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After Transmigrating as a Demon, I’ve Been Adopted by Angels! Volume – Chapter 328 – Raphael, I Can Answer Your Questions!

Chapter 328: Raphael, I Can Answer Your Questions!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

What Vontel did for Paradise Island and the dragons was worth it.

Vontel first saved many angel and dragon warriors in the space explosion that the demon had planned. Then, he helped all the angel and dragon warriors on Paradise Island to increase their strength.

Then, Vontel led everyone to attack the demon world and killed the demon who caused the space explosion.

Now, Vontel even wanted to resurrect the dead.

Raphael and Sarafini understood that Vontel’s goal was to go to the ancient mythical battlefield to save Davis and Lilia.

Otherwise, Vontel would not have bothered to help them increase their strength.

This seemingly selfless spirit impressed Raphael and Sarafini.

This was the real reason why Raphael, especially Sarafini, was willing to lower herself to speak to Vontel.

Otherwise, they would not have spoken to Vontel like that.

When Vontel heard Raphael and Sarafini’s words, she understood what Raphael and Sarafini were thinking.

Hence, she could not help but sneer in her heart.

Raphael and Sarafini did not know her real purpose at all.

Vontel only wanted to borrow the power fluctuations caused by everyone when they advanced to the next level. It was not as selfless as it seemed on the surface.

Hence, Vontel said faintly,?“There’s no need for you to do anything extra. You just need to use the spell that I taught you to rebuild your bodies well, and do your best to cast that spell on the soul that I summoned.”

As soon as Vontel finished speaking, Raphael and Sarafini both nodded heavily.

At this moment, there was no need to say anything else.

After Vontel saw Raphael and Sarafini’s reaction, she did not waste any more words. Instead, she directly extended both of her hands toward the soul light cluster in the sky.

After Vontel extended both of her hands… the soul light cluster in the sky immediately flew toward Vontel at an extremely fast speed.

Vontel smiled at the soul light clusters.

The souls were in excellent condition.

Most of the souls were intact.

Only a small number of the souls of the angels and dragon warriors needed some simple repairs.

When the soul light cluster approached her, Vontel extended a finger and casted an invisible spell.

Then, the soul light cluster was divided into two parts by Vontel.

One part of the soul light cluster shone with a faint blue light. It was very eye-catching and very large.

The other part of the soul light cluster was very dim. There was almost no light.

However, because of Vontel’s spell the sky remained dark and the smaller soul light cluster could be seen by Raphael and Sarafini.

As the two soul lights approached Vontel, they continued to condense and shrink.

In the end, they actually shrank into two balls of light the size of an egg.

Vontel felt the two balls of light, and she felt her heart surge.

After Vontel fused with Davis’ blood, his perception of soul power had greatly increased.

When the light ball became the size of an egg, Vontel could now feel the state of every soul in the light ball.

The souls were all in good condition.

After Vontel connected to Davis’ system, she did not gain any substantial improvements.

However, Davis ‘system gave Vontel a lot of practical knowledge.

Vontel learned a way to efficiently repair souls.

At this moment, holding two soul light clusters, Vontel was even a little nervous.

Ever since she met Davis, Vontel had seen a lot of new things and when facing the unknown, Vontel was no different from an ordinary person.

She would also be nervous and hesitate.

It was just that she recovered much faster.

In an instant, Vontel adjusted her state of mind and calmed down.

She released the soul power in her body toward the small soul light cluster and used her soul power to distinguish those two.

Due to the improvement of Vontel’s soul power and her ability to control soul power,?the process of separating many souls that would have taken a long time was completed by Vontel in an instant.

Thus, many souls appeared around Vontel, up to thousands of souls.

They all had different forms, and they were all souls that had died in that terrifying spatial explosion.

Some souls had lost their arms, some had lost their heads, some had their wings broken, and some had no human form at all.

Among them, the souls of the angels were in the form of angels, while the souls of the dragons were in the form of smaller dragons.

After those souls appeared, the sky became even darker due to Vontel deliberately increasing the power of his spells. It was so dark that it was almost impossible to see one’s fingers, which made those souls even more obvious.

Those souls were divided into two parts by Vontel. They gathered around Raphael and Sarafini like fireflies.

The souls around Raphael were all in the form of angels, and there were more of them.

As for those around Sarafini, they were all souls in the form of dragons, and there were fewer of them.

After doing all this, Vontel said to Raphael and Sarafini,?“Raphael, Sarafini, now you have to cast that body-remodeling spell on these damaged souls to help those poor souls return to normal.”

However, Raphael was completely confused.

“Lord Vontel, isn’t that spell a body-remodeling spell? Could it also be used on souls?”

After hearing Raphael’s words, Vontel did not answer. Instead, he looked at Raphael with a half-smile and gave Sarafini a strange look.

After Sarafini saw Vontel’s gaze, she said to Raphael,?“Raphael, are you confused? If Lord Vontel asks us to do something, we will do it. Are you questioning Lord Vontel?”

After Sarafini finished speaking, Raphael wanted to say something, but he hesitated.

This was because Raphael felt that what Sarafini said made sense.

However, he was still very confused.

Raphael had a habit. He would never cast spells with unclear effects.

This was because when healing the injured, casting unknown spells was equivalent to testing new spells on the injured. In Raphael’s eyes, that was a very irresponsible and dangerous act. Raphael was very disgusted by that kind of behavior.

Thus, Raphael still replied,?“But, I think…”

However, Raphael did not finish his sentence.

Sarafini immediately interrupted Raphael when she saw the impatient look in Vontel’s eyes.

“Raphael, I think I can answer the question you asked.”𝒇𝑟𝐞𝐞w𝐞𝑏𝙣𝑜vℯl.co𝑚

After Transmigrating as a Demon, I’ve Been Adopted by Angels!

After Transmigrating as a Demon, I’ve Been Adopted by Angels!

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"Reincarnated into the World of Magic as a demon, the last thing Davis expected was to grow up right amidst the arms of angels. Ever since the group of philanthropic angels took pity on his miserable birth and adopted him, Davis has been forced to keep his evil identity a secret while he signed in to the system. ""Ding! The Host has signed in at Angel's Pond, The Saint's Halo' is rewarded!"" ""Ding! Devil's blood activated. Sign in error. The Devil's Curse' is additionally rewarded!"" ""Ding! The Host has signed in at God's Throne, Gold's Holy Axe' is rewarded!"" ""Ding! Devil's blood activated. Sign in error. The Devil's Manifistation' is additionally rewarded!"" After a thousand years of quietly signing into places in the City of Angels and being rewarded with double the rewards, Davis's true identity finally came to light! Now as a true Devil, Davis had both the world of angels and demons surrendering at his feet!"


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