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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 86

Episode 86. Dragon Chaser (3)

Just 20 meters ahead.

300 blue dragons landed.

Among them, there was one that stood out. Compared to the others, they are much larger and darker in color.

The dragon’s scales were made of hard, sharp metal. Deep cobalt scales glisten. I thought it was very beautiful.

Dante met the gaze of the guy who seemed to be the boss.

[ Ħ ]

‘Am I asking you to follow me?’

Dante implemented the same pattern as Nom.

oh oh oh!

The ground shook at the sound of their cries.

Hearing it up close is much grander.

Dante was not weighed down by the momentum.

Somehow, I felt certain that I would be able to return safely.

[ Human ■■■ ■■■. ]

This time, a complicated pattern was listed in front of the boss.

Dante recognized the first letter of them.


The guy obviously didn’t make a sound. Still, the meaning was conveyed in my head.

‘Then, does that mean that the pattern I created earlier is human?’

A simple pattern with less than 30 straight lines and curves. It seemed that this was the text they were writing.

Dante pointed his finger at himself and drew out the pattern once again.

“I am human. Ħ This. you?”

Then he pointed at the chief with his finger.

As if he understood Dante’s words, he drew a pattern.

One stroke, another stroke.

Dante slowly followed his pattern. Because there are more strokes than the previous one and the curves are mixed, it was not perfectly realized.

“This is too difficult. I’ll follow you until here.”

[ ■■■ Human ■■■■■. ]

thought Dante.

‘Only the characters I have implemented can understand the meaning.’

This time, I drew a relatively simple character among the patterns I saw earlier.


oh oh oh

They growled in a low voice.

eyes changed.

Hostility was felt.

‘What do you mean by that?’

I hope it’s not a joke.

A cold sweat ran down his spine.

[ ■■■ ■■ ■■■ Human■ ■■■ Toxic ■■■■. ]

Fortunately, I don’t think it’s a curse.


It’s human and toxic… … .

It seemed like something important, but it was frustrating because I couldn’t understand it.

“Looks like you understand what I’m saying. Can you write in English? Your race is the essence of magic. I think you can show a high degree of consideration for this insignificant person.”

[ Ha ha ha ha. ■■■ ■■■■■. ■■ ■■ Human ■■. ]

what are you saying really

They suddenly spread their wings.

In his haste, Dante quickly implemented a few characters, but it was too late.


A group of dragons flew up and a strong gust of wind blew up. Fine dust particles lodged in the eyeballs.

Dante raised his forearms to protect his eyes.

The wind stops.

The ice curtain lifted.

I heard the sound of waves.

“Yanma! Why are you out?”

It is the voice of BS.

Dante ran and fell into his arms.

“I’ll tell you the details as we go.”

Communication was restored.

No trace of the dragon could be found anywhere.

Jia Han reported the news to BS.

[Big swearing: end of situation. Do you know anything? ]

[Me: I change, ㅡㅁ ]

BS returned what it received.

He is a character who cannot live without suffering.

He listened to Dante’s story and nodded.

“Amazing, amazing. You mean they tried to talk?”

“Because it is. It seemed like he was trying to tell me something. I wish I had a little more time… … .”

30 lines are enough for a conversation.

So, it was said that if I trained for another year or so, I could have a perfect conversation with the dragon.

In theory.



“The descendant of that dragon. Could it be something like that? They fit right in my mom’s belly! It planted a seed.”

“Do you often see fantasy spirits or something these days?”

“It’s a joke. But just in case. Why is it said that dragons come out of play? The human polymorphed dragon and my mother have the right eyes… … .”

“Old kid! Hey.”

BS clicked his tongue and told Dante the good news.

“The dragon left as it is.”

“… … Really?”

“It’s too early to conclude, but I wonder if it has something to do with you anyway. Good work.”

Dante shuddered slightly.

The fear that had been suppressed was now overtaken.

‘What the hell happened?’

How did you stand in front of that lofty existence without trembling?

I don’t know.

I thought it would be better to accept the advice of BS instead of trying to understand it.

Why did the dragon leave?

The question remains as a question mark.

Even after the dragon left, the alarm continued. It was unprecedented. You shouldn’t miss the string of tension because it might come again.

The children moved to Echo Base and stayed at Alicia’s house. To be precise, BS kicked it out.

BS had a lot to think about.

Dante succeeded in communicating with the dragon for the first time in mankind. He had kept his words as low as possible, fearing that Dante would feel burdened.

‘It’s truly unexpected.’

I thought it was enough just to look at their magic patterns.

But did you have a conversation?

Are you saying it was possible?

‘Maybe the Earth can recover perfectly.’

If I could borrow the dragon’s high-level magic, it seemed that nothing impossible would exist.

But it’s still just hope.

‘Currently, it’s enough for the rift to disappear.’

For some reason, they went back without killing.

BS guessed so.

I wonder if it’s because I’m curious about an intelligent life form that can communicate with the Balaur.

「When I asked to write in English, I drew a pattern called “LOL.” 」

That’s what Dante said.

LOL is an abbreviation for ‘Laugh Out Loud’, which means ‘laughing out loud’ in the English-speaking world.

Dragons are transcendental beings far beyond human limits. They already know human language. It was very likely that he had mastered all languages, not just English.

‘But I’ve never tried to communicate before.’

Guys don’t speak out loud. injected directly into the brain.

If I had made up my mind, I would have been able to easily communicate with humans. Why did they try to communicate in the cumbersome way of exchanging text patterns?

Humans are inferior beings and are not worthy of communication.

Humans do not understand dragon magic.

But look at this

An insignificant human read the dragon’s mana pattern.

That’s funny.

I’d love to watch more.

This was a novel written by BS.

‘If Dante learns even the dragon magic… … .’

As the thought reached here, goosebumps rose.

It was fortunate that the owner of the ability was Dante. At least I’ll be able to watch what they’re doing next to me.

Those who have power have power, and because of that power, it is destroyed. BS couldn’t be sure what kind of great man Dante would become in the future.

BS put his hands together and closed his eyes after a long time.

‘Oh God. Please don’t let my child be eaten by power.’

Just then, a text message came from Dante.

[Dante: Grandpa. Lisa keeps groaning at her grandfather. Can I punish her instead? (reaching) ]

[Me: Cut the neck and throw it away. I will not bury the body ]

In BS’ eyes, neither Dante nor Alicia were still children.

Echo Base.

Claudio went home with his family.

A large number of soldiers and police were deployed to Districts 2 and 8. Catch the criminals and the remnants of the LNP or something.

Dante and Danji worked hard all day.

Alicia had a small quarrel with Karum.

“daughter. did you hear that rumor? We are moving the research center and the slaughterhouse.”

Same with the slaughterhouse and the research institute that studies deadly poisons. It is an avoidance facility.

The Agras government signed a peace treaty with Echo Base and handed over the facility to this facility. However, there were rumors that it was being moved back to Agras.

“uh. I heard you.”

“Are you going to live with my princess’ dad?”

“it’s crazy?”

Alicia was so serious that Karum pouted. The father and daughter were still in a confrontation.

Whether Karum is pouting or not.

Risha only looked at the stock window all day.

“Oh yeah! Upper limit!”

Rumors continued to grow, and even rumors of a merger between the slaughterhouse and the research center circulated. As a result, slaughterhouse stock prices skyrocketed.

Dante took a peek at Alicia’s phone with interest.

“oh… … . Do you do stocks too? How much did you get?”

“Approximately 31,000 won?”

“… … .”

“If you did something like stocks, you’ll go after your dad. I just kept it for a week as a souvenir.”

It’s drugs and gambling.

Echo Base is a town full of temptations.

Concerned, Karum added a line to her sponsorship deal with H&R.

「If you engage in gambling-like play including lottery tickets and stocks, you will be immediately disqualified. 」

No need to add drugs.

If you get caught, Karum will beat you up before the police can catch you and put you in jail.

Dante and Alicia, just.

The three celebrated the new year at Echo Base.

The case level 1 alert was lifted two weeks after the dragon disappeared.

From noble mtl dot com

* * *

Stella Academy.

The faculty was very concerned.

This semester, the theory grade is missing, so only practice is evaluated. But I couldn’t pass the final exam.

In particular, senior students who are about to graduate were the biggest problem. The final practice in the second semester of the third year was called ‘graduation evaluation’. However, a major setback occurred due to the crack.

The atmosphere in the conference room was sluggish.

I went to the end of the day and luckily survived. Do you have to take final exams in this situation?

was mentally exhausted.

“It’s a good thing. I mean, that’s really weird. Why did he just go back all of a sudden?”

“Iknow, right.”

The only member of Stella’s faculty who was not involved in the operation was Professor Bibiano Perez. Instead, he remained in the Magic Tower, looked over the situation, and gave instructions to the Magician unit.

During the two weeks waiting in the fighter plane, the superhumans repeated the same words.

why did you go back

will i come back?

Of course, I couldn’t answer.

Jia Han opened her mouth.

“First of all, we decide from the end of the final term for the kids. I’ll start with my opinion. Sophomores and sophomores don’t have practice in the first semester of this year anyway.”

It’s because of the preparations for the academy match to be held in July. In this case, instead of theory and practice, grades were given in a different way.

A perfect score of 5.0 for gold medals, 4.8 for silver medals and 4.6 for bronze medals.

Even non-medal students could receive a maximum GPA of 4.5. Usually, the ‘Daejeon Semester’ tends to give generous grades, so it was also called the ‘Honey Semester’.

Jia Han continued.

“So, I wonder what it would be like to replace the first and second year with simulation as soon as the next semester starts. Maybe the atmosphere is a bit… … Isn’t that right?”

Many professors were surprised by Jia Han’s remarks.

“oh… … . What’s up with Professor Han? Let’s talk about the simulation first.”

“Am I a rational person? And the senior students will be sent as soon as they are ready. Same with the magic tower. The mercenary corps has also notified that recruitment will be delayed this year, so there is no need to rush.”

Most of them agreed with Jia Han’s words.

It is a city troubled by cracks. The idea was to respond flexibly rather than insist on principles.

same time.

Dante looked at the Next Tube with an anguished expression.

“and… … . The title is real. Dragon! Are you afraid of humans? crazy these They say they’re all watching!”

Various media were in full swing with superhuman apotheosis. It is said that the dragon was frightened by the mighty power of the superhumans and retreated.

Every time I see an article like that, I get a little scared. It seemed as if they would warp at any moment and hit the dragon beam.

It is a being that transcends space and stops time. Humanity survived because they decided to keep it alive. I don’t know why.

There was also good news from S Enter.

[ Manager brother: The man named Brandon before. He said he got a job at a mining group under a decent mercenary group. Be sure to say thank you. Thanks to you, I realized that the world is still a good place to live. It seems that he even had extreme thoughts. ]

It was fortunate.

It was a far short amount of money for Brandon’s 16 years of work, but he saw hope in the 7 million won that Dante gave him.

I vowed to let go of the past and start over again.

With a proud heart, Dante put down his phone and listened to his notes.

[ ■■■ ■■ ■■■ Human■ ■■■ Toxic ■■■■. ]

It was a hobby I recently discovered.

password cracking.

Dante was engrossed in deciphering codes until he fell asleep.

After much thought, he wrote this down and went to sleep.

We are very strong and humans are toxic trash. I guess I’m a genius……..

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
I see mana patterns in my eyes. Was it around the age of five? From then on, the world started to look a little special. A complex pattern consisting of dozens or thousands of lines was visible. I could remember it at once. I am a mage who reads mana patterns.


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