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Adventures Of A Goblin Volume – Chapter 320 Argument

“I see you have made a lot of changes to the place”. Orun commented, his body resting down on a wooden chair.

“I had to do so. I took to your warning and saw to it that improvements are made before your return”. Wildria responded, sitting next to Orun.

“I suppose that improvement also has to do with that”. Orun said, his gaze on the monster kind sitting beside Wildria.

Okay, not necessarily sitting as the body structure could not fit in the chairs that they were sitting on.

An eight-legged monster with six eyes, a large body frame, and egg-shaped skin sticking out from its butt.

It was a spider, a freaking huge spider, and Orun was this close to blurting out in laughter at the appearance of a giant freaking spider.

He kept his composure and did not do such a thing, merely looking at the spider with eloquence.

“Yes. This is the queen taratect of the spider monster species. I recruited her not long after you were gone”. Wildria said, introducing the monster sitting beside her.

“I see. Excellent work”. Orun remarked.

He was glad that Wildria did not neglect his warnings about the need to urgently recruit as many monster species as possible.

Even though he did tell her to before he left, and was exclusively adamant about it, Orun did not think that Wildria was going to push through with it seeing as how she was after the proper establishment of the settlement before the recruitment.

“My lord, it is truly an honor to have you back with us, but I fear that it may not be all that there is to it”. Travon the Troll chief spoke up, after letting Wildria introduce the Queen taratect.

What Travon was indirectly referring to, is the presence of a being not of the monster race, sitting with them in a place where only the highest members of the monster kind conduct their meetings.

He analyzed the sudden appearance of Orun accompanied by an elf, along with the fact that Orun is not with the two Wyverns that he departed with.

Monryck and Theron are also nowhere to be found, which led to Travon believing that Orun is not here because he is done with the business he has with the elves.

With all the facts coupled together, Travon believes that Orun coming back to the settlement is because something is troubling him, an encounter that forced him into making a hasty return.

“It is as you assume Travon. With me here, is an elder of the elven nation, the head of the Torsys clan”.

In response to Orun’s introduction, the earth elven elder stood up from his seat and paid respect to Orun’s subordinates by slightly bowing his head.

Wildria acted with courtesy and released a bow of her own, her head at the same height as that of the earth-elven elder.

Travon and the newly recruited spider monster who did not know of common courtesy, imitated Wildria’s bowing stance.

It was particularly hard to tell if the spider monster was bowing, but the change in its stance was what gave it out.

When they were all done exchanging pleasantries, the earth-elven elder brought his body back to the seat, and Wildria also returned her head’s positioning to its normal stance.

Travon and the spider monster also returned their bodies to normal and continued the meeting.

“My return was hastened because there is a problem back at the elven nation that requires the urgent gathering of every force at my disposal”.

“What” Wildria retorted, despite hearing what he said clearly.

“You heard me, Wildria”. Orun said, not wanting to repeat himself.

Time is of the essence, and he cannot afford to lose it by repeating what is already said.

“Can everybody give us the room?”. She inquired, her voice making it clear that she was not asking, she was demanding.

Without further ado, they all got up from their seats and vacated the building, leaving behind Orun and her.

“What do you think you are doing”.

She kept silent and only spoke up when they have all left the room.

“What does it look like I am doing”.

Orun saw the expression on Wildria’s face, and he knew that she was not playing around.

“It sounds to me like you have plans on moving the monsters out of the settlement and into a foreign land, for what”.

The monsters are still getting acquainted with their habitat, and Orun is already planning on having them in combat, in another person’s territory for that matter.

“You don’t understand Wildria. There is an impending danger that is soon to befall the world. If we don’t work together with the elves, the world as we know it will be over”.

“So? And your decision on how to face that doom is by sacrificing the monsters you brought here under the promise that they will have a place to belong to, a place where they will never have to be scared for their lives”. She questioned.

Orun was short of words, at a loss for why Wildria is speaking the way that she is.

Why would she be defying him so heavily, with questions that a suitable answer cannot be provided for?

He did make those promises and intends to keep them, but he also expects the monsters he recruited to be able to pull their weight and not just rely on his protection.
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Orun clearly remembered saying that to them, and that moment is now. If something is not done soon enough, the territory will be destroyed and they will have no place to call home.

What he is asking of them is simple. He wants them to pull their weight by defending their home against the impending doom.

“Sacrificing your kind for the sake of another race is not the way we do things, and you of all people should know that better”.

Orun sighed deeply with his head raised upward. An argument is the last thing he was hoping for when he decided on enlisting the monsters in the fight against Mammon.

Yet, somehow, what he least expected is what he ends up having to face.

Adventures Of A Goblin

Adventures Of A Goblin

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In the darkest and most cruelest dungeon is the birth of a specie who lives his every day life trying not to fall prey to the claws of the predators.To survive amongst predators, one most shed off the flesh of a prey and take on the skin of an even bigger predator.Power RankingNoteThe numbers refer to existential value, and all lifeforms has it.ADVENTURER GUILD POWER RANKINGLv 1 - 20 = F (1 - 49)Lv 20 - 30 = E (50 - 99)Lv 30 - 50 = D (100 - 499)Lv 50 - 60 = C (500 - 999)Lv 60 - 80 = B (1,000 - 4,999)Lv 80 - 100 = A (5,000 - 9,999)Lv 100 - 200 = S (10,000 - 19,999)Lv 200 - 500 = SS (20,000 - 29,999)LV 500 - 900 = SSS (30,000 - 49,999)LV 900 - 1000 = XS (50,000 - 99,999)SPIRITUAL ENTITY RANKING SYSTEM BELOWMONSTERS AND OTHER NON-HUMAN LIFEFORMSApocalypse > 100,000,000 - 1,000,000,000Armageddon > 10,000,000 - 99,999,999Cataclysm > 1,000,000 - 9,999,999Disaster > 100,000 - 999,999HUMANTranscendent > 100,000,000 - 1,000,000,000Warlord > 10,000,000 - 99,999,999Mystical > 1,000,000 - 9,999,999Heroic > 100,000 - 999,999


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