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After the Marriage, I Hid Commander Gao Leng Privately Volume – Chapter 527: raid

Chapter 527 Raid

Just as Lin Fu and his people had just landed on the main star, on the way to Wushan Garden, an attack happened suddenly.


The beautiful Vega was instantly submerged by the explosion, and the glare caused by the forbidden weapon could be clearly seen even in the starry sky. Everyone on the Asgard docked at Starport was shocked.

Fu Xing walked quickly to the bridge, and countless fireworks were clearly reflected on his deep pupils.


“Weapon of destruction detected.”

Everyone already knew the seriousness of the matter. Just an hour ago, Lin Fu landed with people.

This attack was obviously aimed at Lin Fu.

The Asgard gathered the most elite soldiers in the entire empire, and they reacted very quickly. They blocked the planet, controlled the waterway, captured signals, closed the airport, and strictly inspected all spaceships. A series of orders were executed as quickly as possible.

Flowing like flowing water in an orderly manner.

“Commander, the connection has been lost.”

“Temporarily unable to contact Madam and her party, the most likely reason is that the communicator was cut off at close range. It is already certain that an accident happened to Madam and her party.” The staff officer stated the facts in a calm tone.

Fu Xing Ting frowned, and clenched his hands tightly.

“Please rest assured, Commander, Madam is equipped with the top experts, everything will be fine.”

Based on the explosion signal detected just now, it can be rated as the strongest assassination level in the past century, but the major general’s protection of his wife is also top-notch.

“Wrong!” Fu Xing’s voice was a little hoarse, mocking, “I have a very bad feeling.”

The staff officers looked puzzled, did they have omissions? It shouldn’t be!

The intelligence analysis of the Eighth Fleet will not make mistakes. Although the wife and her party cannot be contacted for the time being, safety can be guaranteed.

Fu Xing did not speak, but drove the aircraft directly to the place where the explosion occurred.


Lin Fu pushed the gravel above her head, stood up from the collapsed wall in embarrassment, her long black hair turned pink at some point. It is so dazzling, so special, and unforgettable at a glance.

Whoever sees her hair color will know that this is a noble lineage that belongs exclusively to the royal family of Mecklenburg.

Her eyes were cold, looking at the apocalyptic scene around her, but her heart was full of anger.

“Lin Fu…”

A difficult cry came from beside him.

She turned her head abruptly, and her oppressive eyes fell on Lin Qingfeng and Han Shuang.

“His Royal Highness.” Lin Qingfeng bowed his head, and knelt on the ground with one knee in an extremely tame and respectful posture.

Han Shuang followed closely.

Landauer, who had just returned from fighting the assassin, was shocked and stood there, silent.

Meng Jie wanted to say something, but he couldn’t say a word because of Lin Fu’s strong aura.

Both of them knew it was over.

Now the matter became serious, the Commander’s containment plan failed, this sudden assassination stimulated Madam, completely awakened her, and restored all her memories.

“Lin Qingfeng, Han Shuang, you guys are really good.” Lin Fu’s eyes were full of killing intent, and her fully recovered strength suddenly erupted under her anger, and an invisible whirlwind spread to her whole body.

free๐š ๐šŽ๐š‹๐’๐š˜ัต๐žl.๐‘o๏ฝ

Boom boom boom! !

Lin Qingfeng and Han Shuang were thrown out by an invisible force, and hit the ground heavily. Suddenly, countless wounds appeared all over their bodies. Their bodies were almost crushed, and they both vomited blood.

Han Shuang passed out directly, not knowing whether he was alive or dead.

(end of this chapter)

After the Marriage, I Hid Commander Gao Leng Privately

After the Marriage, I Hid Commander Gao Leng Privately

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Interstellar MarriageStrong Men and Strong WomenSu Shuang Hot BloodLin Fu's biggest regret is that she was born in a military and police family, but due to physical reasons, she can only sing and dance in the art troupe, and be a qualified vase.Accidentally traveling to the interstellar era three thousand years later, she was pleasantly surprised to find that she possessed rare S-level spiritual power, and was born to be a fleet commander.She wants to go to the military academy, enter the Marine War Academy, command the space fleet, and become a heroic female general.However, her new identity is just the daughter of a farmer in a remote galaxy. In order to realize her dream, she chose to marry the youngest space fleet commander in the empire.Your Excellency the Commander is cold and abstinent, with an intimidating aura, yet so handsome that it breaks one's heart, Lin Fu fell at first glance.I want to eat, but I want to hide it secretly.Later, people in the whole interstellar world finally knew that the trash bumpkin who had been scolded all the time was actually the commander of the Third Fleet of the Empire.She is also the most honorable and lovely Princess Freya ever in the royal family, and she is also a frightening star thief.The entire universe is boiling.Your Excellency the handsome and noble Commander is not happy: Where is the promised private possession?-Recommend my chronology: "Crossing into a Son-in-law's ex-wife"


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