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Wipe Out Everything With a Counter Attack Power of 10000000000 Chapter 48

48. God (2)

This temple of Astes is located far away in the eastern part of the empire.

Except for a few high-ranking nobles, the location of this temple was not even known. As this is a place where trust is implemented, security is strictly managed.

Saint Ermel, who lives in the temple, opened her mouth.

“Only when the objects of prophecy ascend to the seat of the oracle can the results of the oracle’s performance be known.”

The seat of the oracle.

It was a circular place filled with light on the floor.

Saint Ermel looked around at her imperial companions.

And then the brown eyes stopped on Yuma.

‘… That person is Yuma.’

Empire. No, he is the one who is causing an uproar across the continent. However, strangely enough, it is not mentioned even once in the oracle.

It was natural that there was no direct mention from an individual human, but considering the influence Yuma is currently having on this land, it would not be surprising if it was mentioned in an oracle.

Although she is said to be a saint, she cannot dare to judge the deep will of her god from her own perspective as a mere creature.

‘He has great power, but he is not a vessel capable of saving the world….’

Saint Ermel, who had never seen Yuma’s powerlessness with her own eyes, was trapped within her own frame of thought and had no choice but to judge him.

Ermel turned her gaze from Yuma and looked at the three people who could be said to be the protagonists of this event.

-When the daughter of a witch who fell into the hell of black flames and the blue-haired sword saint meet, the white-haired female monarch will save the world.

That was the New Year’s oracle that came down eight months ago.

, Clone.

, Bell.

, Brigitte.

After hearing her Belle’s name, Ermel smiled brightly and patted her Belle’s shoulder.

“Please become a big star of the empire.”

Belle nodded her head vaguely.

She didn’t realize yet that she had become a member of the empire.

Of course, she was already fully aware that she had become Yuma’s sword.

After Ermel took a deep breath, she opened her mouth again.

“Then, now let’s check whether the trust is established.”

“Can I just go up there?”

“Yes, Bell.”

Ermel smiled and nodded at Belle’s words.

Jeobbuk Jeopuk

Brigitte, Clone, and Belle slowly climbed up to the oracle’s seat.

And right now, the person who was most angry about this situation was by far First Prince Schwerce.

‘Damn it.’


Why on earth doesn’t he have someone like Yuma, the god of war? Why does this kind of blessing come only to Brigitte?

Aren’t such blessings coming to you?


My teeth were ground.

We were able to bring together the two members of that oracle. Isn’t it all thanks to that Yuma?

‘I am…’ I can’t accept four years. Brigitte.’

Schwerze hoped that some form of variable would arise and the establishment of this trust would be disallowed.

Very earnestly.

The seat of the oracle.

Saint Ermel stood in front of the seat of the oracle where the three people mentioned in the oracle stood.

And she raised her right hand high toward the sky.

“The supreme light that encompasses all things and protects the rest of the Astes Empire.”

An aura of light began to overflow from Ermel’s body.

“Please answer the call of a child who is lacking. Increnu.”

As soon as Ermel finished speaking, the aura that was overflowing from her body spread widely.

Drawing light sources like the sun.

─And then a ray of light fell from the sky.

Light began to accumulate, point by point.

With a bunch of fluttering lights.


Everyone in the temple could now see. That something is manifesting.


A stream of light crept up along the floor.


The air let out a faint scream.

An overwhelming presence went beyond the temple and filled the entire space.


Even the Grand Sword Master, Duke Balzac, was overcome by a tingling sensation all over his body.

Everyone felt it.

Humans are creatures, and they feel primal fear in front of God.

A natural sense of reverence.

-You are the most precious being in this world. We do not give in to external pressure.

Of course, except for Yuma, who has the honor trait.

The group of lights slowly cleared away.

What appeared was a being that looked no different from an adult human male.

However, the color of his skin was just a terrible purplish color.

And he had pure white hair and intense red eyes.

Yuma looked directly at its existence with his

Exploration Eye.

[Lv.666] Increnu

Race: God

Deity: ???

Alignment: ???

Ground: God

From noble mtl dot com

[Information is restricted for beings above god level.]

[Depending on the subject’s actions, the search progress within the search and information may be unlocked.]

Levels 300 to 499 belong to the class of demigods – ‘demi-gods’. From level 500, he entered the category of a complete god.

The black dragon , Who was a level 421 demi-god, was the most superior being I had ever encountered.

The new record has been updated again.

To the level 666 god, .

A god with striking purple skin.

Inc Renew raised the corners of his mouth.

He didn’t even pay attention to those below the oracle’s seat. He only kept an eye on the main characters of the oracle given by him, who was on the throne of the oracle.

Saint Armel lay flat on her stomach, her body trembling.

The oracle she received a few days ago came to mind.

-If you carry out this oracle properly, it will appear directly.

It was an oracle given by Incrinyu in front of me.

Increase kept its word of appearing directly.

“Nice to meet you. Brigitte von Astes. Bloodline of the great Astes.”

Increase’s blazing red eyes faced Brigitte.

Princess Brigitte 1 bowed down on her right knee and bowed.

“I meet you, Increnu, the light that illuminates the empire.”

Although this was the land of Astes, they could not stand stiffly in front of the greetings of the god Incrinyu.

Increase smiled kindly and passed Brigitte.

And this time he stared at Clone and Belle.

“Nice to meet you, Clone.”

With the daughter of a witch who fell into the Hell of Black Flame.

“Nice to meet you, Bell.”

The blue-haired swordsman.

After turning her body halfway, Increnu strode in front of Brigitte again.

“You’ve managed to gather the members of the oracle, great lineage.”

Brigitte opened her mouth, still taking her example.

“Thank you Incrinyu for your mercy.”

Right after Brigitte finished speaking.

Incrinyu’s eyes were slanted as thin as a crescent moon.

“The trust was established.”

Obviously, it is an increment that refers to the establishment of a trust.

First Princess Brigitte felt a terrible sense of discomfort. And that sense of discomfort soon became reality.

“However, the final condition for realizing the trust remains.”

Increase’s words continued.

“Between the witch’s daughter and the blue-haired sword saint, one of them has to die. Too bad.”

The audience was engulfed in silence.

“Don’t worry, there’s no need to waste either one’s talent. If one of you dies, Brigitte, that talent will be transferred to you.”

Only the words of God, Incrinyu, continued.

“Which method is better, Clone and Bell. Wouldn’t it be better for you two to fight and decide?”

Belle’s expression crumpled.


Clone took a step back from her.

Neither of us yet understood what God was saying. Even alittle.

First Princess Brigitte’s lips slowly opened.

“Increase…Do you really have to have one of you die?”

“The birth of a great monarch requires a lot of trials.”

Increase still spoke with a benevolent face.

“From the moment I gave that oracle to that saint. The fate of one of those two people except you, who will die, has already been established. That cannot be changed. It is the rule of my oracle that has been established since the beginning.”

In Brigitte’s eyes, her kind words and facial expressions began to seem like those of a demon.

“That is the law of Increnu, the seen god.”

Starting from those words, the color of the white aura flowing from Increnu began to change rapidly.

A color that is a mixture of purple and black.

The aura was still warm and sublime.

It also contained a faint, terrible ominousness.

Yuma once again looked at Increnu with his search eyes.

Invisible divine information has been unlocked.

God’s name: half-hearted mercy, scale of choice, endless agony.

“Now, I can’t give you that long of a time. 30 Minutes in Middle Earth time. Within that time, one of Belle and Clone must lose their life. Otherwise…All three of the main characters of the Oracle will die. You have to die.”


Increase applauded.

With applause. A deadly force identical to the wavelength of that sound spread out.

Life encroached on the entire temple.

Belle opened her eyes wide with a great fear weighing on her mind.

The pressure I felt from my father, Luke, the head of the White Night Clan, was nothing more than a joke.

Even the pressure I felt from Ades, the king of the giants. It felt insignificant compared to the god before me, Increnu.

Brigitte’s pupils shook violently.

Clone’s body trembled.

Foreshadowing of inevitable death.

The pressure of death that cannot be resisted.

Not only the three main characters of the oracle, but also the saintess and two high-ranking nobles standing below faced that sensation.


Balzac felt that the martial arts he had accumulated so far was meaningless.

The training of countless bodies.

A sword that has been swung tens of thousands of times.

It all looked dangerous, like a castle built of sand.

A sand castle that God will destroy in an instant.

‘If that god wants to kill me─.’

You can never avoid death.

The characteristics are different.

If sword energy is ultimately a technique for killing life.

Now, the thing that Increnu was sprawling on the ground was death itself.

A mortal who uses technology to kill life.

How can you kill a god who sows death itself?

Balzac, the defender of the empire and the strongest man of the empire, thought that the body of this temple was on the palm of that Incrinyu.

Everyone standing here right now is standing precariously on that palm.

Life or death can be determined by Increnu’s mood.

If you turn your palm over because you are in a bad mood, you will all lose your breath.

‘In the end, was I also just an insignificant creature?’

Balzac surpassed human limitations hundreds of times. Nevertheless, he slowly began to despair at the appearance of a gap that he could never jump over.

Increase grinned and then looked at Brigitte again.

“You can kill one of them and get a lot of things. Well, let me help you choose a little more. I’ll show you some mercy in advance as a gift.”

Inc Renew bent down and was at eye level with Brigitte, who was on his knees staring intently at him.

“Five months later, the Demon Army will come down from the Demon World for the purpose of invading the continent. The number of troops is in the millions. It is a future prophecy written in the Book of Revelation, which only God can read, so it is certain.”

Increase’s words continued.

“If you, Brigitte von Astes, make this choice of adversity and agony, I will use my divine power to improve the abilities of the human soldiers in the war against the demonic army that will take place in five months. And my divine power We will also create a barrier to delay the invasion.”


While he was explaining, Incrinho’s right hand suddenly spread force throughout his body and was aimed at Duke Balzac, who was barely standing on his own two feet.

Increase’s right hand slowly fell vertically. It was like the hands of a conductor directing an orchestra.

What appeared according to that hand gesture?

It was a single purple line.

The purple line rushed towards Duke Balzac at the speed of light.


Balzac urgently gathered the momentum of his entire body and transformed it into a form of self-defense.


And then he raised his sword and piled up layer upon layer of sword shields, sword shields.

A total of 12 sword curtains.

It was a sword of such high perfection that not even a sword master could tear it apart.

However, it was no use.

Seo─ Geoeok


One purple line.

A single ray of divine power advanced, tearing the Grand Sword Master’s sword like a piece of paper.


All 12 sword curtains were cut off.

Jeo────────── billion

A purple line cut Duke Balzac’s body diagonally.


The armor was completely distorted.


Balzac, who was sitting on the floor, had diagonal scars on his upper body. The scar was heavily dented.

Blood came out endlessly.


A handful of blood spurted out from the mouth.

“I won’t die.”

Brigitte looked at the northern master, the defender of the empire, who had easily collapsed with a single gesture from God.

Brigitte was sure.

Now, this is the situation.

“I will help you so that your army does not collapse like that in 5 months. Now, Brigitte von Astes. Great bloodline.”

This is an unreasonable situation. For Shin Increnu, it’s just entertainment. You could tell just by looking at the long, torn corners of the mouth.

Suddenly half-killing Duke Balzac was probably just part of the fun.

It may also contain pride in one’s strength that will prevent one from having other thoughts.

“Choose quickly who to kill.”

Increase urged mischievously.


It was someone’s voice.

Brigitte, Belle, and Clone’s eyes all focused in the direction where the voice came from.

From noble mtl dot com

“Shut your mouth, Incrinyu.”


It was the sound of loud footsteps.

The man, Yuma, walked forward slowly.

Toward the seat of the oracle.

Wipe Out Everything With a Counter Attack Power of 10000000000

Wipe Out Everything With a Counter Attack Power of 10000000000

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“Please let me attack first.” Please hit me first. When I parried, they mistook me for a god of war.


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