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Adventures Of A Goblin Volume – Chapter 319 Back Home

“I am fine. Just a little….”

The earth-elven elder did not want to just spurt out any kind of words that will make him sound inconsiderate to Orun’s territory.

“It is okay. You don’t have to hide how you feel from me”. Orun assured.

He could see the expression on the earth elder’s face, and also tell that the desert weather is not something he is accustomed to.

Orun does not understand how hot the earth elven elder is because? He is always hot. And the other monster kind that Orun has so far recruited are also not affected because they evolved with a fire core and have grown to have a fire resistance skill.

Needless to say, the earth elder is not used to the heat. As a person who controls the earth element, it is normal to not be fire oriented.

If it was the fire-elven elder that came with him, Orun is sure to question why if he ever shows any signs of feeling the desert heat on his body.

“Don’t worry. We won’t take long”. Orun said, trying to comfort the earth-elven elder to bear the heat for a while longer.

“Or if you like, I can open up a portal back to where we came from. You will wait there for me until I am back”. He suggested an alternative, in case the earth-elven elder cannot withstand the heat until they are done.

“No, I will persist”. The elven earth elder responded, trying to sound as tough as he could.

He does not want to look weak or docile in the presence of the elemental spirit king.

The earth-elven elder was willing to endure the heat to portray a strong image of himself in the mind of Orun.

Unbeknownst to him that Orun would not mind him expressing his true self and being open about the discomfort.

“If you insist”.

Orun adhered to the earth-elven elder and stopped pestering him about how he felt.

He turned and got ready to go to the main settlement where the monsters are all located in.

Orun did not teleport directly to the settlement to avoid causing panic. The sudden appearance of a portal is sure to stir up some ruckus.

To avoid that, Orun teleported them to a place that requires a ten-minute fast pace walking to get to the settlement.

Getting to the settlement, Orun was taken aback to see the changes that has appeared in the settlement.

Tall walls made of forest wood have been arranged as a barricade covering the entire settlement all around.

Orun did tell Wildria to not halt the construction of the settlement into a fortress after he was gone, he just did not expect her to have come this far on that.

There is also a gate on the walls, and on both sides of the gate, there is a watchtower with two monsters situated on it.

“They have gone far with the improvements of the settlement”.

Orun was impressed with what they have managed to accomplish in the short time that he was gone.

“Wait here”. Orun instructed while he moved forward, leaving behind the earth-elven elder.

The watchtower that the two monsters are staying in, has a height that might make it hard for them to distinguish the appearance from where Orun was.

Going closer, there is a chance that he might even be attacked by them due to a case of mistaking his identity.

Asking the earth-elven elder to stay behind is his way of saying he will handle this alone and prevent the both of them from getting attacked.

Orun took his feet step by step, slowly making his way to the gate and the range of the monsters.

As he had guessed, the monsters already have their arms up, a bow with a drawn sharp arrowhead.

The monster on the left side lowered his weapon. He turned over to the monster on the right side and yelled at him to do the same.

“That did not take long”.

Orun seeing that they were no longer bearing hostile intention, hastened his steps to them.

The monster on the left that was the first to notice Orun, came down from the watchtower and ran his way up to him, while the monster on the right dropped to the inner part of the gate where the settlement is.

“Lord Orun, welcome”.

The Minotaur monster greeted with his head bowed before Orun.

“Y-yes. I have arrived”. Orun awkwardly answered, still not used to being greeted in such a docile manner.

“You can raise your head now”. Orun instructed to which the Minotaur obeyed by having his head up.

He turned his back to where the earth-elven elder was standing and gestured for him to come closer by waving his hand.

The earth-elven elder got the message and hurriedly made his way to where Orun was standing.

“What about Wildria”. Orun asked, turning his attention back to the Minotaur.

“Taimat has gone to the village to inform them of your arrival. In the meantime, I shall escort you down the road”. The Minotaur responded.

Orun did not have to think too far to know that Taimat is the name of the other monster that was guarding the gate.

To prevent himself from forgetting their names or identity, Orun made sure to name the monsters using the first letter of their specie as the first letter for their name.

That way, if a name is mentioned, all he had to do was pick out the first letter of that name to know what species the monster in question belongs to.

“Alright then, lead the way”. Orun commanded.

The Minotaur monster led the way, taking the lead as Orun’s shield. Before they got to the gate, it was laid wide open for Orun to walk in.

When he got inside, it was as if he was not where he is supposed to be. The scenery down to the arrangement of the huts has taken a new change.

Everything was not as he had left it during his departure for the elven nation.

Adventures Of A Goblin

Adventures Of A Goblin

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In the darkest and most cruelest dungeon is the birth of a specie who lives his every day life trying not to fall prey to the claws of the predators.To survive amongst predators, one most shed off the flesh of a prey and take on the skin of an even bigger predator.Power RankingNoteThe numbers refer to existential value, and all lifeforms has it.ADVENTURER GUILD POWER RANKINGLv 1 - 20 = F (1 - 49)Lv 20 - 30 = E (50 - 99)Lv 30 - 50 = D (100 - 499)Lv 50 - 60 = C (500 - 999)Lv 60 - 80 = B (1,000 - 4,999)Lv 80 - 100 = A (5,000 - 9,999)Lv 100 - 200 = S (10,000 - 19,999)Lv 200 - 500 = SS (20,000 - 29,999)LV 500 - 900 = SSS (30,000 - 49,999)LV 900 - 1000 = XS (50,000 - 99,999)SPIRITUAL ENTITY RANKING SYSTEM BELOWMONSTERS AND OTHER NON-HUMAN LIFEFORMSApocalypse > 100,000,000 - 1,000,000,000Armageddon > 10,000,000 - 99,999,999Cataclysm > 1,000,000 - 9,999,999Disaster > 100,000 - 999,999HUMANTranscendent > 100,000,000 - 1,000,000,000Warlord > 10,000,000 - 99,999,999Mystical > 1,000,000 - 9,999,999Heroic > 100,000 - 999,999


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