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Werewolf Survival in Apocalypse Chapter 149

Gate (1)

After finishing the meal,

The flock of winter stroked the prickly belly.


As if satiated, he took a long breath and collapsed on the spot.

It was the same in winter.

He lay on his face, helpless, only blinking his eyes.

He blinked helplessly as he stared at his sister and young werewolves lying sprawled around him.

His whole body is languid.


With a long yawn, Winter licked his lips.


He was the largest in the group and the most active.

Of course, even if you spend a relatively quiet day, your basic energy consumption will inevitably be overwhelmingly higher than that of other objects.

His stomach swelled up.

At some point, he was able to put more flesh into his stomach than any individual.

He must have swallowed so much that he could hardly stand it, if he was probably the average other guy.

But it is a satisfying feeling.

Although it felt like my movement was a little disrupted by my stomach, it probably wouldn’t last too long.

Because Winter and his pack were werewolves with a high level of activity from the original constitution.

Even this is quickly digested.


I’m sleepy.

But even so, winter did not close its eyes.

Because now, this place was clearly outside.

They were still in the middle of a field full of golden rice grains, where snow crabs could be seen roaming in the distance.


Moreover, by Winter’s side, there was a girl who was holding on to her own hair and would not let go.

I can see that his stomach is swollen as well.

However, the amount of food they ate was, at best, no different from that of any other human child.

He did not require a large amount of energy.

This must have been quite unusual, considering that normally their brood always eats only in nests that are already perfectly secure.

‘But it can’t be helped to fill this little guy’s stomach.’

They werewolves consume a large amount of food in just one meal a day.

On the other hand, humans are different.

People eat three meals a day. Sometimes some of the dogs have more meals according to taste.

‘Anyway, that means we need to slightly change the distribution accordingly.’

Is that why?

In winter, I felt bloated, as if I was wearing clothes that didn’t fit.

Is it correct to say that I feel like I ate too much?

However, this was a factor that I would gradually adapt to.

Moreover, in order to have this little guy with you, you have no choice but to do so.



Winter looked down at the girl who was still rubbing her cheeks in her arms.

He quietly observed her, then raised her head.

As he raised his gaze, he could see the surrounding scenery.


A chilly winter wind blows, shaking the golden rice fields around.

It is a leisurely daytime experience in the middle of the wild.

But it wasn’t a particularly dangerous place.

And even more.


A snow crab that walked from far away, diligently picking up grains of rice.

At some point, the herd approached close to the resting winter herd.


Our eyes met.


Soon, the guy’s movement slowly starts to stop when he finds a group of winters lying down on their seats.

What follows is a moment of silence.

How many seconds had it passed since our eyes met each other?


For a while, the crab seemed to be thinking about something while rolling its characteristic long crab eyes from side to side.

After checking his eyes, he slowly turns around and starts walking away to the other side.

Kyeo-ryeol just quietly stared at the guy who was quickly moving away.

That’s what the crab guys were like.

He is docile with no fighting spirit or hostility.

It was a completely different look from his big and rough appearance.

Not all monsters are ferocious.

There are species that are exceptionally aggressive, such as some that eat meat and some that eat herbivores, or conversely, there are individuals or species that are relatively docile.

Of course, it’s a monster that’s strong enough for any opponent, and powerful enough.

Apart from that, they generally belonged to a species with relatively little aggression.

The diversity of living things is as diverse as their species and number.

* * * *

The way back.


I can feel your gaze. Obvious.

The eldest sister, Yui, is glaring at winter all the time with a somewhat bewildered expression.

That would be the case too.


Because the girl was currently on her back.


From noble mtl dot com

I felt the same way in winter.

But he tried to avoid her gaze.

He focused only on dragging the carcass of the snow crab, the prey left over from eating it, with his gaze directed only to the front.

Of course, I knew the reason behind Yui’s gaze.

It must have been because of the girl who was carrying it on her back.

‘Stay still, please.’

A cold sweat broke out spontaneously, but I didn’t show it.

Still, the pack of werewolves has not accepted this girl.

Werewolves were a group society composed of only werewolves.

Now I’m saying something that’s too obvious, but those werewolves are beasts of prey.

In an essential sense.

No matter how docile they are during normal times and live as relatively docile intelligent beings, they are naturally different from humans in their unique quality and nature.

In the midst of all that, trying to carry a kid who isn’t even a member of the same group is inevitable.

It is no different from asking a wolf, a ferocious beast, to become friendly with a bird, a weak wild animal that is only a prey.

‘But I can’t hug him alone forever.’

Winter alone.

On the other hand, there were many groups.

He couldn’t be with the girl all the time.

So, in the end, the cooperation of the group is necessary.

That was in the middle of the rush.


Suddenly, Winter felt a gust of strong wind containing a strange magic power.


Winter raised his head.

‘What is it?’

I felt something strange. No, should I express it as a premonition?

And, as if that was the case even with his sisters, everyone suddenly stopped moving.


Their pupils narrowed, constricting into the vertical pupils of a sharp beast.

It was an instinctive expression that detected changes in the atmosphere.

The wind was blowing.

However, it was not an ordinary wind.

It was a faint wind that seemed to be extinguished with the reverberation of weak magical power.

But they were feeling it.

There was no other source of magic in this area.

So, this appeared out of nowhere.

As if it were suddenly ‘created’ in the void where there was nothing.

The moment when Winter felt the manifestation of the bizarre phenomenon and all of his group simply stood still and did not speak.


The weak wind soon began to intensify.

The magic power that filled the void gradually grows.


Winter. And his sister and werewolves flinched.

Reflexively, they flinched backwards at the harsh wind that passed over their heads.

‘This, this?’

Simply strong wind? Or a typhoon? No, no.

This was something of a much wilder and more dangerous kind than that.

Usually in the natural world, there are winds and landmarks containing large and small magical powers, but this was not the case.

It was a place where magic appeared out of nowhere.

It was at that moment.

Damn it-.

I can feel that something with a force that is dangerous even at a glance is forcibly tearing through empty space and spilling out from inside.

It was only then that the jaws of Winter, who realized what it was, slowly opened.

‘That’s… The gate, the gate!’

This was not a situation that anyone intended to happen.

A kind of earthquake, typhoon, or similar natural disaster.

It was just an accident.


Winter, sensing something unusual, took a step back.


Winter lowered himself, growling and shouting at the herd, wary of changes in the atmosphere around him.

It was a voice that contained a recommendation to retreat from this place.

As if agreeing with him, his pack, the two sisters and the young werewolves, began to stagger and back away.

It’s never good to stay close to this place.

It was, of course, the manifestation of the gate that started to happen right in front of me.

I still remember Winter and his pack.

The passage of the rough gate that was huge like a typhoon that seemed to fill the sky.

And now.

That’s what’s about to happen, right here.

The hesitation was short-lived.

Soon after turning away, Winter and his group began to run across the land.


Not long after they ran, a loud gale began to blow around them.

Like a violent typhoon,


Among them was the scream of something familiar.

Usually, he screams and tries to hold on, but soon the huge body is seen to be swept away by the strong winds of the typhoon.

It was a strong wind that even a body as huge as that house could not withstand.

Winter and his sisters also started to run frantically, but the rate of manifestation of the gate was much faster than that.


The gate started to increase in size right away.

It began to approach as if to devour them.

Werewolf Survival in Apocalypse

Werewolf Survival in Apocalypse

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ruined world. Winter reincarnated as a werewolf. You have to fight and be strong to survive.


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