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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 94

Chapter 94. Tower of Trials (5)

To be honest, Dante had fun with this test.

No s*xual worries, no real death or injury.

It was a lot of fun learning and understanding the intention of the presenter.

5th floor PVP area.

It was a place similar to a survival game arena.

It was a space with almost no cover, so a bloody gunfight came and went from the start.

The 5th floor was declared clear in 10 minutes.

Dante and Jun survived, but they consumed a lot of items.

“Are those bastards targeting me?”

“It seemed like that.”

“Why do stupid things in an open space?”

More than half of the guys who ran after seeing Dante were shot and killed by other players on the way.

Even if 20 people look great, they are enemies to the remaining 120 people. With the goal in front of me, I lost my judgment and gave up my life.

The mana gun was finally paid before the 6th floor scenario started.

“Oh yeah! thank god. I was scared because I didn’t have live ammunition.”

“I know. I’m so glad.”

“Now I can go freely. let’s go.”

Now, magic bullet shooting was nothing.

Dante steadily trained his whole body mana expression and breathing method without missing a day.

I can write texts with mana, but if I can’t fire a single magic bullet properly, it doesn’t make sense.

The sixth floor was a habitat for gorillas and orangutans.

The two were immersed in hunting.

Instead of being a non-preemptive individual, if you catch one, those within a 20m radius will attack. It was definitely a difficult object to catch with solo.

“Jun. Can you hear me?”

“uh? uh. what?”


thump thump thump.

The ground trembled.

Dante and Jun raised their managuns and watched the front.

I saw someone running frantically through the trees.

“Isn’t that Marc Laurent?”

“that’s right. and… … .”

Dozens of angry gorillas were chasing Mark.

“ha. Why is that bastard bringing mobs this way? It was obvious that we were there.”

Marc Laurent still had a bad relationship with Dante. A thought flashed through Dante’s mind.

‘no way. no way… … .’

A sad hunch is never wrong.

Marc grinned about 10 meters away and used the invisibility capsule.

Dante was genuinely dumbfounded.

‘and… … Look at that baby. Smile?’

As the prey disappeared, the gorillas’ eyes turned to Dante and Jun.


thump thump thump.

“Hey tsun. Prepare to use one defense and one invisibility and follow me.”


It’s a monster area.

Players are not allowed to use capsules or PVP.

‘Do you want to make a mob death by trolling? okay.’

Being hit and killed by a monster in the game is called ‘mob death’. Taking dozens of monsters and killing good players who were hunting was called trolling.

Marc must have been relieved because he used the invisible magic, but he could see it clearly in Dante’s eyes. Invisibility magic isn’t mana after all.

It didn’t move after using the transparent capsule.

‘Would you like to watch me get bitten by a monster? It can’t be like that.’

Are you alone?

I also have transparent capsules.

“Jun. Run and jump.”


It took only three or four seconds for Dante to grasp the situation and move.

Dante ran head-on toward the gorillas.

“Shield, jump!”

The two of them jumped into the air while using the protective capsule and sending mana with their legs at the same time.

Marc Laurent finally grasped the situation and tried to move, but it was already too late.

Dante jumped over the pack of gorillas and landed right next to Mark. And as soon as the invisibility was released, he grabbed Mark’s wrist.

“Let go. Don’t let go?!”

Dante looked at the group of gorillas with a smirk.

“Guys, eat!”

Jun used the invisibility capsule before Dante could speak. Before long, Dante also disappeared from Mark’s sight.

Marc panicked and rummaged through his pockets.

“The transparent capsule… … .”

In the meantime, Dante and Jun moved away from the scene. I was about to examine the situation from an appropriately distant place.

“Is that bastard really mad?”

Jun nodded his head.

“After using the transparent capsule once, the cooldown is 1 minute. I guess I didn’t read it properly when I first chose it.”

It’s a PC game, so you can check item information at any time during the game, but MR is different.

In particular, in the school test, which emphasizes realism, the possibility of providing item information several times was very small.

So Dante read all the descriptions of the items he didn’t select in the item selection window. That way, you can prepare for when the opponent uses an item.

In the end, Mark couldn’t use the transparent capsule because of the cooldown. And died while using two defense capsules. The body of the man whose limbs were torn off was gruesome.

“Let’s go and get some live ammunition.”


If the player was killed by a monster, only items other than the capsule could be looted.

Jun asked while taking live ammunition from Mark’s magazine.

“Have you played a lot of games? If I had been alone, I would have just suffered.”

Even if you already know the Tower of Trials scenario, it was difficult to predict the unexpected situation created by the players.

Expensive devices such as MR and AR have more opportunities for wealthy people to access them. However, there were very few students who played games leisurely, not using them for training.

“game? did a lot I really liked being my best friend.”

Dante was a documentary person, Hamel was a game person.

It’s been 10 years since I fought with it.

Usually Dante yielded. I was lucky enough to be able to watch old documentaries and movies that I wouldn’t normally see at Hamel’s house.

Dante continued.

“When you play games, there are quite a few trolling guys like Marc. But the dead are never beaten. Ha ha ha ha.”

“… … okay. I hope so. He’s a game figure.”

“Are you sarcastic? blow honestly Are you just being sarcastic?”

“You have to explain, don’t you? I’m a dead person from the sky island, you’re a dead person from the game.”

“Anyway, this kid is real. and… … .”

Whether Dante is pissed off or not.

There was something else important to Jun.

‘I’m going to tell my mother that I should take a game tutoring next vacation. Trollit analysis. Memo in my head!’

Demiar Colin, who was watching from a distance, spat out a low curse.

“f*ck. Tough cub. Junmori, why is that bastard stuck over there?”

Frankly, it wasn’t a bad strategy.

If it were the other guys, there is a 99% chance that they would have died in embarrassment. The root of the problem was that he looked down on his opponent.

Besides, luck didn’t follow.

I didn’t expect to have two transparent capsules.

Demiar’s party killed more than 20 players. Among them, only two transparent capsules were obtained.

‘under… … . I only threw away items for no reason.’

The items Marc hadn’t used yet returned to team leader Demiar Colin’s pocket.

squeak. Swoop!

“die. die!”

Today was a very strange day.

Dante worriedly watched Jun hacking at the already dead monster.

Jun’s actions were gestures bordering on anger beyond confidence.

‘Is it comfortable because it’s a simulation? It’s so different from usual.’

Dante tapped Jun on the shoulder.

“You are already dead. stop.”

The 6th floor scenario ended a while ago.

Jun didn’t stop hacking.

“Dirty things. have to kill them all I have to kill you! things that are nothing. They made the world this way! Because of the monsters, we… … .”

‘That’s what my mother did. That’s why Dad and I became unhappy… … .’

Jun thrust his greatsword into the monster’s heart once again. As the corpse disappeared, the greatsword headed for the stone under the monster.

From noble mtl dot com

The tip of the knife was blocked by a hard stone, and Jun’s hand slid all the way in the direction of the blade.

The sharp blade cut his palm deeply. Jun didn’t groan at all. Blood dripped. Jun felt an inexplicable pleasure in the terrifying pain.

Jun stood up with a dejected expression and spoke.

“I left my father’s house. They say they will divorce soon.”

Jun was the first to tell a personal story. When it happened, Dante was at a loss as to how to react.

Even if you go through the same situation, someone wants comfort, someone just wants to listen quietly, and someone asks for a glass of beer.

After thinking for a moment, Dante tapped Jun on the back and opened his mouth.

“Let’s not get married, let’s work together for the rest of our lives. okay?”

“… … together? Am I going to enter the Magic Tower?”

“What am I Does that mean you don’t have the skills to enter the Magic Tower?”

“huh. sorry but you still can’t Do you think the magic tower is easy?”

“… … .”

under… …

okay. I worry about comforting this baby. Cancer, not sick.

Dante eventually made it to the 11th floor.

It wasn’t all nonsense.

Among them, it is currently ranked #1.

The strongest in close combat.

Another member of the Revolution team that Dante and Jun had completely forgotten about.

There was also a freesia carol.

Freesia organized a party of 3 from the 4th floor, and on the 10th floor, she sacrificed two party members to monsters and managed to join the 11th floor.

The two students who were on a team with Freesia stood up from the capsule and shuddered. As soon as the two met in the hallway, they started swearing.

“and… … . Phrygia, that b*tch.”

“So I told you not to party with him. Did he say that at the end of the first semester?”

Other students who died on the 10th floor also gathered around.

“why? What is it!”

“What is Freesia!”

After the practice session for the first semester, we talked about this in the airship lounge.

“I thought he was a complete psychopath. 」

“Two people died because of you, so how can you not blink an eye? 」

At the time, Freesia was aware that practice was a simulation. So, he sent two of his teammates, who usually ignored her, to the nether road pretending to be a mistake.

It was the same this time too.

What Marc Laurent failed to troll, Freesia succeeded perfectly. He dragged a lot of monster aggro and used the remaining transparent capsule alone.

As a result, two members of the team were horribly murdered.

There was no guilt whatsoever.

It’s a competition anyway, and you don’t really die, right?

“and… … . I will never team up with that b*tch again.”

“It can’t be helped if it’s random.”

“Who doesn’t know that? You idiot who says you don’t do it when forming an autonomous team. You really lack understanding.”

Emotions inevitably intensified because I was eliminated with the high ground in front of me.

The eliminated students chewed on freesia and headed to the dormitory.

The 11th floor of the Tower of Trials.

The students were spread out in an all-white room.

The injuries sustained on the 10th floor were treated neatly, but the body and mind were exhausted.

An announcement reverberated in a space without speakers.

[ Players who have reached the 11th floor of the Tower of Trials. Now, only the final gateway remains. ]

The students groaned.

“what. Isn’t it over?”

“More left?”

[You will all receive a perfect score at the end of the second semester of the first year. congratulations. This gateway is a bonus round, and players who don’t want to can leave the game.

The bonus round gives the system access to your subconscious. Players who wish to proceed press the Accept button, and players who wish to exit the game press the Decline button. ]

[ Bonus Scenario Progress (Accept / Decline) ]

Dante was lost in thought.

‘Access to the unconscious? What do you mean? Are you trying to look inside my head?’

Dante stabbed Jun, who was sitting next to him, in the side.

“hey. Can you peek into the opponent’s unconscious through the system?”

Should I tell you the truth or not?

After thinking about it for a while, Jun decided to tell the truth.

Let’s work together ‘for life’. That was a pretty impressive statement. It’s only for a moment, but I feel like I’ve been comforted.

“In conclusion, it is impossible. It would only be possible if there was a magician who could read thoughts.”

No matter how advanced technology was, there was no way to visualize the unconscious world of others.

“So you’re saying it’s impossible with science and technology?”

“why. Do you have a past you want to hide?”

Anyway, it’s unnecessarily sharp.

To be honest, my parents cared about me.

Aren’t they the ones who hid their identities and carried out classified missions? If revealed in Dante’s unconscious, embarrassing information could have remained.

“What about the past? it’s just embarrassing That someone is looking into my subconscious.”

“but. That goes for me too.”

“Are you going to do it?”

“Of course you should. And I don’t care if someone reads my mind. Because I’ve been living a good life.”

Ah yes, you will.

I don’t know how to be nice.

At least he wasn’t the type to harm others. It’s a disease, so it can’t be helped.

Dante hit the accept button.

What are you testing by accessing the unconscious?

The sight darkened and a guide sound was heard.

[ The purpose of this scenario is to prepare for S-class monsters. Scenarios will automatically end if a serious problem occurs in the body. Good luck then. ]

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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I see mana patterns in my eyes. Was it around the age of five? From then on, the world started to look a little special. A complex pattern consisting of dozens or thousands of lines was visible. I could remember it at once. I am a mage who reads mana patterns.


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