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Wipe Out Everything With a Counter Attack Power of 10000000000 Chapter 49

49. God (3)

God, Incrinyu was dumbfounded.

Because a lowly human who didn’t even have an Auror on his body was walking towards him, talking bad things about him.

How dare a lowly mortal who cannot even use energy.

You brutally defeated Duke Balzac, the strongest man in this space, clearly showing the gap in power, yet you still behave so rudely.

I have no ability. Is it not even my head that is in good shape?

Increase felt anger rising.

And on the other hand, it made me laugh because it was so similar.

As expected, the mortal existence of humans was so pitiful, yet also interesting.


Without hesitation, Yuma climbed onto the oracle’s throne and stood in front of Brigitte.


Bridgette slowly opened her mouth. Her pale pink lips were trembling slightly.

Yuma placed her hand on the shoulder of her 1st princess Bridgette.

“Ask a question, Brigitte.”

Yuma’s calm blue eyes faced Brigitte.

“What do you want to do?”

Yuma was testing Brigitte.

This princess. Although her body was far away, she was curious about what the princess, who had walked with the same intention until now, was thinking.

If I were to give you the option of killing one of the two, you would be quite disappointed.

Brigitte felt a strange feeling.

The fear of Inc Renew that she had felt just now was fading away.

Due to the appearance of a being called Yuma.

It was just a vague belief.

A vague belief in a being who has accomplished things that were previously impossible to achieve.

That is why Brigitte was able to speak honestly.

“…Two. I don’t want the two who came for me to die. I don’t mind if I die alone.”

Yuma slowly nodded her head at those words.

“I understand.”

This was enough of an answer.

Brigitte did not disappoint Yuma.


An innocent, boyish laugh came from next to me. It was Incrinyu, a god with purple skin.

“Uuhahahahaha! No, I can’t help but laugh when two lowly mortals say something like who wouldn’t want to die. After all, mortals are pitiful and funny…”

After saying that, Incrinyu approached Yuma.

“What on earth do you believe in and do this? Human.”

Yuma did not answer those words.

She asked another question.

“You don’t know me?”

If he were God, would he have observed his existence in advance? Didn’t I do it? There was a question about that.

Inc Renew tilted his head.

“How could I possibly know such an inferior mortal? A being whose name is not even mentioned in the Book of Revelation.”


Yuma knew that this being called ‘God’ was not the type of person who observed the world from the sky.

“This God is a privileged class who can kill even those listed in the Book of Revelation.”

The Book of Revelation describes the future of this world.

And the gods can view it.

That seemed to be the source of the gods’ knowledge.

First Princess Brigitte, Clone, and Belle are probably the beings whose names are written in the Book of Revelation.

Yuma took out a shortsword, [Black Dragon Bernak’s Tooth], From her subspace pocket.

“You can’t kill anyone.”

Yuma’s words rang out quietly.

“Not even Clone, Belle, or Brigitte can be killed.”

The blonde prince, 1st Prince Schubert, was on his knees in fear of Increnu’s divine power ever since he began to reveal it in earnest.

The first prince thought Yuma was crazy. She must have gone completely crazy, she thought.

‘I am so helpless. ‘Humans.’

It was true that she desperately wanted her oracle to go wrong. However, she did not want to break down so unreasonably.

Isn’t this situation just a case of becoming God’s toy?

But what on earth is that martial god Yuma talking about?

How can you hold your head up so stiffly? In front of a god like that.

Duke Balzac was barely breathing.

Blood was sticky on his reddish-brown hair.

“…Warrior God…Yuma, that person is a god. He is not a being that humans can defeat. Among the two, you have to decide who to kill.”

Duke Balzac, lying on the floor, spoke with his blood pouring out of his mouth.

Marquis Kairos was also on his knees, weighed down by the intimidation of Inc Renew.

‘No matter how much he is a military god.’

In the end, we are just humans with the title of God.

How can humans defeat the true God who made Duke Balzac like that with only the divine power that appears to be ‘good’?

Everyone except the three people standing on the oracle and the Miao swordsman Hestia were suspicious of Yuma.

Immediately, the cold, dead body of Yuma was pictured in his mind.

Increase stared at Yuma with red eyes.

“Look, everyone looks at you like you’re crazy, human.”

Yuma did not avoid those red eyes.

“Nothing changes. No one dies.”

Increase’s eyebrows twitched.

What on earth does this person believe and do like this? So he used one of God’s powers.

The power to see the Of the object you are looking at.


Space was distorted. And from that very slightly distorted gap, a small piece of paper stuck out.

Inc Renew narrowed his eyes.

“Oh my.”

A list of all the creatures Yuma had killed so far was visible.

Master-level Astes Empire ten thrones.

Grand Master level Sentai Ten Sea Sword God Kronos and King of Conqueror Kamet.

Hundreds of warriors who followed the conquering king.

And the black dragon Elkam─Arreon.

Ades, the king of the giants.

It was certainly difficult to view it as a list of killings achieved by a being who could not even operate energy.

“You’ve killed quite a few supreme beings. Okay, I’ll admit that I ignored you too much.”


Increase tore the paper.

The paper soon turned into dust and floated through the air.

“But, there’s no way I couldn’t do what you did. Those guys are creatures that can die with just one wave of my hand.”

It couldn’t have been a lie.

[Lv.666] Increnu

Because these were the words of a level 666 god.

The truth without the slightest exaggeration.

“If you don’t want anyone here to die, you’ll have to kill the god you saw…Kekekeke!”

Increase tore open the space and took out something.


At first glance, it was an unusual sword.


The sword of wailing and annihilation.

“Killing the god you saw? Very fun.”

This Balmung is just a tool.

It was a durable tool that contained his powerful divine power and made technology a reality.

Increase planned to show hell from now on.

“Princess Brigitte and you. If you kill just one person, you can save this empire. The weakness of not being able to select that one person. Because of that, everyone here died.”

Yuma believed what she saw with her own eyes.

She and she still find possibilities in it.

“Starting with you. And all the remaining humans will be annihilated.”

Increase sentenced humans to death.

Then, with the tip of the sword facing the ground, the sword was struck lightly.


Centered on the tip of Balmung’s blade. A black circle spread out around the ground where Increnu was standing.

And that black circle represents the entire temple.

It covered the entire surrounding land.


Black covered the world rampantly.

The shape of the temple was not even visible.

The shape of the ground was not even visible.

The entire world fell into complete darkness.

Even the wind blowing.

I couldn’t even feel the air in the atmosphere.

Even the flow of time seemed to have stopped.

‘It’s all over.’

The Duke of Balzac fell into complete despair.

This black-and-white world is a world filled with the ‘good’ that has been inflicted upon oneself.


The world of death itself.

A scenery that can be unfolded only because he is a god.

A world of inevitable death has unfolded.


There is no way a mere human can stand against the power of God.

The Grand Sword Master did not have any doubts.

I, Yuma’s death.

And his own death that comes after that.

From noble mtl dot com

“Scream, human.”


Yuma just walked.

Towards Increnu.

“This is the result of your wrong actions. You die first. Everyone dies one after another.”


The darkness began to slowly consume Yuma’s body.

From her toes, she was immersed in darkness. And the darkness quickly reached up to her knees.

Yuma’s mouth opened.

“No one dies.”

Yuma believed what she saw with her own eyes.

So she was still able to walk.

Yuma saw.

In Towards Duke Balzac.

A point of light emitting from the end of that line.

A point that can be used as a .


‘Even with this attack.’

The Combines to form a .

And also in this , Which was created by combining countless aspects.

‘─There will be light.’

Find it.

A handful of light.

The only light in the darkness.

Time slows down for an instant.

I pour out everything I have.

Interesting────Ki──────eee……… This────Hey…… Profit─

Find the one light.

Immediately after 30 seconds, which is the operating time of bullet time.


Found it.

Very faint, but clear light.

In pitch-black darkness. There was a point of light.

The shadow of death was slowly creeping over her shoulders.


After falling into this world, I tightly grasped my favorite weapon [Black Dragon Bernak’s Tooth], Which I wielded the most.

There is only one chance to hit that light.


As always.

There was not a single doubt about his own ‘paring’.

Strikes the light.

Use this world of death as a ‘paring point’ to kill.

You can do it.

You have to do it.


A clear sound rang out.

Blah—that one!!!!!!

The light that was just a single point caused a crack.

I began to destroy the pitch-black death.

The scenery of the pure white temple slowly came into view again.

“…Human, you—.”

The face of the purple god was distorted.

The world of death.

Devouring a continent. Of every nation that breathes on that continent. Power enough to annihilate all living beings in space at once.

10 Times that power.

Increanu’s own Was reversed 10 times.


Towards Increnu, God.

Increase couldn’t believe his eyes.

The world of closure is coming to an end.

Something similar to that conclusion.


No, I could see the energy wave being compressed several times more than before being shot towards me.

Incrinyu appeared in Middle-earth as its original body.

It is the body of God.

It is not a human body, but a god’s body made up of divine power.

A body with greater defense and resilience than a dragon.



The body is disappearing.


A black pillar that rose up from the ground in an instant.

The black pillar chewed Incrinyu’s body.

“What are you…”

Increase noticed it right away.

This black pillar is his .

“What on earth are you? Ahhhhh──────!!!!”

For the first time in his life, Incrinyu felt fear.

The beginning of this world.

The god who was born not long from the beginning felt fear.

The body is erased.

Attack power of the end. The power to rob life.

This pillar had several times more power.

God’s body disappears.


My thighs are eaten. The lower body is completely consumed. And the upper body was eaten.

All that was left was the head.

Increase’s head floated in the air.

The scenery of the original world has completely returned.

And everyone who stood up and faced the current situation had their mouths wide open.

God is dying.

‘If only the soul is sent to the divine world, the body can be rebuilt… !’

Increase struggled until the end.



My head is broken.

The purple light, the ‘soul’, has been hit.

The power of closure.

The power that was taken for granted as a god.

Increase had forgotten the awesomeness of its power.

Because he was always the one who ended the world.

The soul of a god was half distorted.

-Why, you… that… Strength──

A sound like a cry from the soul rang through the temple.

-I don’t want to die…… I cannot disappear. I am a God. It’s God!!! There is no reason for me to die!!!

“There is a reason.”

Yuma’s cold words touched Incrinyu’s soul.

“Because I coveted what was mine.”


Increase’s soul was completely broken.

The purple light has completely gone out.

Just like that, God died.

Wipe Out Everything With a Counter Attack Power of 10000000000

Wipe Out Everything With a Counter Attack Power of 10000000000

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean
“Please let me attack first.” Please hit me first. When I parried, they mistook me for a god of war.


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