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After the Marriage, I Hid Commander Gao Leng Privately Volume – Chapter 529: Crowning the Queen (finale)

Chapter 529 Crowning the Queen (The Finale)

Half a year later, the Eternal City—

“Your Highness, Princess Evelyn has brought it.”

Lin Fu sat lazily on the throne, overlooking the woman under the steps who was in a mess and wearing a restraining ring, her eyes were mocking and contemptuous, as if she was sizing up a bedbug.

“Sister, we meet again.”

Her voice was lazy and unique. To Evelyn’s ears, it was as if she had been awakened from a nightmare, and her whole body was trembling.

“Where can you hide?” Lin Fu got up and stood on the steps, “So many plans and schemes have been planned, and the failure is so complete, if I had you, I would have died.”

“Ahhh!” Evelyn couldn’t bear it any longer, screaming loudly, her voice was sharp and desperate, she stood up abruptly, and shouted frantically: “Why don’t you die? The biggest regret in my life is that I didn’t directly Kill you.”

The genetic modification can be restored, fate is too partial to her.

I gave so much, even sacrificed the man I loved the most, and finally fell into her hands, and the **** **** from the Lost Society also gave up on her.

Lin Fu raised her hand, facing Evelyn.

“What are you doing?” A great sense of crisis enveloped Evelyn, and she finally realized that she was afraid.

“I will never soften my heart, let alone make the same mistakes as you.”

After speaking, he turned his wrist.

Only a click sound was heard.

Evelyn’s slender neck under the steps is abnormally twisted.

Instant death.

“Bury it with the prince’s etiquette!” Lin Fu sat back on the throne in dispirited mood.


This is the respect of the Mecklenburg royal family. Even a loser, the respect he deserves will not be bad. No matter how much Lin Fu hates Evelyn in his heart, he will not break the rules. Just like when she regained her memory, she would not anger Randall and Mengjie, but anger Lin Qingfeng and Han Shuang.

“Your Highness.”

Lin Cheng brought people to the main hall and performed a noble etiquette.


Her eyes drooped, “Is the lost party cleared?”

“Yes, not one left.”

“This cancer should have disappeared a long time ago. The most unstable factors in the Galactic Empire for a thousand years all come from within the family.” Her red lips curled up in a sneering arc, “Continuous internal strife, constant struggle, division .”

“Your Highness, have you recalled everything?” Lin Cheng just felt that His Highness is neither like before nor like Lin Fu’s time, and he couldn’t even think about it.

Six months ago, she came back suddenly, locked herself in the room for a month, and when she came out again, she would look like this.

Uncertainty in his mind, he rejected dozens of meeting requests from Major General Fu Xing, and only focused on eliminating lost meetings.

“Yes!” Lin Fu looked at her beautiful nails, “Uncle, tell the whole universe that the Eternal City is independent.”

Lin Cheng was taken aback for a moment, and then a gratified smile rose from the corner of his mouth.

He is very happy.

His Royal Highness made the most mature choice.

“Will you be disappointed that I didn’t go back to seize the throne and avenge my father?” She looked sad.

“No.” Lin Cheng shook his head, “The Galactic Empire has long been decayed, and the throne has already been stained with blood, which are no longer worthy of you. Your father is a wise man, and he never wants you to go back and fight for the throne. Mecklen The repeated infighting of the Bao family has exhausted the blood of the people of the empire, and it is time to end.”


Lin Fu slowly descended from the throne and came to Lin Cheng, a smile that only belonged to Lin Fu appeared on her icy and beautiful face.

“Maybe I have to thank Evelyn. If it wasn’t for the genetic modification, I might have been in the abyss of revenge.” The genetic modification made her forget everything and become the same person in her previous life. Once again, she looked at it from the perspective of an ordinary person. question.

She loathes war, and hates unnecessary sacrifices in the struggle for power.

Using the most elite fighters of the empire for internal friction made her feel ashamed.

“Then what about Fuxing?” Lin Cheng blinked narrowly, “Can you forgive him?

“He didn’t let me restore my memory, not only because of my body, but also because he was afraid of my revenge?” This became a thorn in her heart, a hurdle she couldn’t afford.

“After all, he is the Guardian Duke of the Galactic Empire and the supreme commander of the Eighth Fleet. He made the right choice.” Lin Cheng shrugged.

“In the final analysis, he still chose his responsibility.” Lin Fu lowered her head, hiding her disappointment.

“But he gave you his heart. Believe me, he really loves you. This time, he fully supports the independence of the Eternal City, defends your glory with his own strength, and offers his loyalty.”

Lin Fu lowered her eyes, “I don’t know, I’m very confused.”

In the past six months, she has been suffering day and night every day, struggling between Lin Fu and Freya, and her heart is in a mess. Sometimes I hate to have to go all out to find him and throw myself into his arms.

Sometimes I am angry with what he did, and I can’t let go of the pride that belongs to Freya.

Struggling and wandering again and again, this feeling is not good.

The longer the torment of longing, the crazier it will be.

Lin Cheng left quietly.

“Afu!” A hoarse voice sounded.

Fu Xing was dressed in traditional aristocratic costumes, making him even more handsome. He stood under the steps, staring at her affectionately.

“You…how is your injury?” After she came back and calmed down, she realized how hard she had done it, and it was a lie to say that she didn’t regret it.

“The wound is healed, but the wound on the heart is still waiting for you to heal.” He spread his arms and looked at him.

Eyes full of anticipation.

Lin Fu couldn’t control it anymore, she flew down and threw herself into his arms.

The two embraced tightly.

“You bastard, I want you to bully me…” Lin Fu cried uncontrollably, but with a hint of coquettishness.

Fu Xing’s heart was so soft that he hugged her tightly, the feeling of regaining what was lost made him reluctant to let go for a second.

He was afraid she would never forgive him again.

Even more afraid, his Afu no longer likes him.

In the past six months, he has been thinking about her all the time.

One month later, the Eternal City declared its independence, and Her Royal Highness Princess Freya-Mecklenburg was crowned as the founding queen of the Eternal City.

Lincheng was honored as the founding marquis and served as prime minister.

At the same time, the Duke of Fuxing offered his loyalty to Queen Freya for bringing the Immorles galaxy into the Eternal City.

The news came out, shocking the three major regimes in the universe.

At the same time, three of the seven guardian dukes declared their independence from the Galactic Empire.

For a while, the throne of His Majesty Hughes was in turmoil, but none of that had anything to do with Lin Fu.

The Eternal City has joined the Immorais galaxy, and it has become the fourth largest regime in the universe.

And Lin Fu also became the most powerful woman in the universe.

—End of the full text

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After the Marriage, I Hid Commander Gao Leng Privately

After the Marriage, I Hid Commander Gao Leng Privately

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Interstellar MarriageStrong Men and Strong WomenSu Shuang Hot BloodLin Fu's biggest regret is that she was born in a military and police family, but due to physical reasons, she can only sing and dance in the art troupe, and be a qualified vase.Accidentally traveling to the interstellar era three thousand years later, she was pleasantly surprised to find that she possessed rare S-level spiritual power, and was born to be a fleet commander.She wants to go to the military academy, enter the Marine War Academy, command the space fleet, and become a heroic female general.However, her new identity is just the daughter of a farmer in a remote galaxy. In order to realize her dream, she chose to marry the youngest space fleet commander in the empire.Your Excellency the Commander is cold and abstinent, with an intimidating aura, yet so handsome that it breaks one's heart, Lin Fu fell at first glance.I want to eat, but I want to hide it secretly.Later, people in the whole interstellar world finally knew that the trash bumpkin who had been scolded all the time was actually the commander of the Third Fleet of the Empire.She is also the most honorable and lovely Princess Freya ever in the royal family, and she is also a frightening star thief.The entire universe is boiling.Your Excellency the handsome and noble Commander is not happy: Where is the promised private possession?-Recommend my chronology: "Crossing into a Son-in-law's ex-wife"


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