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After the Marriage, I Hid Commander Gao Leng Privately Volume – Chapter 528: restore memory

Chapter 528 Restoring Memory

Lin Qingfeng held on tightly, and screamed with all his strength: “Your Highness, Qingfeng has no regrets. If it makes you happy, I can do anything.”

“Including betraying me?” To her, Lin Qingfeng’s act of protecting Fuxing was a betrayal of her.

“That’s the best option, you know.”

A cold smile appeared on Lin Fu’s lips, “I will die on the throne, or on the thorny road leading to the throne, but I will never…” Her words stopped abruptly, and a tall and straight figure appeared behind her at some point .

Lin Fu turned her head and met Fu Xing’s gaze.

There was a pause in her heart for no reason, the anger just now, cold, staring at Fu Xing was deep, painful, lingering, and her gentle eyes sometimes turned sour.

There was a throbbing pain in her heart, full of bitterness.

“Afu!” Fu Xing murmured softly, looked at her steadily, and stepped forward step by step.


Lin Fu yelled, “Don’t come here, I’m not your Afu.”

“You are.” Fu Xing shouted paranoidly.

“Damn it!”

Lin Fu’s emotions suddenly erupted, and his figure flew out like lightning. He held down Fu Xing and threw him heavily to the ground. The two fought in the air at lightning speed. A devastating blow.

Fu Xing did not resist the whole process, and was dropped by Lin Fu time and time again.


A deep pit of tens of meters was smashed out on the ground. Fu Xing lay on the bottom of the pit with his face facing upwards, looking at his beloved woman standing above, with a slight smile on her extremely handsome face.

“Afu, I even like the way you fight, what should I do?” He muttered to himself.

“Why didn’t you fight back? Duke Immorais?”

A trace of doubt flashed in Lin Fu’s eyes. She was familiar with the situation of the various nobles since she was a child, especially the heir of the guardian duke. He is very clear about the fighting power and ability of the Duke of Inmorais. When the emperor was alive, he once said that when she succeeds to the throne, the Duke of Fuxing must be important.

In her memory, Duke Fuxing is not someone who cannot fight back, even with her identity.

“Because I love you, I can’t bear it!”

Fuxing sighed.

In this game, he lost in the end.

From the time Afu showed up holding the purple wish sign, he was doomed to lose completely.

Lin Fu only felt a severe brain pain. After recovering, the memories she deliberately ignored came flooding in. Every bit of the two of them got along, but they couldn’t forget it even if they wanted to.

She is Freya and Lin Fu.

It seemed like two people were tearing each other apart in her mind, and it made her want to die.

Lin Fu turned around and disappeared instantly.

Lin Qingfeng hurriedly carried the fainted Han Shuang and chased after him.

At some point, it started to rain heavily. Fu Xing lay in the pit and let the rain wet his cheeks, his hair and clothes. He looked straight at the sky, and the mecha on his body quickly repaired his injured body. Body.


Randall flew down, and when he examined the wounds on Fuxing, he was frightened.


Fu Xing said lightly: “She is very angry, let her vent the anger in her heart, otherwise her body will be damaged by anger.”

“His Royal Highness has recovered her memory, we have to prepare in advance.”

Royal battles have always been the cruelest. At that time, all space fleets and the entire empire will be involved. The conflict between Princess Freya and His Majesty Hughes is bound to cause a bloodbath.

Fuxing gave Lin Fu an inhibitor because she was worried that her genes would collapse, but the Eighth Fleet Intelligence and Staff Department considered it more from the perspective of the empire.

No one wants another war in the Galactic Empire.

The blood of the soldiers should be used to protect the people and the star field, not for the internal fighting of the Mecklenburg family.

(end of this chapter)

After the Marriage, I Hid Commander Gao Leng Privately

After the Marriage, I Hid Commander Gao Leng Privately

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Interstellar MarriageStrong Men and Strong WomenSu Shuang Hot BloodLin Fu's biggest regret is that she was born in a military and police family, but due to physical reasons, she can only sing and dance in the art troupe, and be a qualified vase.Accidentally traveling to the interstellar era three thousand years later, she was pleasantly surprised to find that she possessed rare S-level spiritual power, and was born to be a fleet commander.She wants to go to the military academy, enter the Marine War Academy, command the space fleet, and become a heroic female general.However, her new identity is just the daughter of a farmer in a remote galaxy. In order to realize her dream, she chose to marry the youngest space fleet commander in the empire.Your Excellency the Commander is cold and abstinent, with an intimidating aura, yet so handsome that it breaks one's heart, Lin Fu fell at first glance.I want to eat, but I want to hide it secretly.Later, people in the whole interstellar world finally knew that the trash bumpkin who had been scolded all the time was actually the commander of the Third Fleet of the Empire.She is also the most honorable and lovely Princess Freya ever in the royal family, and she is also a frightening star thief.The entire universe is boiling.Your Excellency the handsome and noble Commander is not happy: Where is the promised private possession?-Recommend my chronology: "Crossing into a Son-in-law's ex-wife"


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