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Adventures Of A Goblin Volume – Chapter 321 Weigh The Options

“Remember what you told me before you left for the elven nation?”.

Orun for sure remembered what he said, and that has also enlightened him as to why Wildria is against the idea of mobilizing the monsters into battle.

“We should be wary of the humans, sooner or later, they will come to know how heavily it will affect their level-up program if they no longer have monsters to kill in their territory”.

“That is what you told me, and also why you were so adamant about bringing the monsters over to the desert. I have come to an understanding that you were making a point. That is why I also saw to it that the monster recruitment process did not stop even after you were gone”.

“Tell me Orun, if we are to do as you say and mobilize the monsters, how many do you think will die, and how many do you think will survive? And as for those that survive, do you think they will be able to protect the desert if the humans decide to march down their armies”.

Orun understood it all very well. The point she is trying to make, and where her worries are based on. He understands it all and is also aware of the dangers that come with losing the already small number of monsters they have on their side.

Orun has thought about it well. There is a level-up program where people kill to ascend to higher heights, that is the next level.

With a rule set in place by the humans that prevent humans from legally killing each other, they turned to killing monster kind to level up.

If Orun carries out his plan and ends up bringing eighty percent of the monsters from the human territory over to the monster’s territory, it is bound to affect the level-up procedure of the humans.

While the monsters will also be affected in that they will no longer be able to kill other monsters as they see fit, Orun has found a way to remedy that problem and prevent the monster’s level from remaining stagnant.

The humans however do not have a way to fix it, not when they never even considered the possibility of monster scarcity.

It has always been balanced. Monsters breed offspring to carry on their legacy, and humans kill the monsters to prevent an overflow of them.

That is how it has always been, and such methods have been maintained and thrived for a long time, up until this very moment.

Now, Orun’s plan is sure to weaken the method, putting a dent in the number of monsters that will be available.

When the monsters flock over to his territory, there will be a reduction in the amount of monster birthing process that will occur in the human territory.

There will still be monsters, and for sure, monster birth will still carry on in human territory.

But, the amount of monster birth that will happen in the human territory, will not be as much as when the monsters left for the desert, Orun’s territory.

It is a case of addition and subtraction. Five plus five equals ten. Assuming there are five monsters in the human territory, and all five of them gave birth to another five monsters, that is ten monsters altogether.

The humans, to prevent the number of monsters from exceeding their capacity, will move to diminish their numbers, killing off the five monsters, or even six or seven monsters.

In an assumption that five monsters are killed, the remaining five monster offspring will carry on the legacy, bringing about another five monsters of their own.

That right there, is a loop, and the same case applies to the humans taking out seven or eight monsters.

Regardless of how many monsters are killed, as long as one survives, the legacy carries on.

With Orun’s interference, here is where things start to get messy.

Of the initial five monsters that are assumed to be present in the human continent, Orun drafts out two of them, thereby resulting in a loss of monster population.

With two gone, the amount of monsters that will remain is three. In this case, the population of the monsters in the human settlement has already been reduced.

The three monsters birthing their offspring will result in the production of three other offspring, based on assumption.

Irrespective of what is done, the monster’s number will continue to dwindle with humans hunting them down, and Orun recruiting some of them to his territory.

Orun has thought of that early on and has realized that the level-up will affect not just the humans, but also the monsters.

While he has discovered a way to have the monsters not be affected by it, the humans have yet to even think that far ahead.

However, it was only a matter of time before they realize how devastating it would be for them, and what Orun’s intentions are.

The ones who will be affected first are the stronger humans who have to kill stronger monsters to get enough points to level up.

With Orun bringing in the stronger monsters, the stronger humans will realize that there is a shortage of stronger monsters, and will, in turn, alert the other humans to the occurrence.

That is why Orun was in a hurry to bring the monsters in before the humans discover the side effects that come with having no or fewer monsters in their territory.

When he explained it to Wildria, she was totally in agreement with him, and this is also the reason why she is working so hard in his stead.

If Orun is to go along with drafting monsters for a fight, it will put a dent in their total fighting power and will render the desert open to invasions from the humans when they understand the devastating outcome Orun’s territory could bring to them in the future.

“I get your point Wildria. And believe me, I would love nothing more than to have the monsters stay in the territory and get themselves ready to face any attack on her, but I can’t do that”.

“What is coming is bigger than both of us, bigger than the territory itself. If I don’t mobilize the monsters to join forces with the elves, there might not be a territory left for us to protect”.

“I am not enforcing my command on you, I am simply asking you to weigh the options at our disposal”. Orun said, his back resting comfortably on the chair

Adventures Of A Goblin

Adventures Of A Goblin

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