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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 93

Episode 93. Tower of Trials (4)


Are you going to come out like this just because you were bitten once by a rabbit?

Dante gritted his teeth and said to Jun.

“hey. Bet who will catch more.”

“Either way. I am confident.”

The two went out to kill the Bloody Rabbit with terrifying speed.

[Number of monsters killed: 46]

[Current ranking: 6th]

‘what. Did you get pushed to 6th place?’

[Number of monsters killed: 49]

[Current ranking: 4th]

‘what. Aren’t you pushed to fourth place?’

“What kind of kid is number one?”

“I won. I made a bet, so grant me your wish.”

“what. If so, you should have walked before you started.”

“It’s petty.”

“You must be stupid. If you were confident of winning, why didn’t you bet anything?”

“Zero hit. It’s the first time I’ve ever heard that I’m stupid.”

“Uh, yes.”

Meanwhile, on the other side of the map, there were 24 people from 8 teams including Marc Laurent.

The leader of the group is Demiar Colin, who entered the school at number 22. Born from a sky island family, he was on the same team as Roger Meyer during team tournaments and survival missions.

Right before the 3rd floor PVP scenario begins. Demiar looked at the rest of the students and talked.

“On the 3rd floor, we will prioritize the top ranked guys except for us. Guys like Dante Prime and Phrygian Carol. There’s no point in keeping it alive for long. Do you know what I mean?”

The Morone family is ranked 16th.

There was no such thing as losing one’s place overnight just because a rising force came up.

Fabio Morrone said this while traveling.

“I hope a lot of new people come up. The sky island was also high as it should be. 」

But most didn’t think like Fabio.

Potential bowl thieves should be nipped in the bud. In particular, there was a tendency to severely reject people from other regions such as Dante and Gudanji.

「Why do you dare to go over to Agras and steal the pie? They will go to school in their hometown. 」

Social perceptions do not change overnight.

If you look at Dante and his close friends right now, aren’t they all outsiders?

There were many cases where people were naturally divided into Agras vs base, upper class vs common people, without anyone saying anything.

The map on the second floor is not very wide, and PVP is prohibited. Demiar Colin moved at a fast pace and rallied his teammates.

Only with so-called upper-class personnel.

“The 3rd floor probably has a different starting point. We already have 21 people, so we have a numerical advantage. Even if you consume all the bonus items, you must grab it and move on.”

Marc Laurent clenched his fists.

Marc had a final practice with Dante. I didn’t get a good score because I was injured by an obsidian fragment thrown by a golem.

Even if it wasn’t a prestigious family, the Laurent family was a family close to Sky Island.

“agreement! Even if you don’t have items, it’s better to run after the monsters. Aren’t you pissed off when you fall behind those insignificant families?”

Demiar laughed inwardly.

‘To the subject who was pushed out of the Sky Island.’

I don’t really like it, but I can’t help it. It was time to gather strength.

One of the students who was listening spoke.

“But Freesia and Dante always get perfect grades at the end of the semester. Do I need to catch them first? There won’t be any damage anyway.”

Demiar had a puzzled expression.

He put in an extreme deal with a soft tone.

“Don’t you have a brain?”

“… … .”

“They are not the problem, we are the problem. Leave them alive and upstairs if we die at their hands.”

“ah… … . Now I know what you’re talking about.”

180 people remain.

24 of them held hands.

Demiar explained.

“If the starting point is the same as on the first floor, it will be difficult. But I guess the third floor will be different?”

The students nodded.

“From now on, a group of three. Party members will land on the same point. But with eight teams, each team will start in a different place.”

“I know yeah. How will we meet?”

“It is impossible to meet all of them. Let’s go around and make a party of at least 6 people. There must be a lot of kids who haven’t formed a team yet. With six people, you should be able to catch most of them.”


“Remember. Even if you have to use up all the capsules, you will catch it unconditionally.”

Of course, Demiar had no intention of consuming capsules from the third floor.

team? If you go up anyway, there will come a moment when you have to put knives in each other’s backs.

Demiar intended to deal with the strong enemy by consuming the remaining 7 team items.

[Clear the 2nd floor. The third floor is the PVP area. Scenario starts after 3 seconds. 3, 2, 1. Game start. ]

“This is also a forest terrain.”

Dante fell into the same spot as June.

The two first hid themselves among the bushes.

Dante was the first to comment.

“On the 3rd floor, let’s focus on survival rather than ranking. Maybe all the guys who say they shoot a gun are hiding from each other?”

“I thought you were stupid, but you’re pretty smart.”

… … You thought I was stupid?

“… … stupid? hey. When, where, and at what point did you feel that way? me really I don’t understand.”

“I just got revenge for calling me stupid earlier.”

“… … .”

Jun Mori is a person who can’t understand even if he understands.

Did you really have to take revenge in this situation?

Jun recalled the 3rd floor map stored in his head.

The thing to be most careful about on the 3rd floor is the traps installed all over the place.

‘It’s what the scenario developers already expected. That everyone would ambush and aim for sniping.’

It was clear that more than half would fall into a trap while searching for the right ambush.

Jun said.

“Can I take the lead here? It’s better than dying while leading the way.”

“Okay then.”

Dante thought, ‘What’s wrong with this bastard?’, but he didn’t bother to say it. Junmori usually followed orders, but was not the type to go ahead.

‘Well, I must have an idea.’

It was true that there were some doubts.

The Nexon Company, run by Jun Mori’s mother’s family, was one of the best game development companies in Agras.

A year has passed since Dante entered Agras. It wasn’t just about training. I also studied the power relations of the families living in the sky island in my spare time.

There was help from BS and Ray, but the person who gave me the most advice was Fabio Morrone.

「Is Junmori your roommate? His mother is the director of Hanabi Academy. My uncle is the president of Nexon Company. 」

Fabio advised me several times, ‘You have to ride the line well’. It is better not to get involved with a family that could later become a rivalry from the beginning.

So I asked BS once and got scolded for nothing.

「The old one! Hey. sounds like a line You’ll know when the time is right, so focus on your training. 」

Without BS, Fabio’s advice would have been of great help, but Dante already had a line.

BS line.

In the meantime, Jun avoided the traps and found a suitable place. There is a large rock behind it that can completely cover the body, and there is a low bush in front of the rock.

And this is where there are a lot of big traps around. Even if you kill only those who fell into traps, you can add about 3-4 kills. There was no need to move very far.

“How about an ambush around here?”

Dante looked around and nodded.

“Can you see the leaves in front of me? It’s like a swamp. And look at that tree over there. There’s a huge trap there. The third floor seems to have traps laid throughout the area.”

Junmori was once again amazed at Dante’s ability to observe.

While on duty, he was very observant. Why can’t I find the rotten sock stuck in my sleeping capsule? I couldn’t understand it at all.

“that’s right. I also asked to ambush on this side because of that swamp. You can see it from here too, so I’d better catch it with a greatsword if possible.”

“… … .”

“why. It’s okay to shatter them with grenades. Are you hesitant to stab me with a knife?”

I was stabbed in the middle.

Dante did not deny it.

“a little?”

“It’s a game, my friend.”

If you hear a gunshot, you will pull useless aggro and your location will be exposed. If anyone fell into the swamp, it was best to catch him with a greatsword.

Dante spoke as he hid himself among the bushes and rocks.

“Then let’s go to throw. If you approach and stab them, they won’t defend themselves.”

“I guess so.”

Dante was also confident when it came to throwing a greatsword. Control would be a lot easier if you could use mana.

Screams are heard in the distance.

Whether it was a trap or a bloody battle, there was no way to know just from the sound.

Meanwhile, Demiar Colin had many thoughts.

‘It’s a trap area. Unlucky.’

By now, the party members of the 8 teams should have been diligently moving to find Dante and Freesia.

But, of course, it’s a trap area.

‘What can I do? If you have a head, they’ll take care of themselves.’

“hey. it won’t work here It’s dangerous to keep moving. Let’s ambush at a suitable place.”

Colleen’s party searches for an ambush.

One of the 24 Assassins died when his skull was pierced by a greatsword thrown by Dante.

Junmori said with a pathetic expression.

“How could all three of them fall into the swamp together? Foolish children. If we just kept our distance, the other two could have lived.”

When searching a new area, move at an appropriate distance. It was basic.

But even these basic things are forgotten once you go out into the field. So practice is important.

Two of the three party members were killed by Dante and Jun’s greatswords, respectively. One was still alive.

Dante looked at the swamp with a blank expression.

“It’s true that our greatsword was blown.”

“… … .”

“How can you be so stupid?”

The same goes for Jun. But I didn’t agree with being stupid.

“I am not stupid. Everyone can make mistakes the first time.”

The swamp was wider than expected. There was a possibility that I would go to retrieve the greatsword for no reason and fall into it together.

“Do we have to fight without a greatsword from the 4th floor?”

“maybe. As long as they don’t steal it from others… … .”

Even if you kill the player, only the capsule comes in, but the weapon cannot be looted.

I’d rather use a pistol and move or stay still. If I had stayed still, I wouldn’t have lost the Greatsword even if I couldn’t loot the item.

From noble mtl dot com

“ah… … . You should have searched for the bodies of the dead on the first floor and stocked up on extra weapons.”

[If you kill a player in PVP, you will automatically acquire the opponent’s item except for the weapon. ]

It was clearly mentioned before the start of the scenario.

Excluding weapons.

It was Dante’s own fault for neglecting to acquire the loot because it was difficult to see the bodies of his friends.

Jun sighed and spoke.

“You can do well in the future. You saw it on our 3rd floor earlier. Children who died from being attacked by monsters. Because the corpses don’t disappear until each floor is cleared. If you see a dead body on the 4th floor, bring a bayonet.”

“okay. what can’t you do You don’t have to repeat the same mistakes next time.”

“You’re right. Let’s go! Fighting!”

“… … Yes, fighting.”

Dante still thought it was good to be on the same team as Jun.

The process of learning new things, gaining enlightenment, and running toward the same goal with someone was quite enjoyable.

The third floor ended more blandly than expected.

PVP area.

This was the trap.

The third floor is more about avoiding traps than killing players. Students who failed to see through the core died in the swamp or were trapped and eliminated by other players.

The monster area on the 4th floor was the terrain of an abandoned city.

Dante and June passed through the floor lightly.

From the corpses of the comrades whose hearts were eaten by Cerberus the Blue Claw, each took two bayonets and a pistol.

Dante checked the list of items.

< List of party items >

52 rounds

15 defense capsules

3 healing capsules

4 grenades

5 detox capsules

2 snow magic capsules

2 invisibility capsules

2 AoE Petrification Magic Capsules

2 party defense capsules

“I thought I was saving this, but it consumed a lot of ammunition.”

With Jun joining, there were only 52 rounds of ammunition left, which had increased to 136 rounds.

Jun said.

“There are probably a lot of kids who have already used up the bullets.”

To survive in the monster zone, you must catch the monster. If you save live ammunition, you will be in danger of being eliminated in the lower ranks.

Dante spoke.

“On the 5th floor, I think we need to do a bit of PVP to gather live ammunition. what do you think about it?”

“hmm… … Let’s do it as far as we can. You won’t be banned from using mana all the way to the 11th floor.”

“right? However, it is a program for beginners. I wouldn’t have forgotten to use mana.”

Still, watching the live ammunition keep shrinking, I felt a bit uneasy.

“But what are we doing with live ammunition like this… … .”

“This is what happened because you asked me to bet.”

“and… … . Are you now poisoning me?

“It was fun though. Because I won.”

“… … .”

What the hell was the bet for?

I said let’s make a bet for no reason.

Dante regretted it slightly, but it was over.

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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