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Adventures Of A Goblin Volume – Chapter 322 End That Is Only The Beginning

Wildria was at a loss. Laid before her, is a hard choice to make with Orun making it even harder.

If what he says about the demon is true, then no place is going to be safe for them. But then again, once the monsters are mobilized, the desert will be left vulnerable, and there is no telling when the humans will be enlightened about the future danger of monsters migrating out of their territory.

Orun could have made it easier for her by simply enforcing his authority as their leader, leaving Wildria with no chance to make a choice or express her position.

But, he did not do that. Rather, he made her understand the serenity of the choice and allowed her to decide for herself which one she thought should be acted on.

He made it so that he was not the only one ruling, and showed her that they are in this together and not individually.

“Okay. We will do as you say”. She replied after thoroughly thinking about it.

Wildria weighed the options by putting them both on a scale. From there, she got to understand which one was dire and close.

Mammom’s problem is now, while the human problem is based on a possibility. Going by that, it was obvious which one she would pick.

“Excellent. I will leave it to you to round up the monsters that are ready to go into immediate battle. When you are done, you can call for me to give the speech”. Orun said.

“Just know that I will only be picking those that can fend for themselves in a tough situation, regardless of how scanty they are”.

Even though she agrees with Orun, Wildria was not going to recruit monsters with less combat powers.

Granted the monsters have all become stronger after being named by Orun, but there are still some of them that are just starting to get used to their newfound powers.

Some are showing signs of leaving behind the life of a warrior and sticking to other means. This happened because their surroundings have become safer, and more conducive.

They no longer have to worry about how to survive the next day, or what to munch on to sustain their bodies.

For those, Orun plan on having a separate meeting after everything has died down, to discuss the path they want to walk on.

“Okay, you do just that”.

Orun was not going to argue about it with Wildria, nor was he going to refute her.

What she said made absolute sense. They need to minimize the casualty that will be incurred when the monsters are sent out to battle.

Her idea of only picking the ones capable of fending for themselves is possibly one of the best ways to achieve the minimization process.

Having gotten Orun’s say-so, Wildria made her way out of the tent, leaving him behind.

Not long after Wildria was gone, Travon and the earth-elven elder made their way back inside the tent.

They both sat down where they were sitting earlier before they were told to go outside.
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“You have no reason to worry elder Torsys. I have talked to her, and have convinced her to view things from my perspective”. Orun reassuringly said, turning to the earth-elven elder.

He noticed the worried look that the earth-elven elder came in with, and made sure to make him know about Wildria’s decision the moment he sat down.

“Where is the spider monster? Queen taratect, is that what she called it?” Orun inquired, wondering if he got the name right.

“Yes, it is my Lord. The queen taratect had gone off with Lady Wildria, to carry out your orders I presume”. Travon answered.

“I see”.

It was a relief to Orun that the queen taratect was not back in. Her presence to him is something that is going to take time to get used to.

“My Lord, I wish to know what exactly is going on here”. Travon expressed.

Travon has so far been kept in the dark about the recent activities. It is frustrating that words are flying about, and he has no clue what they are talking about.

Orun did the honour of explaining it to him, picking up the pace and roughly keeping him up to date on current affairs.

He hurried his explanation because Wildria could come barging through that door at any time, claiming that she is done.

Orun will not want to be delayed in explaining things to Travon, which is why he only went straight to the important aspects, and within minutes, he was done.

“You made the right decision Lord Orun. If such a threat does exist, we need all the forces we can throw at it”.

After listening to Orun’s explanation, Travon was in full support of his decision to come back to the territory and recruit the monsters in the battle.

The way Orun described Mammon gave the impression that they are not just dealing with any kind of entity here, what they are dealing with is a terrifying existence that seeks to plunge the world into chaos.

It is an existence far worse than what the humans represent to the monster kind, and it was only right that immediate action be taken against him.

While they were debating on who is right and who is wrong, Wildria came in with the queen taratect to break the news to Orun.

“I am done. All that is needed now, is your presence”. She said, walking in and taking a stand at the entrance, with the queen taratect standing beside her.

“Alright, take me there”. Orun said, picking himself up and walking out of the tent, along with his subordinates following right behind him.

While he was making his way to where his armies were waiting for him, Orun had a lot of time to think about the things he had to go through all this while.

He was but a human in his past life, with a wretched life, a condemned life of pain and struggle.

Then, a miracle happened to him. He died and got transmigrated as a goblin in a fantasy world.

It was not an easy experience for him. Growing up in the dungeon, he had to go through a lot, from being a cub to getting tortured at the hands of the king of his race.

He escaped that life, but somehow ended up making an enemy of the humans. Had to fight with one of humanity’s strongest, he survived and came out of it alive.

He experienced hardship upon hardship, but he has managed to live through them all without threading on a path leading to endless bloodshed.

Blood was drawn from his body, and he has also drawn the blood of others, stained his hand with bodies.

Orun does not regret what he has done. Every step he has taken to get here, he has done so under the premise of trying to survive.

And that is what he will keep on doing. Come what may, he will survive it all and see to it that his unwavering goal is accomplished.

He strived, he conquered, and he prevailed. He is Orun, the king of all monster kind, the king of all fire elemental spirits.

He is, a goblin, and this is but the first phase of his adventurous tale as a goblin.


Adventures Of A Goblin Ending Of First Sequel.

Why you ask? Why can’t I just continue from here? Why is there a need for a sequel?

This is truly the end of the first sequel to the adventures of a Goblin.

I decided to end it on this note because I realized how messed up the earlier chapter is in terms of story writing and grammar.

This is my very first novel and more than anything, I wish to see the end of it.

To make that dream a reality, I decided to make it a sequel, with a well-planned and well-arranged next sequel with top-notch grammar that will not scare potential readers away.

I need a lot of preparation done and also attend to my already hectic schedule before I resume writing.

Just know that this is not the end but only the beginning. Orun still has a lot of adventure ahead of him, obstacles to cross, and comrades to meet.

If you are still interested in how the rest of his journey will unfold, then search for Ascension Of A Goblin and add it to your library right now.

Once again, for all the readers that have seen this story through with me up until this moment, I want to say a very big thank you to you all.

There is nothing that can be said, no words that can describe how appreciative I am of your support.

You are the best readers on this platform so for that, thank you all very much.

I will make certain to meet up to your expectations in the next sequel of Ascension Of A Goblin, so be sure to tag along on the fun ride.

The next sequel will start after I have sorted out all that I need to do and see to it that I am in a stable state of mind to continue writing.

Just know that it will be released, so be sure to add the Ascension Of A Goblin to your library to follow up on the updates.

That is, for those still interested in following Orun’s journey.

Adventures Of A Goblin

Adventures Of A Goblin

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