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Wipe Out Everything With a Counter Attack Power of 10000000000 Chapter 50

50. Emperor (1)

Yuma listens to a conversation that is not a conversation between Brigitte and Incrinyu. He was quite angry.

Just for my own entertainment. It was anger against Incrinyu, who had given an oracle through a saint to see the process of humans losing their humanity.

The three people that Increnew first placed on his scale.

Brigitte, Clone, Belle.

Yuma really liked all three.

The notification window that appeared when I first fell into this world.

To This world.

Because they were perfect companions on the journey to .

Magical genius.

A genius of the sword.

And the princess of the empire.

Apart from the oracle, there were three people who fit Yuma’s purpose perfectly.

And I liked all three as people.

Because I didn’t give up.

Born as a witch’s daughter, she never lost hope.

She did not despair because she was weighed down by her family’s karma.

He was not frustrated by being pushed down in rank for the throne.

However, a god appeared who dared to crush these colleagues solely for his own amusement.

God is trying to destroy the journey we have walked together so far.

That was not something that could be tolerated even by God.

And Yuma saw the possibility of killing that god.

That possibility was realized successfully.

Bang ─

Yuma picked up the golden bag that was lying on the floor. It was the floor of the place where Increnu had been just a moment ago.

She quickly checked her pockets with .

[Shin nang (神囊)]

A subspace bag carried by God.

It meant a subspace pocket used by Increnu.


Without hesitation, Yuma put her kidney bag into her own subspace pocket.

From noble mtl dot com

And she also put [Balmung], The sword of wailing and annihilation on the floor, into her subspace pocket.


After gathering the dead god’s belongings, a notification sound rang in her head.

[Evil God – ‘Suffering Mercy – Increnu’ has been defeated!]


[One of the Eight Evil Gods has been defeated! If you defeat all the Eight Evil Gods, you can get closer to clearing!]

Eight evil gods.

Something new has popped up again.

However, it was clearly necessary information for clearing.

The fact that I had to kill seven more gods felt distant, but it was better than not knowing.

‘What on earth are you doing?’


Is it an individual or a group?

If the goal is to kill the evil god, was it created by an entity that is the opposite of the evil god? Adversary?

Or is killing evil spirits just an additional task?

We have not yet accumulated enough samples to make inferences.

It is currently unknown whether the achievement will be achieved or whether it will be rewarded.

As always, it might be updated when I wake up.


Yuma stared at the traces of sweat running down her chin and onto the ground.

‘I’m tired.’



After being summoned to this world, I poured all of that out more fiercely than ever before.

It was natural for extreme fatigue to weigh on my body.

Yuma turned her body.

And then she realized. Everyone’s eyes are on you.


First Prince Schwerce watched everything.

And then I gave up.

When the power of Increnu, , Engulfed the entire area around the temple.

At that moment, I gave up everything about life.

But that man, Yuma, did not give up until the end.

‘God… ‘I killed it.’

If you leave this temple and grab someone and talk to them. It was a story worthy of being told not to say anything crazy.

But, that was reality.

The war god Yuma killed the god.

I stared at Princess Brigitte, who had the man who killed God by her side.

I thought he was an unreasonable being who received the halo of God.

However, he was under the halo of a being greater than God.

The halo of the Godslayer.


I was so frustrated that I could only sigh.

Overwhelmed by the magic of Increnu, I opened my mouth, which had been tightly shut, and an extremely sweet smell came out.


Schwerce thought about that great name.

Brigitte answered that in her conversation with Yuma.

I don’t want to let Clone and Belle die. Don’t choose one of the two to die. He said he would rather die if he could.

‘I am.’

You can never make that choice.

Schwerze knew his own skills.

‘If I were in that position, I would have let one of the two die.’

Schwerce himself knew it.

He did not suddenly give in or repent.

I was so terribly disappointed in myself.

As a result, his motivation dropped to the bottom.

Once ambition hits rock bottom, it is not something that can be easily satisfied.

The blonde prince, Schwerze, slowly raised his body. I finally managed to calm my shaking legs. I walked in front of Brigitte.

The seat of the oracle.

And then he knelt down in front of him.

“I lost.”

And then he continued.

“It seems that you, and not me, are suited to be the emperor of Astes, Brigitte.”


Brigitte felt the sincerity in Schwerce’s words.

He didn’t just say these words out of fear or pressure from the atmosphere.

Schwerze slowly raised his body.

“After seeing your coronation ceremony. Yes…Duke Balzac. Can I stay in your territory for a while? I want to feel the fierceness of the North.”

Duke Balzac, who had finally regained his composure, leaned against the white pillar of the temple and burst into laughter.

“The North does not stop the coming warrior.”

Balzac shifted his gaze from Emperor Schwerce to Yuma.

‘Musin… ‘Not only is it a title, but you have truly become a martial god.’


I was hit by a speck of the world, nothing more than a ‘good’ and became incapacitated.

But that man destroyed the world of closure.

‘The peak of nothingness….’

Just before Inc Renew descended, he lost all will to say he wanted to fight.


With the gap that big, it was obvious that a single match would win the game. By your own defeat.

Balzac slowly got up.

The pain continued. He gave me an emergency prescription with a potion, but I had to get my healing magic done quickly.

“Kairos, eggplant. With this, the next emperor has been decided.”

Sweat was dripping down Kairos’ brown hair. The situation was not at a level that the body of a middle-aged person approaching old age could endure.

I was half out of my mind.

Marquis Kairos continued speaking in a stutter.

“…God of War…What I saw today I will never reveal anywhere.”

Kairos bowed his head towards Yuma, who was walking towards Brigitte, Clone, and Belle, paying no attention to the nobles.

Very deep.

It was a sign of respect for the person who killed God.

Balzac smiled bitterly.

“He’s going somewhere and talking about it. Who would believe that? I’ll see you next time. Your Majesty the Princess.”

Duke Balzac, Marquis Kairos, and Prince Schwerce moved to the teleportation space together.

Yuma lowered her body, bending her left knee to make eye contact with Brigitte.

“Are you okay?”

“…Yuma, you always exceed my expectations.”

Yuma agreed in his heart.

This incident far exceeded her expectations.

Brigitte suddenly raised her right hand and pressed Yuma’s right cheek.

“What are you doing?”

Brigitte chuckled at Yuma’s words.

“I checked to see if you were a human… What you caused. It’s something that a human cannot possibly do.”

Then, she spread her right hand and caressed Yuma’s cheek.

“Thank you, Yuma.”

Brigitte seemed to have lost all strength in his body, and instead of getting up, he just lay down on his throne.

“…The Demon Army. They said they would invade the continent in 5 months. That’s in the millions.”

Brigitte recalled what Incrinyu had said.

Yuma nodded her head slowly.

“Just stop it.”

Brigitte laughed softly again at that seemingly obvious statement.

Yuma spoke assertively, as if she could prevent it, but her mind was different.

‘If we invade the continent, we will also come to the sea. The same goes for the mountain. Should we at least seek cooperation from other races?’

I was very quickly calculating the battle with the Demon Army.

It was a calculation for survival.

Clone walked in front of Yuma.

“Am I also one of Yuma-sama’s things?”

Clone’s golden eyes looked directly at Yuma.

For a moment, Yuma wondered what kind of nonsense this kid was talking about.

God, the last moment of killing Increnu.

Yuma recalled her own words.

-Because I coveted my things.

Even in that hectic situation, Clone clearly remembered Yuma’s words and engraved them in her mind.

Lightly shining eyes.

For the girl with black hair and golden eyes, the truth or truth of those words seemed to be very important right now.


Yuma is not in his courtship, but in her courtship. She had no choice but to respond. Because her eyes were so earnest.

“That’s enough.”

Clone laughed bitterly, and then he took a step back.

Bell, a swordsman with blue hair and pink eyes, slowly approached Yuma.

Unlike what he has shown so far, he seems a bit distant.

“Why did you bring me here? On earth.”

That was a very fundamental question.

“Having that kind of power and being able to use that kind of swordsmanship.”

This time, only Bell saw vaguely.

Yuma’s movements.

The world of closure, the only gap in the world of black and white.

Bell saw the movement that sought that small light and shattered the power of God.

He didn’t even notice the light himself.

As if it was obvious to Yuma, she found that one light.

“Even God…Can kill.”

And killed God.

“I was really just brought here because of an oracle.”

Yuma placed her hand on the hilt of the sword her bell held tightly in her grasp.

“You will definitely become a greater swordsman than me.”


“You will become much greater than a half-penny like me. Your talent speaks for itself. Your effort speaks for itself. The fact that you have persevered and walked forward speaks for itself.”

Bell’s words border on deception.

Nevertheless, infinitely warm words. She was at a loss for more to say.

“Let’s go.”

Yuma slowly got up.

“I’m pretty tired.”

Hestia followed after Yuma, pricking her cat ears.

“Yes! Yuma, if you’re tired, you should rest!”

She couldn’t help but use polite language.

Yuma suddenly stopped in her footsteps as she urged him to go outside her temple.

The saint who had just lost the god she worshiped was trembling.

Wipe Out Everything With a Counter Attack Power of 10000000000

Wipe Out Everything With a Counter Attack Power of 10000000000

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“Please let me attack first.” Please hit me first. When I parried, they mistook me for a god of war.


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