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Werewolf Survival in Apocalypse Chapter 150

Gate (2)


A strong wind rose and sucked in everything around.

Originally, it was empty space where nothing would have existed.

But now, there has been an unknown passage leading to a completely different space called the Gate.

As a result, a strong air pressure difference began to occur, and the passageway began to forcibly suck in everything around it.

Huge rocks, trees, creatures, etc.

No matter what, there were no exceptions.


Even a crab species, Terra captor, which was as huge as the house, was swept away.

They struggled on their limbs, driving their claws into the ground, trying to resist to hold on.

Soon, even trees and rocks were uprooted, and they were dragged through the gate without being able to withstand the strong pull.

They are Terracaptor snow crabs that move very slowly and move slowly.

With those guys, you can neither run away nor resist. I had no choice but to be helpless.

It wasn’t just the guys.

Flying animals and various monsters that inhabited the forest flew through the air and were accompanied to the gate.

[Ha! Ha!]

Winter and his pack of werewolves.

They were already running with all their might.

He carried the young guys on his back, and Yui almost hugged the girl as she ran.

Everyone was terrified.

It was the same with Inari, who was usually so active, and Yuina Yumi, who had already grown up and matured.

This was even more so for the timid Luna.

Inari and Luna trembled while holding his arms tightly on the winter’s back.


Only the girl, who still knew nothing, stretched out her hands toward the gate, a rift passageway that engulfed everything around her with terrifying momentum.

The girl didn’t even seem to be aware that this was dangerous.

Winter and his sisters were different.

They had no time to look back.

I only looked forward and ran.

Koogu Palace-.

On both sides of his field of vision, he continues to see the sights of huge trees being uprooted and flying backwards without end.

‘Damn it!’

Winter looked up at the wooden beams that flew past them in a panic.

‘How far are you going to grow?!’

It is an enormous manpower.

It is said that a gate has a very strong power and absorbs everything on the ground.

The speed at which the gate’s rift passages expand in size is faster than they run and run away.

Even the expansion of these rift passages was terrifying, as fast as they were as they ran with all their might.

I couldn’t let go of my tension.

If you slow down even a little, they will be caught and sucked into that gap of gravity.

Damn it-.

At that time, the ground cracked and cracked.

Georeum and his second sister, Yumi, who were running in front of them, swiftly avoided the spot, but

The eldest sister Yui, who held the girl in her arms and was careful with her movements, did not.


Yui. With a brief moment of bewildered voice, she crashed into the crack in the dark crack.

Oops, I couldn’t avoid it.

Winter’s eyes caught her expression of bewilderment.

Her movement as she extends her hand towards him seems slow motion.


Winter reflexively drew out magic.

His pupils flashed blue, and magical powers that stretched out like nets grabbed Yui and the girl all over.


A medium-level spell that interferes with gravity and the atmosphere around it.

Her body floated up and landed on the ground.

The problem was that their movements, which had been frantically running away, slowed down for a while.

In the end, their entire bodies fell within the confines of the rift passages that were expanding at breakneck speed.

I couldn’t stand it any longer and began to float.

‘Reverse gravity!’

Reverse Gravity. Coordinate spells that force control of gravity into anti-gravity.

From noble mtl dot com

But it was a futile resistance from the start.

This was a coordinated spell that worked towards the planet.

The winter exerted a force that defies gravity, forcing their bodies to land on the ground, but it was only for a moment.

Soon, even the ground they were on was ripped off and began to float in the air.

‘No! I can’t stand it…!’


The winter snow glowed bluer than before.

It was to increase mana.

As they raised their strength to endure with their teeth clenched, the ground they were on vibrated and began to resist the action of the gravitational force they were dragging.

That didn’t go too far either.


In the end, even the edge of the ground they were standing on crumbled and was sucked into the rift passage.

This was a natural disaster.

A disaster that is more dangerous and more powerful than any typhoon or tsunami.

Winter, on the other hand, was just a creature.

It was a fight with a fixed outcome from the beginning.

No matter how strong and exceptional a creature is, it is impossible to stand up to such a disaster.


Soon, winter collapsed, coughing up blood, due to the gravitational force that grew stronger as the rift passage grew larger.

It was because of the power beyond his limits.

‘If I collapse now…!’

If he collapses now, it’s over. With that, they would have been swept away from this place.

Knowing that fact well, Winter gnashed his teeth and tried to generate magic, but the energy didn’t work.

It was because of the momentary strong shock.

The repulsive force was so severe that the internal injuries were serious.

The moment Winter coughed up blood and collapsed, all the power acting on the ground they were standing on was released.

The ground they were standing on floated upward in an instant and began to roll up towards the rift passage.

I could feel the action of a powerful force that defied gravity suffocating my entire body.

Soon after, their bodies floated up.

It can’t go on like this. Everyone was about to scatter.

Georeum felt the touch of the young werewolves, Inari and Luna, who held onto her body tightly.

The other two didn’t.

His two sisters. Yui and Yumi’s bodies were floating in the air and moving away from him.

‘No way!’

The desperate winter snow spewed fire.

But within, Coke! As he vomited blood, the strength he was trying to get up quickly gave up.

But his eyes were staring straight in the other direction.

His two sisters, Yui and Yumi, were drifting apart.


At that time, Yui hurriedly shouted at Winter.

I couldn’t hear her voice as she shouted something. The sound of the wind crashing around me was so sharp.

The dust flying around was also unusual.

But soon, she picked up her girl, Yui, and then threw it at him as hard as she could.

Her winter took her by the way, with her big paws.

The girl was right in his arms.

But his sisters, Yui and Yumi, were not like that.

They split apart and were sucked into the deep rift passageway.


He saw the last smiles of his two sisters at him.

They smiled bitterly, but were soon hidden by the scattered earth and trees.

Soon, when the objects that covered Winter’s eyes disappeared, his sisters had already disappeared beyond the gate.


No. It can’t be like this.

However, no matter how desperately I hoped for such a winter, this fierce situation continued.

Whee Oh Oh!

With a sharp wind stronger than any typhoon, Winter gripped the two young guys and the girl tightly.

The shock that hit his whole body continued.

He steadfastly endured even the wind that slashed his back and whole body like a blade.

Because he knew that when he loosened up, these young guys would take all of these shocks.

And before long.

Winter felt a short floating feeling.

When he opened his tightly closed eyes, Winter soon realized that he had entered the world inside the rift passage.

A dark world just like the universe. And I saw a strange space where countless stars were connected.

Space? Could it be that he has entered the middle of the universe?

However, that floating feeling was only for a moment.

Soon, they began to be dragged along with the strange sensation of being swept away somewhere.

Kyeo-gyeol closed his eyes again and held the three little guys in his arms.

Like that-.

The consciousness of winter soon subsided as if it were sinking.

* * * *

Shoot ah ah-.

A sound is heard.


Winter felt a strange sensation.

He twitched the bridge of his nose at the tickling.

…What is it?

Something is touching his face.


Soon, winter opened its closed eyes.

Then his vision, which had been blurry for a moment, came into focus, and soon he began to see what he was looking at.


It was none other than a small crab poking Winter’s face.

The guy was pulling Winter’s hair with his claws, or poking it as if he saw something strange.


Soon, winter comes to its senses.

When he reflexively jumped up from his seat.

Shoot ah ah-.

He stood in the middle of the salty beach.

Werewolf Survival in Apocalypse

Werewolf Survival in Apocalypse

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ruined world. Winter reincarnated as a werewolf. You have to fight and be strong to survive.


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