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After Transmigrating as a Demon, I’ve Been Adopted by Angels! Volume – Chapter 327 – Vontel’s New Body

Chapter 327: Vontel’s New Body

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This was because Vontel realized that Davis needed not a pretty-looking vase but a woman who could help him.

What Vontel did not know, however, was that her streamlined and even flat-chested body was Davis’ favorite type.

As there were no distracting thoughts, Vontel’s body formed very quickly.

With Raphael and Sarafini beside her, the process of Vontel’s body remodeling was much easier and faster.

The process of outlining the body, adding details, and building the power pathway in the body was very coherent.

It was smooth and it was done in one go.

There was no obstruction at all, as if it was naturally formed.

Soon, Vontel’s body was reconstructed.

During the entire process, Raphael and Sarafini did not contribute much. Instead, they benefited greatly from assisting Vontel in the process of reconstructing her body.

Raphael felt that he was more familiar with the process of reconstructing his body. Hence, he was inspired, and his healing spells improved as well.

Apart from being more familiar with the process of reconstructing his body, he also learned a new way to control the power of space from the spatial power that was emitted from Vontel’s body.

Vontel was not an ancient angel that specialized in the power of space. However, her flexibility in the use of the power of space and her natural skill still inspired her greatly.

After rebuilding their bodies, Sarafini and Raphael both reached the level of true seraph. However, when she reached that level, Sarafini found that she did not need to replenish more power, but needed to continue to improve herself in spells and power perception.

This was because her power was already strong enough.

Now she needed to explore more efficient ways to release her power and reduce the burden on her body.

Hence, her body could take on more power.

While Raphael and Sarafini were still digesting the windfall of rebuilding Vontel’s body,?Vontel’s body had completed the final step.

The fusion of soul and body.

When Vontel opened her eyes, her body had been rebuilt.

However, her body was very strange.

Although her body was as dazzling as Raphael’s and Sarafini’s,?Vontel’s wings seemed to have disappeared.

In fact, Vontel’s wings did not disappear.

They were hidden inside Vontel’s body.

This was because Vontel saw Davis as he was in Davis’ memory. Davis’ soul was human!

This made Vontel instinctively want to imitate the human woman in Davis’ memory.

Hence, she not only hid her wings but even the clothes that her body transformed into were very similar to the clothes of the women that Davis had seen in his previous life.

The current Vontel looked crystal clear and very capable.

Her body did not look as gorgeous as the new generation of angels but Vontel’s power was purer.

Vontel touched her own skin, exclaiming in her heart.

‘Was that the power from the Davis bloodline?’

She felt that her physique had undergone a huge change.

The body of an angel was originally very weak, and even the body of an ancient angel was not very strong.

However, now, Vontel felt that her body was very strong, almost to the point of being indestructible.

In addition, the strength of Vontel’s soul had also been greatly strengthened.

Besides that, the magic power of the angel itself was very powerful.

At the moment, Vontel felt that although her realm was still, not moving at all, and stuck at the peak of level 9 true seraph, her actual combat ability had been greatly improved!

Vontell looked at her own body with satisfaction.

It was time. It was time to resurrect the undead.

Hence, Vontel waved her hand.

Raphael and Sarafini, who were closing their eyes to comprehend, were instantly jolted awake.

Then, they saw Vontel, who was in high spirits.

Vontel looked extremely beautiful now.

Raphael could not help but be fascinated by it. He could not help but compliment her,?“As expected of Lord Vontel. He has become so charming after reconstructing his body. Congratulations to Lord Vontel for successfully reconstructing her body.”

Beside her, Sarafini felt a chill run down her spine when she heard Raphael’s tone.

She had not expected Raphael to speak in such a mushy tone.

However, she still followed Raphael’s tone and complimented him,?“I feel that Lord Vontel’s strength has also increased. Congratulations to Lord Vontel for successfully reconstructing her body.”

When she said this, Sarafini was surprised to find that speaking in that tone was quite novel. It was a special experience.

It felt as if she was congratulating herself for reconstructing her body. Her entire body was floating.

Only then did Sarafini understood why so many people liked to compliment her.

It was a way to directly attack the weaknesses of both sides.

Meanwhile, Vontel was already in a good mood. After hearing the words of Raphael and Sarafini, she was even more elated.

However, she did not show it on her face.

Instead, she calmly said,?“Thanks to your help, I was able to reconstruct my body so smoothly.

“Raphael, Sarafini, now prepare to resurrect the dead angels and dragon warriors.” After hearing Vontel’s words, Raphael and Sarafini’s spirits were lifted.

They understood that the dead angels and dragon warriors that Vontel mentioned were those angels and dragon warriors that died in the space explosion.

Most of them were talented but low-level angels and dragon warriors.

They carried the hope of Paradise Island and the Dragon Race.

The big explosion killed those angels and dragon envoys, causing Paradise Island and the Dragon Race to be in disarray.

However, now Vontel said that the dead could be resurrected.

This made Raphael and Sarafini very excited.

What made them even more excited was that Vontel had said that the dead dragon warriors and angels would be resurrected by their own hands.

This made them even more excited.

Resurrecting the dead by their own hands.

This was something that they had never imagined before.

It seemed that only a god could do such an incredible thing.

Now, they could personally experience and cast that magical spell.

Hence,Raphael said excitedly,?“Lord Vontel, do you need us to do anything else? Please instruct us, Lord Vontel!”

Previously, when Sarafini saw the faint smile on Vontel’s face after hearing the compliment, she knew that Vontel was very impressed by Raphael’s trick. Hence, she also imitated Raphael’s words and said,?“I will do my best to cooperate with Lord Vontel!”

Deep down, Raphael and Sarafini’s spirits were very low.

This was because they knew that the gap between them and Vontel was very big.

After Transmigrating as a Demon, I’ve Been Adopted by Angels!

After Transmigrating as a Demon, I’ve Been Adopted by Angels!

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"Reincarnated into the World of Magic as a demon, the last thing Davis expected was to grow up right amidst the arms of angels. Ever since the group of philanthropic angels took pity on his miserable birth and adopted him, Davis has been forced to keep his evil identity a secret while he signed in to the system. ""Ding! The Host has signed in at Angel's Pond, The Saint's Halo' is rewarded!"" ""Ding! Devil's blood activated. Sign in error. The Devil's Curse' is additionally rewarded!"" ""Ding! The Host has signed in at God's Throne, Gold's Holy Axe' is rewarded!"" ""Ding! Devil's blood activated. Sign in error. The Devil's Manifistation' is additionally rewarded!"" After a thousand years of quietly signing into places in the City of Angels and being rewarded with double the rewards, Davis's true identity finally came to light! Now as a true Devil, Davis had both the world of angels and demons surrendering at his feet!"


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