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Werewolf Survival in Apocalypse Chapter 148

Scarlet Blazing Feathers (5)

His sisters, Yui and Yumi, went hunting.

Meanwhile winter he remained behind.

He watched his sisters hide and seek through the rice fields filled with golden grains of rice.

The prey the sisters were after was usually crabs.

The official name of those crabs that I learned before is Terra captor, and they were a tribe that clearly felt that they were not from the earth in every way, from their name to their sense of language.


The sisters seemed to have a strong taste for the taste of those snow crabs lately.

If you saw that the other guys rushed right here without even looking at you.

Winter watched the two sisters hunt.

They, transformed into the shapes of beasts at any moment, were seen secretly hiding their bodies among the golden reeds and advancing little by little.

Kyeo-gyeol stayed behind and quietly waited, watching those scenes.

Of course, he wasn’t just watching in the winter.

His legs were swollen and tight against the ground.

It could be said that it was a state in which the whole body was tightly strained so that it could jump out at any time.

‘If my sisters are in danger, I have to be prepared to run out at any time. It’s not enough just to watch the hunt.’

Hunters don’t always succeed in hunting.

There were times when dangerous blood fights and teeth counterattacked with the prey, threatening the hunter.

Even the weakest rabbit has teeth and claws.

If you get bitten, you will struggle, if you get sick, you will struggle.

That was the logic of the world.

A cornered rat would bite a cat.

According to the laws of nature, there were times when even wolves were threatened by rabbits.

How much more so if they were prey that could stand up to the werewolves.

The body was as big as a decent house, and the teeth and claws were menacing enough to rip an ordinary human into pieces with one blow.

It also meant that no matter how strong werewolves were, they could be hurt enough.

Because of winter, his eyes were following the backs of his sisters who were hunting.

Of course, with his sensitive ears and gestures, he was holding the young werewolves and the girl together.

His vertical pupils, with sharp blades, stretched, expanded and contracted repeatedly, observing the movements of Yui, Yumi, and her two sisters.

That you should never let go of tension-.

It was something he understood based on his own instincts and experience.

It was around that time.


The sisters turned to him.

Yui and Yumi.

Winter met their eyes.

I could feel him looking at me.

At that figure, Winter smiled faintly.

The corners of his mouth went up very faintly.

‘Looking good. Don’t worry either.’

I fully understand. Without him, I would be anxious.

Come to think of it, this was the first time the sisters had stepped out and went hunting alone.

Winter always took part in the pack’s hunt.

It was always winter that led the hunt.

His body is more robust and his body is also nimble. Furthermore, he even wields the elemental powers of water and ice, and even had a variety of ways to respond to various situations, so not hunting meant a great weakening in his power.

It also led to the meaning that you couldn’t hunt the excellent strong enemies you normally aimed for, and you had to target weak opponents that were smaller in size and less efficient.

‘Come to think of it, my mother always looked at me this way too.’

Winter seasoned his appetite.

I wonder if Yuhwarin, who was his mother, always felt this way.

Winter was captivated by sentiment for a while.

If you think about it, her eyes were always complex.

Maybe it is.

I wondered if it was because I always put tension on my body, not knowing when and where to run out and react to Winter and my sisters.

… I don’t know if she will do as well as her mother Yuhua Lin.

‘But most of them are worthy opponents.’

If it’s at the level of the guys, I can trust my sisters enough.

In general, even though they can use magic, they are inferior in their ability to use that magic.

The only ability he had was to fire his breath with his mouth at most.

Of course, even that was not a speed that could only be avoided unless it was an opponent who could move fairly quickly, so it wouldn’t have been a big problem in their lives until now.

Winter It wasn’t for him or the crowd.

It was slow enough that you could see it with your own eyes and avoid it if you set your senses upright and prepared in advance.


Ajak. Ajajak.

A snow crab that is busy chewing rice grains.


His sisters, Yui and Yumi.

They made their way through the golden reed fields and circled wide with the guy in between as if they had promised.

It looked like they were surrounded.

The front is Yui and the back is Yumi.

It was a perfect positioning.

Pounding. Pounding.

Winter, who was watching the scene, also felt his heart beating a little faster, even though he wasn’t hunting himself.

Tension and slight excitement enveloped his body.

I wondered if it would be okay, but I tried to scatter it.

This is a misconception. Winter now had to take care of the young ones.

Now is the time for his sisters to step in.


The pupils of the winter that were watching were gaining strength.


I can see the sisters of winter slowly lowering their posture.

In order to jump, it was to gather strength on the back foot.

Immediately after that, the two jumped up and hit the snow crab.

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The power in their fists was so intense.

The sound of the blow could undoubtedly be heard even in winter.

The body of the gluttonous snow crab, which was concentrating on eating, collapsed on its back.


f*ck! Wow!

A guy who struggles all over in surprise.

Aiming for such a guy, Yui and Yumi’s merciless assault continued.

[Key, Kirruru!]

The screams are desperate.

Kyeo-gyeol watched it and closed his eyes.

* * * *

“Heh, hehehehe.”

Yui smiled awkwardly.

Yumi, the second sister, was acting out of tune with her head turned.


Meanwhile, Winter looked down at her snow crab in silence.

The limbs of the snow crab were horribly smashed.

The intensity at the time was good enough.

Oops, you can see that the cracked snow crab’s crab shell is leaking and staining the fields.

I tried to describe it as just a small amount of bodily fluid leaking out.

The size of snow crabs has reached a gigantic level beyond simply being large.

Of course, it wasn’t a normal amount.


The two guys, Inari and Luna, hurriedly gobbled up even that.

Winter bitten his appetite like he was sorry.

‘Well, I can’t help it. It seems like it’s too much to take it anyway after it’s crumbled like this.’

It’s a waste.

If it is broken into small pieces like this, there will probably be some leftovers that need to be thrown away. Probably.

The hard crab shells shattered and cracked, leaving fragments scattered around.

Some of the legs had already been blown off and were pinned far away.

But since it was only the sisters’ first proper hunt, it must have been such a fierce fight.

It was because I fought with much more tension than usual.

It was an ambiguous situation to say because of that.

In that case, if possible, I have no choice but to eat it right here.

Of course, it was unreasonable to devour the whole house the size of this house at once.

So I think I should prepare the parts that I can bring separately.



Inari usually took off one of the crab’s thin legs and held it up high into the sky.

It was sort of like a declaration that he wouldn’t dare to look at it as he would take it alone.

Of course, who would listen to his declaration?

Anyway, it was.

And the girl,

“Stop it…!”

…One of the thin legs of a snow crab that was crushed and stuck on one side.

Somehow, even that seemed difficult to lift.

I tried my best, frowning, but at most my legs could barely budge.

This crab reached such a gigantic size that even if it was only the size of one leg, it would be as long as three or four adult men.

It was an understandable sight, since it weighed a dozen or tens of kilograms.


Georeum looked around for a while, then licked her lips.

I can’t see anything useful around me. It was in the middle of a rice field.

‘Because there is nothing. Shall we do it by boiling it?’

Werewolf Survival in Apocalypse

Werewolf Survival in Apocalypse

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ruined world. Winter reincarnated as a werewolf. You have to fight and be strong to survive.


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