (Lv. 4 31%), Astral Spear Technique (Lv. 4 15%), Footwork (Lv. 4 5%), Shield Technique (Lv. 3 99%)

Basic Combat Strength: 36176

Combat Bonus: 60%

Combat Strength: 57882

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Score 7.5
Status: Ongoing Artist:
In 2036, humankind steps foot on Mars for the first time.


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