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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 114 – Xu Jingming vs. Miyagawa Meishin

Chapter 114: Xu Jingming vs. Miyagawa Meishin

The map was the modern city, and Xu Jingming and the others landed everywhere.


Miyagawa Meishin leaped from one building to another, and after a few jumps, he arrived at the top of the tallest residential building in the area. He scanned his surroundings, searching for Xu Jingming.

Soon, Miyagawa Meishin saw Xu Jingming appear on an empty street in the distance. The latter looked up and locked onto Miyagawa Meishin.



Miyagawa Meishin leaped down and gently landed on the roof of a residential building that was more than 80 meters tall. He even used the wall of the residential building opposite him, stomping on it before bending his knees slightly to cushion the impact.

Although the ground trembled, Miyagawa Meishin brushed off the impact.


After landing, Miyagawa Meishin turned in a blur and charged straight for Xu Jingming.

On the street, Xu Jingming stood still and waited silently. Soon, he saw a ghostly figure appear in a corner in the distance.

In two blinks, he was already slightly more than 100 meters away.

The ghostly figure stopped—it was Miyagawa Meishin. He stared at Xu Jingming as if the latter were the only opponent in the world.

Xu Jingming reached out and took out the pair of shields on his back, holding one in each hand.

“Shields?” Miyagawa Meishin frowned. “Xu Jingming, you want to fight me with shields?”

“I’ve participated in two Global Crossfire matches. I used spear techniques in the last match, but I want to use shield techniques this match.” Xu Jingming gazed at his opponent. “Why? Do you think you can defeat my shield techniques?”

“Hmph.” Miyagawa Meishin snorted coldly, and his eyes turned colder.

Since this Chinese man was so arrogant, he would beat him up so badly that he had to give up his shields and exchange them for a spear.

“Prepare yourself.” Miyagawa Meishin’s figure flashed, and he turned into a ghostly afterimage as he lunged at Xu Jingming. The moment he approached, he instantly drew his blade!

Blade Draw!

Moreover, they were dual blades! The two blades’ Blade Draw could produce many changes. For example, Miyagawa Meishin’s drawing at different speeds allowed him to change the subsequent strike according to the defense the enemy put up.


Xu Jingming suddenly charged forward, slamming his dual shields forward like two planets.

Cracking the magnificent with brute force!

Regardless of how magnificent the Dual Blade Draw was, two shields were enough to block a large area of space. A shield charge would still gain the advantage.

Huh? Faced with the crushing might of the shield, the blade beam collided with the shield with extreme gentleness. Miyagawa Meishin’s figure flashed and dodged more than ten meters away, his expression extremely solemn.

Xu Jingming’s shield techniques previously used China’s Eight Extremities Fist as the core, and it was violent and fierce. However, the shield strike just now… felt like two vast planets were crushing down on me. It’s heavier and more oppressive. Miyagawa Meishin sensed the terrifying might of Xu Jingming’s shield technique the moment they clashed.

“Dodging?” Xu Jingming glanced at him and took a step forward, turning into a dark-red afterimage as he charged over. Once Xu Jingming moved, he exuded a feeling like a stream of light—it was very fluid and fast.

This was the Lv. 4 footwork that had broken through using the foundation of Beam Transformation.

What speed. Miyagawa Meishin’s figure flashed.


The shield passed through Miyagawa Meishin’s afterimage and crashed into the wall. The concrete wall exploded, producing a huge crater.

Xu Jingming moved his feet and charged out again, the shield in his hands repeatedly smashing out like two planets as he chased after Miyagawa Meishin!

Let’s see you use your profound blade techniques! I’ll just keep smashing, right at your blades!

It was terrifying every time he smashed forward with the shield. The concrete and steel rods shattered, and the rocks that flew out were like cannonballs.

It was obvious how fierce Xu Jingming’s shield techniques were.

“Wow, that’s fierce!”

“Xu Jingming’s shield techniques are too fierce! He’s chasing after Miyagawa Meishin!”

The Chinese were thrilled.

It was different from the sharpness of his spearmanship! Xu Jingming’s shield technique was a mighty frontal crush! The pressure was even greater, causing the enemy to either be crushed to death or flee!

“Everyone, look. Other than Xu Jingming’s ferocious shield techniques, everyone has to notice that he’s also very fast.” The male guest, Jin Fan, pointed at the data displayed by the virtual world. “Look at this pursuit. Xu Jingming reached 139 meters per second at maximum speed! This speed is even higher than that of Miyagawa Meishin!”

“China’s Xu Jingming is too domineering. His movement is like lightning, and his shields keep smashing over. Miyagawa can only dodge now.” The male and female hosts in Japan’s official livestream were a little anxious.

The citizens of Japan became even more worried.

Why was their Miyagawa Meishin at a disadvantage the moment they clashed?


I can’t defeat him in a head-on clash. As Miyagawa Meishin was being pursued, he immediately understood this. I have to use all my strength and play to my strengths to have a chance of winning.

In the beginning, he felt that Xu Jingming was humiliating him by using shield techniques, so he wanted to fight the latter head-on and force him to use his spearmanship. But from the looks of it, he couldn’t win by force.


Miyagawa Meishin changed his strategy. His figure turned unpredictable, and with a few changes in his movement technique, Xu Jingming found it difficult to chase after him.

How slippery. He’s also fast at changing directions. Xu Jingming frowned slightly. His speed was fast when going in straight lines! When he unleashed his speed instantaneously, he charged forward like lightning or a beam of light! After changing directions, he charged in a straight line again.

As for Miyagawa Meishin, he was like a gust of wind. His movement trajectory was a curve, and it kept changing. Xu Jingming couldn’t chase up to him after he blinked away a few times.

This is my true strength! Miyagawa Meishin’s fighting spirit surged. His movement technique was like the wind, and the moment he approached Xu Jingming, a blade beam suddenly lit up.

Xu Jingming charged out with his dual shields, but Miyagawa Meishin had already circled around him.

At this moment, Miyagawa Meishin was like a hunter, constantly circling Xu Jingming and searching for an opportunity to strike. He would deliver a strike or two when the opportunity arose and retreat when there was no chance.

What a fast strike. Xu Jingming also felt the pressure. He couldn’t determine when the other party would strike.

Japan’s blades were light weapons that were known for their speed. Once the strike was delivered, Xu Jingming had to focus on blocking with his shield.

This way, Xu Jingming would reveal his flaws.

That was, his shield technique hadn’t reached Lv. 4.

Some of my shield techniques—Crush, Smash, and other moves—have reached Lv. 4, but it hasn’t broken through overall. The changes in my moves aren’t fluid and natural enough. Xu Jingming felt the flaws in his shield technique even more in the face of the other party’s unpredictable blade beams.

He was working hard to eliminate these flaws.

After all, his Beam Transformation Spear, Astral Spear, and footwork had reached Lv. 4. His control over his body was very high. As long as he tried his best, he would slowly get used to the force delivery, allowing him to perfect his shield technique gradually.

“China’s Xu Jingming is completely on the defensive! Miyagawa has been attacking the entire time.” The official livestream of Japan boiled over. The two hosts and countless citizens were excited.

“Miyagawa has completely grasped the initiative; he can attack and retreat whenever he wants. Xu Jingming can only rely on shield techniques to prioritize defense,” the male host said excitedly. “Shields are good at defense to begin with. When the two shields work together… Xu Jingming can barely hold on! But as long as he makes a single mistake, Miyagawa’s blade will be able to slice through his throat.”

“Miyagawa has the absolute advantage in this battle,” the female host said excitedly.

“Xu Jingming’s shield techniques are still a little weak; he’s at a disadvantage now,” Jin Fan said anxiously in China’s official livestream. “The situation will definitely be much better if he uses a spear.”

“He’s indeed on the defensive with his shields.” Liu Xin was also extremely worried.

The Chinese citizens watched nervously. Regardless, they supported their country’s experts.

Liu Hai was a little surprised when he saw this scene. Jingming’s explosive speed is actually higher than that of Miyagawa Meishin, but his agility is inferior. However, he practices Heavenly Python Evolution! Miyagawa Meishin practices Shadow Leopard Evolution, yet Jingming has the advantage in speed? Then, his overall strength should be far above Miyagawa Meishin.

Tejano Xire was in the Earth Alliance’s livestream. This was because many smaller countries didn’t have official livestreams. Citizens from these countries watched the Earth Alliance’s livestream.

Crack! Crack!

Tejano Xire chewed on an apple and watched the battle. They aren’t on the same level at all. This Xu Jingming from China is just practicing his shield techniques!


And at this moment, Miyagawa Meishin—who was in combat—felt it acutely. Although he repeatedly attacked in close combat, he failed every time.

I’ve tried dozens of times to find an opportunity, but I fail every time. His shields clearly aren’t fluid enough, but his reaction speed and his body are too fast. He can completely make up for his flaws. Miyagawa Meishin understood this.. Speed, strength, reaction… He’s above me in every aspect! My combat strength is 45,000, but his true combat strength is at least 55,000!

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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