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After Transmigrating as a Demon, I’ve Been Adopted by Angels! Volume – Chapter 329 – Repairing a Broken Soul

Chapter 329: Repairing a Broken Soul

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Sarafini’s words caught Raphael’s attention.

Not only did it catch Raphael’s attention, but it also caught Vontel’s attention.

“When I was learning that spell, I discovered that the spell not only had the effect of reshaping the body, but also had other unknown effects.

“This was because I discovered that the spell had some kind of spatial power. That spatial power would appear from time to time and participate in the spell. Therefore, I had long guessed that this spell had other effects. After Lord Vontel said it, I suddenly realized that the other effect was to repair the damaged soul.

“I also understood Lord Vontel’s good intentions. When Vontel created a big explosion, he transformed all the living angels and dragon warriors into souls that were similar to the dead. It seemed to have no purpose, but in reality, it wasn’t.

“All of Lord Vontel’s preparations were for this moment. Lord Vontel first increased the strength of all the angels and dragon warriors. That way, when the big explosion happened, everyone would be strong enough to not be blown into pieces.

“At this time, when the souls of the living gathered together, they would collectively and unconsciously release their soul power. This kind of soul power has the aura of life and can eliminate the aura of death that the dead have attached to the souls of the dead. Moreover, there is also the soul power that is released from our bodies.

“Before this, I was curious about the use of the space power. Now I understand that it is used to transfer the soul power that is released. and the soul power is used to repair these damaged souls.

“Now, I finally understand why Lord Vontel specially summoned Lucifer and the other 30,000 angels to Paradise Island. It is to make the soul power more concentrated so that the resurrection of the dead can be done without fail.”

Sarafini was very excited when she said this.

After she imagined Vontel’s plan, she admired Vontel even more.

Sarafini felt inferior.

When Raphael heard Sarafini’s explanation, he finally understood and admired Vontel as much as Sarafini.

For a moment, Raphael and Sarafini became little fans of Vontel.

However, Vontel was confused.

She had no such plans.

Everything was for Davis and herself!

First, to prepare for the rescue of Davis’ team.

Second, to use the power of others to raise her own hopes of breaking through!

However, she was misinterpreted by Sarafini.

Vontel knew that she had no such noble purpose.

However, at first glance, Sarafini had a point.

Vontel felt that she had unintentionally planted a willow tree.

She did not have the thoughts that Sarafini said.

However, in fact, she had helped the dead.

Although it did not seem worth mentioning, Vontel felt that she was quite happy to be praised by Sarafini.

Hence, Vontel said shamelessly,?“Yes, Sarafini is right. Raphael, do you understand now?”

Raphael replied in fear and trepidation,?“Lord Vontel, I was stupid. I couldn’t see through Lord Vontel’s intentions. I’m guilty…”

“Don’t blame yourself. When you reach my level, you will naturally be as outstanding as me. Now, I’ll leave the damaged souls to you and Sarafini to repair. I’ll be responsible for maintaining the stability of those souls. Vontel’s expression was very indifferent when he said those words.

When Raphael and Sarafini heard Vontel’s words, they immediately began to repair the damaged souls.

What they did was very simple. They simply cast the spell that Vontel had taught them.

After casting the spell,?Raphael and Sarafini directly used their experience in reconstructing bodies to reconstruct the bodies of the damaged souls.

Those who were missing an arm were given a replacement arm, and those who were missing a leg were given a replacement leg.

With Vontel’s help, Raphael and Sarafini did not encounter problems on the soul level.

Raphael just felt that the process was very monotonous.

This was because she dealt with a lot more souls than Sarafini and because there was only one form of the soul, it was very simple to deal with, simply to repair it.

This made Raphael feel that he was doing repetitive work and repetitive work could easily be annoying.

However, Raphael quickly overcame this mentality.

This was because when Raphael was healing the injured on Paradise Island, she encountered a similar monotonous situation.

Before, Raphael had endured it. After all, she was an archangel. She had to maintain her holy image and not let the injured think that she was lazy or impatient.

However, now, Raphael was mending his damaged soul, so naturally, she overcame that feeling of boredom.

Controlling a spell to repair a soul was much more interesting than simply casting a healing spell to heal the injured.

Every soul was unique and repairing the damaged parts of the soul required a lot of creativity.

To make the damaged souls look harmonious after being repaired was not against the feeling.

That required Raphael to use his wisdom to restore the original appearance of the souls as much as possible.

This made Raphael feel a sense of accomplishment.

It was also because of this creativity that Raphael quickly immersed himself in it.

Every time he repaired a soul, Raphael felt that his mastery of that spell had increased a lot.

Moreover, he found that her soul power had actually increased.

It turned out that when repairing damaged souls, it would consume a large amount of Raphael’s soul power.

While repairing those damaged souls, Raphael found that the surrounding soul power would automatically enter his body and grow his soul.

When Raphael looked at Vontel, Vontel gave him a positive look.

This made Raphael very happy.

Thus, he became even more serious when mending the damaged souls.

After those souls were mended, many of the souls regained their spirituality and smiled at Raphael.

Raphael mended the souls around him. This was because he was so engrossed in it, he almost forgot the passage of time.

As a result, Raphael was able to repair the souls faster and faster.

However, Sarafini was caught in a dilemma.

At first, she thought that the damaged souls of the dragon warriors were few in number. She thought that they would be able to repair the souls before Raphael and teased him for his slow speed.

However, when Sarafini started to repair the souls of the dragon warriors, she realized the problem.

Every dragon warrior had two forms.

The human form and the dragon form.

There were even some dragons like Sarafini who had the form of a large dragon that cast super-large spells.

The souls of the dragons had a corresponding number of forms!

After Transmigrating as a Demon, I’ve Been Adopted by Angels!

After Transmigrating as a Demon, I’ve Been Adopted by Angels!

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"Reincarnated into the World of Magic as a demon, the last thing Davis expected was to grow up right amidst the arms of angels. Ever since the group of philanthropic angels took pity on his miserable birth and adopted him, Davis has been forced to keep his evil identity a secret while he signed in to the system. ""Ding! The Host has signed in at Angel's Pond, The Saint's Halo' is rewarded!"" ""Ding! Devil's blood activated. Sign in error. The Devil's Curse' is additionally rewarded!"" ""Ding! The Host has signed in at God's Throne, Gold's Holy Axe' is rewarded!"" ""Ding! Devil's blood activated. Sign in error. The Devil's Manifistation' is additionally rewarded!"" After a thousand years of quietly signing into places in the City of Angels and being rewarded with double the rewards, Davis's true identity finally came to light! Now as a true Devil, Davis had both the world of angels and demons surrendering at his feet!"


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